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Infinite Interactive Hint at More Puzzle Quest

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The big tease

If you like puzzles, questing and DS, then it's more than likely that you enjoyed the appropriately named Puzzle Quest on DS, or possibly its sequel. These titles generated a fair bit of buzz when released, while fans may regard them as providing some of the most addictive and compulsive puzzling on the handheld.

The good news for those that have loved the series so far is that developer Infinite Interactive has dropped a major hint that it's planning to return to the franchise. After clarifying, following the merger of its parent company earlier this year, that the studio remains independent, the developer's founder Steve Fawkner said the following to Joystiq.

While I don't have a specific announcement that I can make at the moment, if you shook a Magic 8-Ball and asked it 'Will Infinite's next game be a Puzzle Quest title?', then it would quite probably say 'All signs point to yes!'

In the short term, we will continue to build and innovate in the genres and settings that we know and love. That means games that combine fantasy, puzzles, strategy and tactics. It's doubtful we'll ever move too far from those genres, because they are our favorites, and you always do your best work when you're building games that you're passionate about.

It sounds like even if the next title isn't a full-on Puzzle Quest entry, it's likely to be something very similar. Would a new Puzzle Quest appear on 3DS, or possibly even Wii U? Based on the developer's previous record on DS, the odds are fairly good.


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Big fan of Puzzle Quest one and slightly lesser of PQ2. Galactrix had a few glitches otherwise that may have turned out good. I'll like to see another PQ game addressing somof the flaws of the previous games as it'll be a real hum dinger!



Marow said:

I wish they released the DSiWare port of the first game on EU eShop already...



RupeeClock said:

I would definitely look forward to a revisiting of the Puzzle Quest 1 formula on the 3DS, even if it were just a remake/port more like the PSP version.

The amount of time I've sunk into Puzzle Quest 1 on DS is insane, it utterly captivates me when I start off a new game, from start to finish.

I've not played the second game on the DS but it certainly looks less appealing with that isometric dungeon exploration aspect.



RetrogamerFan said:

As long as it's a follow-up to Puzzle quest, not Puzzle Kingdoms, i'd be interested (i have Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Kingdoms both on Wii). PK was a big dissapointment after the first Puzzle Quest game. I'd estimate i spent 60-70+ hours on the first one. PK just got easier and easier as it went on becuase you got so overwpowered and the enemies hardly changed throughout. The only chalenge was the very last temple/shrine level - even that was a lot easier than defeating Lord Bane.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I would be very happy to see them return to the series so long as its on 3/DS and Xbox. That's one of my all-time favorite games :3 Although I didn't like Galactrix very much (it has issues), so I hope they go back in the direction of the original.
I got Puzzle Kingdoms but was just thinking I never got around to playing it for some reason...
I did like the Gyromancer game for Xbox though its a different company, though not quite as much as PQ. There was another game a bit in that genre I really liked, but now I forget the name of it.



saikun said:

I loved both PQ1 and PQ2, each one with it's particular style. I hope they stick to the fantasy themes and release a new one for 3ds, that'd be an isntant buy for me

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