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Put Your Trivia Knowledge to the Test in Quiz Party

Posted by Mike Mason

Let's get quizzical

Nintendo is encouraging Wii owners to party smartly with Quiz Party. It's out in the UK on 27th July and is hosted by none other than television quiz show legend Roy Walker of Catchphrase fame. Say what you see!

Using just one Wii Remote, an unlimited number of competitors can take part and answer questions about history, geography and pop culture. One player is assigned the role of quiz master, while everybody else splits themselves into up to four teams and yells out answers. This could get pretty noisy.

The aim is to score three stickers for each of the five question types. Time's Up pits you against the clock, Brainstorm pushes your mind to the limits, Blind Test has you identifying songs and artists from sound clips, while Odd One Out and Multiple Choice are fairly self-explanatory.

You'll have four rounds to gather the necessary stickers, including straightforward question gauntlets and a more random slot machine round, which could grant more than one prize for a correct answer — or steal away stickers for a failure.

Over 2000 questions, 40% of which are tailored to a UK audience, will be included. Check out the trailer to find out more on Nintendo Europe's Quiz Party page.

UK Wii owners, will you be testing your trivia knowledge with Quiz Party?


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Capt_N said:

This will be interesting, if brought to NA. Even more interesting, if the devs leave all the UK oriented question intact.



FonistofCruxis said:

The page for it on NoE's site says that the publisher is CK games, not Nintendo. I hope that's right as this game looks like shovelware.




Its actually being published by Nintendo themselves and its a family social game. May be worth a look IMHO



Banker-Style said:

That artwork scares the crap out of me.
I wouldn't mind a quiz game,but I won't bother with this.

I'd much rather a Chase game.



alLabouTandroiD said:

There should be real game shows where you're swallowed by a pig if you give the wrong answer. I smell a winning concept here.

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