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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Size Breaks Some Blocks

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

2950 of them, to be precise

The arrival of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will herald the dawning of a new downloadable retail age for Nintendo, with gamers having the option of buying direct from the eShop or as download codes from retailers: old-fashioned physical copies are still an option, of course. For those carefully managing their SD card space, however, the question remains whether the game will be one mushroom power-up too big for their remaining memory: the answer is, probably not.

Courtesy of, it's been confirmed that the initial download (excluding save data) of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will require 2950 blocks, which is about 370MB: just over one sixth of the 2GB card included with the standard 3DS model. It's not enormous, by any stretch, especially as Resident Evil Revelations is reportedly around 3.17GB, around twice the size of Kid Icarus: Uprising at 1.61GB — the majority of 3DS titles seem sit at around 0.5GB or less. In fact it's easy to see why NSMB2 represents Nintendo's first dalliance with a 3DS retail download, as it's at the lower end of the file size scale. For those interested, Demon Training is also due in Japan this week, and it's only an initial 1600 blocks, around 200MB.

What do you think of that file size? Do you have space on your SD card, or do you think you need to upgrade to a higher capacity?


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BenAV said:

I'll just save my SD card for eShop games and take this home in its gold box for my collection.



ohhaime said:

Not that I plan on downloading it but I still have over 18000 blocks on my card so it would not bug me much.
I think this is about the same as Mighty Switch Force so it seems about on par with a top end E-Shop game.



6ch6ris6 said:

thats not much, but it is a 2D sidescroller and looks almost like the ds-game.

wont buy it. no download, no retail. maybe retail when i find a cheap copy somewhere



ThomasBW84 said:

@TanookiMike When you think about Revelations and Uprising, both are heavy on voice acting, cutscenes and 3D game engines. As a 2D platformer with the occasional 'wahoo' from Mario and midi music, that maybe explains why NSMB2 is quite small. For reference, some more file sizes from the nintendo-gamer source linked at the end of the article, in GB.

Mario Kart 7 – 0.66
Star Fox 64 3D – 0.63
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D – 0.47
Nintendogs + Cats – 0.46
Pokemon Rumble Blast – 0.33
Super Mario 3D Land – 0.31
Steel Diver – 0.18
Pilotwings Resort – 0.10



McHaggis said:

I'd been running out of space on my card for a while now, so I bought this Samsung 32GB class 10 off Amazon UK for £17.

I didn't want to go lower than a class 10, since that's what the 3DS's default SD card is according to some benchmarks. Either way, I'm set for downloadable games and demos for a good while, I think.



TeeJay said:

Ha! With my 32 GB SD Card I can download all my current games with room to spare! Bring it on, Nintendo!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@McHaggis The 3DS uses a class 10 as the default? Isn't that currently the fastest one available at retail?

Hm...I'm not too sure about the size of this game here. It's only slightly bigger than Rumble Blast and actually smaller in size than Nintendogs+Cats. Then again maybe Nintendo just made DL more efficient to make it fit better on SD cards.



MAB said:

I don't see the point of going to a retailer and buying a code then go home and download the game when I can purchase the cart and play straight away. Then later on if I want to sell or trade for something else or play it on my XL or original 3DS I can choose to do so



James said:

Good job I deleted Nintendo Video to make room for this bad boy. Bring on 17th August!



kyuubikid213 said:

I'm still going digital. I'm pretty sure my 4GB SD card can handle it with all my other downloads. Besides, I just deleted the Revelations demo which took up about 1000 blocks.



RedYoshi999 said:

That means I could fit around 30 NSMB2's with the remaining space on my 16GB SD card! Or 40 if I had no games already on there. So a 32GB card would hold around 80 NSMB2 sized games. That's a lot better than I thought it would be!



geckofreak said:

2GB doesn't go that far if you like to download from the eShop and use the video camera. It goes without saying that if you have a 32GB card you should be sitting pretty 8GB would be more than enough for your average eShop using 3DS owner.
The only real advantage of downloading games is that you don't have to change cartridges and as MadAussieBloke pointed out, there are a few drawbacks.

If only there was some clever way to buy a cart then save/free-download the game to the 3DS so that the cart was dissabled from being played while the saved version was playable and then potentially reinserting the cart and 'disabling' the saved version so that you can play the cart in another 3DS... it's never going to happen but it's the best I could think up of the top of my head.



Nestalgic said:

If the "smaller" games are about 300MB a piece, that means assuming nothing else on the card at all and a 32GB card (the largest a 3DS can use) can hold 100 games after formatting eats its chunk. Of course you probably will have about 4 GB in saves, 3dsware, music, video, etc. (or at least I do right now on my 8GB card), so you're looking at closer to 90 games max. At $40 a pop, you're talking about $3,600 in games. God help us if we spend that much money on video games...

More realistically, someone like me with my 8GB card that has 4GB free on it can hold about 12 retail games. Which, if I so chose to download my games seems like a good number.

In conclusion, a 2 or 4 GB card just won't cut it. Aim for an 8 or 16. The 32 seems like overkill.



DarkEdi said:

And how much it costs? It is only the program without package, blockets, sending, store, etc. Another questions is how about latinamerica countries, i heard Nintendo won´t sell digital games or maybe later, that is absurd.



warvad said:

Don't see why anyone would ever go digital since your entire library will be at the mercy of Nintendo's customer support every time your 3DS breaks, and you can't re-sell the games.



SkywardLink98 said:

Nintendo needs to have an advanced warning system to tell you if you have enough space, and all games on there should be under 2GB (For the 5-9 year olds who's parents just add credit to their account whenever, so they don't get 1000s of angry parents saying they wasted money)




I am using an 8gb card and I BARELY have enough space for a couple of new CDs on there. My DSiware section is 100% full. 0 blocks left. I need to put my games on a card that is separate from my music card... well, cards seeing as I am using a 32MB, 1 gb, 2gb, 8gb, and 16gb card for music.



McHaggis said:

@TheSolarKnight yep, class 10 is currently the fastest SD card speed.

btw, I'm not sure how accurate my information is, I just read some guy's benchmark on this site. I just figured I couldn't go wrong with a class 10.



Mowzle said:

Lovely to see you James!
I think I could easily accommodate this file on my 8GB SD card, but I really do like that box, manual and little cart with it's pretty picture in my hot paw.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'm pleasantly surprised really. Have a 16GB SD card, but I'm opting for the card anyway.



SteveW said:

This could become expensive in the long run, I buy a lot of games and am not getting the download versions because it's not worth the cost of 32 GB SD cards.

Nintendo is saving on memory when we download so there is no reason they can't sell the download games cheaper, at least $5 - $10 off.



Doge said:

i a frikin' 64 GB, whicch would hold tons of games for years to come! but im still goin' retail



Hokori said:

Remember guys Nintendo games usually don't go down in price anyway, and they said 3rd parties can price them at whatever they want, so 3rd parties would be cheaper if they decide, and if you spend $40 on the DL now you won't have to spend $20 for it on the VC in 10 years (assuming 3DS titles would be $20 on VC)



OorWullie said:

@ThomasBW84 "As a 2D platformer with the occasional 'wahoo' " Haha brilliant Thomas.What's with the Agoda advertising link on pilot wings resort though?



Tasuki said:

I still use the original SD card that came with my 3DS so thats one reason I wont get the download. I need to save that space for VC games and DSiware.



Hokori said:

I really hope all 1st party titles appear on the 19th, I want me some rumble blast, mario tennis, and mario & sonic, as well as some 3rd parties like tales of the abyss and KH



Nestalgic said:

@SteveW Have you played all of those? That's a crazy number. I've probably owned close to 100 wii games but many of those were traded for other ones so that right now I have about 30 in my possession.



Hokori said:

Oh and let's not forget unchained blades is coming as a DL when it was actually a retail game to begin with, also with this I MAY end up getting OOT3D if it's a DL title same with SF64 3D, but those are a BIG MAYBE



Marakuto said:

My friend has a Lexar SD card that is a whooping 128 GB, he can buy every single game if he wanted to. (Not sure if it is compatible with it)



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'm running low on space on the 2GB SD Card that came with the 3DS. Looks like I'm gonna have to make like @James and delete my Dinosaur Office app.




I didn't even bother with the 2gb card that came the machine at launch, i put a 16gb one in straight away. I doubt I will need the space but i didn't want the hassle of changing at a later date.

For what it's worth, i will always buy retail where it's available. I love owning physical versions of games. But i love that people have the option.



GamerZack87 said:

My biggest concern is download speed. Wouldn't it take a while to download a full retail release? In any case, I'm all for downloading NSMB2 directly to my 3DS, but I'd prefer it if I had the option to download every Nintendo-published retail release rather than just every retail release from NSMB2 onwards.



lanabanana said:

I still have my 2GB SD card XD .... I guess I should delete Nintendo Video too
Or get a bigger SD card...



Henmii said:

Quite surprising, since Mighty switch force was above the 1000 mark! And that was just a e-shop game! This is a download-version of a retail game, it has much more content (at least 30 levels, but I bet there are more)!

I wonder how Nintendo managed to squize quite a big game into such a small download-file!!



Reenie said:

Question: I want to upgrade my SD card, as it is nearly full; is there a specific procedure for transferring the files that are on the current SD card onto a new one? For example, can I drag and drop?
I have a lot of files on the current SD card, and I do not want to lose my games and etc.
And I am really running low on the system memory; it is actually preventing me from purchasing more games (because I hate having to store them on the SD card and have to reinstate them if I want to play them)....has anyone found a solution to that issue?



Bane said:

Uh oh, I think i might have accidently pre-ordered the downloadable code instead of of the retail box thingymabob, imma gonna have to go change that. :l



Kisame83 said:

Reminds me of PSP and PSX downloads. Sometimes you have well over a gb, but sometimes it is only a few hundred mb.



grumblegrumble said:

My suspicions confirmed. Sure, it's only 1/6th of the 2 GB SD Card that's included, I have a 6 GB card I think, but I still want a retail game cartridge since I want to be able to pass it around to friends and family and keep it for years to come. I am a little wary of NIntendo's e-shop policies and handling of transferring titles, esp one as big and expensive as this one. Retail for me, still, I'm afraid.



AlphaUmbreon said:

Alright! I can install this amongst my dozens of eshop games and then some! To be honest I thought it would land around the 4000blocks mark but now I might consider a download for ease of access.



sillygostly said:

@Reenie: Yes, dragging and dropping is absolutely fine as all of your 3DS Downloads and DSiWare purchases are tied to your 3DS system, not the SD card.



SanderEvers said:

@Henmii What makes a game big?

It's not the code.It's also not the 3D models or the low res sprites.

It's all about: audio (which can be fixed by using mp3 or ogg or even midi), pre-rendered / recorded video, hi res textures.
(midi is dangerous, you'll need a soundfont to make it sound better, and soundfonts aren't small)

The biggest DS game is only 512MB and there are only 3 or so of those. All other DS games are 256MB or smaller.

MSF is bigger because it has a full lossless soundtrack (and not midi)



Bass_X0 said:

you can't re-sell the games.

Not everybody wants to resell their games. I have cartridges that have been in my possession for 20 years that I don't intend to sell. But some I have sold.



MeloMan said:

I was preparing for the future for a long time so that's why I'm rockin' my 32GB SDHC card. Music, games, photos, videos, still got tons of space.



StarDust4Ever said:

Truthfully, the actual cartridge is the only way to go. Digital downloads will mark the end of future retro gaming on modern consoles. I'm getting the retail box, baby!!!



KAHN said:

in the event that my son acidentally BREAKS his 3DS, there's no way of selling the game, because its on the 3DS. no thanks, i would rather be able to get my 5 cents at gamestop for every game i sell.

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