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Nigoro: Still a Chance for La-Mulana on WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

It's never too late

Japanese developer Nigoro has said there's still a possibility we'll see La-Mulana reach WiiWare in the West.

The team said on its official blog:

To be honest, we don’t give up WiiWare version for overseas.
So, we want to let you know in advance, “There is a possibility to release WiiWare version.”
It will be without the additional download contents. So far, you can’t play Hell temple on WiiWare though, it might be a better option for someone who doesn’t need to play Hell temple or prefers to play on the game console.

The news the game will no longer receive the DLC is a blow, but after this long we'd settle for getting anything La-Mulana related.

Nigoro closed its blog with the optimistic words:

The plan is proceeding smoothly, but please wait for the information.
We will let you know when the release is entirely confirmed.

In June we reported that PEGI had rated La-Mulana for release by Spanish publisher EnjoyUp! Games, but the rating was swiftly taken down.


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Brando67854321 said:

Less content?!?!?!?!?!?! Crap! Abysmal file size is abysmal, move it to wii u. DO NOT put that game on the wii & especially not 3ds please!



Omega said:

Well, that is too bad that you cannot download Japanese games on an European or U.S. Wii console. Not that I would be interested in this title, but still.



GeminiSaint said:

If cutting the (optional) hell temple out is the price to pay, then go for it. Do what you must. I want to play this game on WiiWare as I was promised about two years ago.

@Brando: wut? This game would fit perfectly well on the 3DS. And then it would also retain the hell temple due to much looser filesize constraints. But Nigoro already said developing for the 3DS is off-limits for them at the moment.



WiiLovePeace said:

Man I'm still holding out hope for this to come to WiiWare since I'd love to be able to play it on my TV. Oh & @Brando67854321, their non-releasing of La-Mulana DLC has nothing to do with size limits since the game + DLC have already been released on WiiWare on Japan. Oh & your comment about how it shouldn't be released on Wii or 3DS is totally abysmal & makes no sense :S



Chris720 said:

You're just digging yourself a grave, you better shuddup while your behind.

As for La-Mulana, I was interested but after all this waiting I can't be bothered, it'll be good to see it finally released on WiiWare but I do hope they'll bring it over to the eShop at some point, I think it'll be a better platform for it with less constraints and stuffs.



Brando67854321 said:

@Chris720 oh no, wiiware is the one digging it's grave p.s. of course I know it was in japan & it will stay in japan for wiiware Wiiware is just as dead as the wii console itself!



Nintenbro said:

I'm a little disappointed about the loss of DLC. We waited this long just to receive a lesser game. If I didn't own a 3DS, I wouldn't care as much. I'd except whatever we received, if I had no other options. With that said, I believe it should be released on the eShop with access to the DLC. I'm sure the ability to expand the overall playtime was factored into the final price, so I'm not going to purchase La-Mulana without the DLC. Which would probably only cost a few hundred more Wii points, at the most.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I too am hoping for this game even without the DLC. What I don't understand is if there is DLC in the game i Japan, why is it such an issue with porting it over to the West?

Oh well, I hope it comes over. It's weird but I enjoy playing games like this on my Wii with WiiWare over Xbox Live Arcade. Again they did mention that all WiiWare and VC games can be transferred to the Wii U so I think is it a win, win for Nigoro if it comes out on WiiWare.



Drake said:

Anybody who absolutely wants to have everything there is (Plus the ability to mod the game) should just get it on PC, that version's out this Friday, while it's not even sure if the WiiWare version will see the light of day.

The DLC is nice (Though brutally difficult, trust me), but even without it the game will be amazing.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Thanks for the info on the PC version out this Friday. I am still hoping for a WiiWare version but a full version of the game on PC for $14.99 is not bad at all. It is nice to have something to put my PC gamepad back in use!

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