Mass Effect 3 will be one of the big-name HD ports to come to Wii U and it's easy to forget that, when it was originally released, fans of the series were exceptionally hyped and excited. As a finale to the epic trilogy, however, some didn't like the ending, making such a noise online that developer Bioware felt compelled to produce a new 'Extended Cut' as DLC. It wasn't allowed to end the trilogy its own way, after all.

This new ending has been available as free DLC to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, but series producer Michael Gamble has told Siliconera that it will be integrated as part of the main campaign on Wii U, featuring on the disc rather than as DLC. It's also worth noting that a new 'Earth' DLC, basically a horde mode with some objectives included, is available for free today on the title's existing platforms. It'll be interesting to see whether free DLC packs like this are also brought across to Wii U, especially as Nintendo Network aims to bring the system up to modern online standards.

Now that we know it'll have the new extended ending out of the box, are you tempted to pick this one up on Wii U?