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Mighty Switch Force! HD Heading to Wii U eShop

Posted by James Newton

Lick of paint

WayForward's eShop favourite Mighty Switch Force! is getting revamped for the Wii U's download store.

Mighty Switch Force! HD is currently on course to launch alongside Wii U later this year, with all-new graphics akin to the hand-drawn style of Wii title A Boy and His Blob. It'll also include all the extra content recently released for the 3DS version, and if time permits there'll be new content too.

Would you go for some Mighty Switch Force! on Wii U or do you prefer your switching to be a little more portable?


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akabenjy said:

I think A Boy and his Blob is one of the most beautiful games on Wii. I love that hug button:)



Tsukun said:

If they end up having more than the 3DS game has, I'd get it. But if it's more or less the same game....Heck, I'll still probably get it. I love Switch Force so much o(;△;)o



Kifa said:

I won't get it unless the new version has really big amount of new content. Which is practically impossible. So I won't get it, sorry Wayforward...



BenAV said:

Speaking of A Boy and His Blob, I've been trying to track that down but I cannot find a copy anywhere either here or in the UK that will ship to Australia.
I really want it to be my 100th Wii game. D:

I've already got the 3DS Mighty Switch Force, but considering it's the best eShop game yet I'll certainly consider buying a Wii U version too.



Aerona said:

Eh... maybe if I got some sort of discount for buying the 3DS version.



RR529 said:

If I ever get a Wii U I'll consider it, because I really enjoyed it on 3DS.

Although I wonder if this is the start of a new trend (Wii U gets superior versions of most current eShop games, and with future releases, 3DS gets inferior versions of games developed for Wii U).



ThreadShadow said:

I'm going to get this downloadable game.

I want WayForward to team with Nintendo and make new high quality downloadable 2D games for Wii U eShop, based on Nintendo IP. Imagine arcade Donkey Kong mixed with Mighty Flip Champs mechanics etc..

Nintendo IP presented with great new gameplay, and creative mechanics all wrapped lovingly in an 8bit/16bit blanket of happy.



Yasume said:

I'm with Kifa. MSF is still my favourite eShop title, but I see no reason to buy the exact same game again, because I know how to finish every stage. If it contains at least 10 new stages, I'll buy it.



chewytapeworm said:

They should at least double the amount of content the handheld currently has when they release it for the WiiU. Art of Balance did the same when it made the leap from console to handheld so I should see no reason as to why the excellent Mighty Switch Force shouldn't do the same!



Bensei said:

I hope they also release MFC DX. It worked on PSP, so it should work even better with Wii U controls

I wonder if it gets a HD makeover, or if it's just an upscaled version of the 3DS title? Doesn't matter though, I'd buy it anyways.



RevolverLink said:

Given that I probably won't have the WiiU at launch, I'll probably just bite the bullet within the next couple of months and get MSF for my 3DS.

Still, more gorgeous 2D games on consoles (or anywhere, really) are always a welcome thing in my book.



ShellyDeKiller said:

This was probably the first game which made me consider, even if for a tiny while, buying a Wii U(I have the game on 3DS, but HD DRAWN GRAPHICS PEOPLE!) . If Nintendo can show that they are serious about having an online market ready for indie games, then I'd be all over that.



FonistofCruxis said:

I probably won't be getting a Wii U for a few years but depending on how different this is to the 3DSware version, i might get this version instead. I still have MFC to beat anyway and I also haven't got MMW.



motang said:

I might double dip, I really this game on my 3DS, and I bet on my 47" HDTV it will look great.



MixMasterMudkip said:

well considering this is my favorite eshop title im going to buy it, for like one at home and then one on the go



Firejonie said:

Might not be a day one download for me. Unless it is a launch title, which is what WayForward is hoping for.



TheN64Dude said:

Screw that, I want to hear more about the new Shantae for Wii U...........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!



Henmii said:

Oooh, this will be sweet looking! But I would prefer a sequel!

Personally, Mighty switch force should be the benchmark of every 3DS platformer! No boring, highly outdated New super mario bros graphics! Just give us some retail platform games that look as good as Mighty switch force!

Do you hear me Konami? As soon as Mirror of faith is done, make a new retail metroidvania with the Mighty switch force polish! Thank you very much!!

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