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Project X Zone Trailer is 10 Minutes of Chaos

Posted by James Newton

And thirty seconds of clarity

Capcom-Namco-SEGA strategy RPG Project X Zone might not make sense just yet — we blame all that pesky Japanese writing and dialogue — but its blend of tactical turns-based battles and all-out chaos makes it fun to watch.

The trailer below shows what the game looks like in action (though you'd probably already figured that part out) with footage of fights, maps and dialogue taking up distinctly different positions on the scale of "interesting things to see in a game trailer." It also wins points for showing Resident Evil's Chris and Jill taking down a Blubon from House of the Dead, a winning appearance from Die Hard Arcade hero Bruce McClane and enough nerdy nods to make this an enjoyable game of I spy.

Project X Zone lands in Japan on 11th October. None of the companies involved have spoken about a Western release, but we'll keep you posted.

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Tails said:

I hope NA one day gets this game. Trailer looks awesome. Lets just hope it can be a Worldwide Release.



RVN said:

Being beaten by ryu and ken on a turn based RPG
seems fair



Gridatttack said:

I reaaally doubt this will get an international release, but we did get tatsunuko vs. capcom on the wii right? They might be a small chance, but just look at the 2 DS games jump super/ultimate stars from shonen jump, which never got released worldwide (may be because of the many japan-only anime characters that appeared in-game)
Now my question is: Does all the characters shown in the game so far has an actual game/media released here? (in any region other than Japan) If all characters appeared in some way outside Japan, we may have a possibility that this game will come out worldwide (We got T vs.C on the wii right? so why not this game?)

Anyway I am really hoping this come outs here. It looks like an interesting game.



McHaggis said:

Looks interesting, to say the least. Is it just me or does the game have a strange mix of typical-looking 3D rendered visuals and hand drawn sprites?



Cranky said:

Although this does not like my type of game; the graphics and sounds are amazing.



abINC4L said:

Considering the massive scope of the game and that around at least half of the characters have seen international release, it's very likely we'll be getting this game.



Expa0 said:

This looks exactly like the DS Super Robot Taisen game, which I really like. It would be awesome if this got a international release, but I'm definetly not getting my hopes up.



Xilef said:

@Gridatttack The reason that Jump Superstars was never released here was probably because of licensing issues with the characters outside Japan.



Luffymcduck said:

I can´t wait for this just like I can´t wait for Ace Attorney Investigations 2´s international release.



ajcismo said:

Its really too bad this will probably never leave the Japanese market. I'm guessing licensing issues in the US and Europe will see to that. The amount of international press the game is getting is keeping a bit of hope alive though. Made it 3 minutes into the vid and the wife says "what the hell are you watching?".



hYdeks said:

yay, I still don't know how to really take this game yet It's awesome to see all the characters but, whats the premise to this game? How did they characters all end up together, why they altogether? I got more questions about this game than any I have before



TheAdza said:

This is the Kim of game that needs to be a premium digital only in the west. With more 3DS's connected to the Internet than any other Nintendo handheld before it, and with the incentives nintendo are apparently offering, what better candidate. It could turn a nice little profit if all manufacturing costs are taken out of the equation.



Phle said:

Okay, after watching the trailer I changed my mind. I went from "seems boring, probably not for me" to "amazing, this does sparkle with me, sunshine!". I now hope for an european release, though I can imagine this game might never leave Japan. There is still a chance, so I'll keep my hopes up.



hYdeks said:

I hope for a NA but the way the game is, it'll be a huge gamble to release over here, like it kinda was with Nobunaga's Ambition + Pokemon (they cleverly changed the title to sound more like a pokemon only game though: Pokemon Conquest) Here's hoping this works over here in NA/Europe!



aaronsullivan said:

As far as how the game looks, I don't think it's much of a gamble to release outside Japan. You could advertise that on the popular franchises with just a few of the more entertaining lesser known franchises and it would probably still be a hit.

Chun Li, Mega man, and Arthur made it intriguing enough for me.

The gamble comes in if there are some major licensing issues to overcome. Complexity and cost could make it too risky.



Shotgunryugan said:

I have my hopes up for this,i mean we got the pokemon crossover and the tatsunoko game,so i hope it gets a worldwide release.
Edit-By the way there is a small mistake in the information,you said in the trailer below you can see Chris and Claire,it's not Claire it's Jill



mushroomer said:

Jump Ultimate Stars didn't make it, why would this.? Plus they would have to translate all the voice overs for characters that have never been introduced to the States..

I think they should take this engine, and apply it to something more appealing to the states side. Like Marvel vs DC vs Capcom or Hannah Barbarra vs Mattel vs Capcom..etc..

that would make more sense..



komicturtle said:

Well, looks like it isn't making it's way here

Also, needs more Ulala!!! And you get to fight the first boss from the first game- awesome lol



Cloud-San-VII said:

IF this comes to NA and EU you should be able to switch between English and Japanese voice acting. What they could do is translate everything but the voices.



gojiguy said:

I just hope someone goes out and says something about the localization. Just a yes or no...

The silence is hopeful, as it means they havent ruled it out yet.

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