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Pixel Nation Volume 2 Hits Stands

Posted by James Newton

Bubbly bobbly

Independent retro games magazine Pixel Nation has just published its second issue, available in both physical and PDF form.

This volume comes loaded with articles on topics as diverse as bizarre NES accessories — ever heard of the Miracle Piano? — and a look back at classic gaming year 1986, there's something for everyone, including a feature on Taito classic Bubble Bobble from none other than our own Mike Mason.

Buy Pixel Nation's 100-page magazine for £8.99 and you'll get a PDF for free.


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OorWullie said:

Never heard of it but from a quick look on Wiki it actually looks much better than most peripherals we get today but $500 ouch!Had to laugh at this bit
"Some of the NES Miracle keyboards were also later converted for PC use - the Nintendo Seal of Quality on these boards was covered up with a piece of plastic."



Gridatttack said:

@James I remember the miracle piano game. Its basically a piano teaching tool game. The different games mode it had was to correctly play the song, in order to prevent a robot from falling off a platform (if in which you played a note correctly, the platform would extend) The other game mode was to shoot ducks by playing the right note.



Handy_Man said:

Yeah, I remember that the Angry Video Game Nerd talked about the Miracle Piano in his NES accessories video.

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