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How to Transfer Your Data from 3DS to 3DS XL

Posted by James Newton

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Nintendo UK's put together a very useful video explaining how to transfer everything from your 3DS to a 3DS XL console.

Remember that you'll need both your 3DS and 3DS XL consoles and an internet connection in order to make the transfer, so if you're planning on trading in to upgrade consider these things first.

Still not sold on 3DS XL? Read our Nintendo 3DS XL review to give you much more information.

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SaKo said:

@James By the way, do you have to go through a test or something or you start working on online stuff immediately at NoE?



47drift said:

Will all my Swapnotes and Pushmo puzzles and Dead or Alive DLC and Kid Icarus weapon gems and all those sorts of things be transferred?



Shiryu said:

Thanks for this,. I had some doubts about the whole thing, but I was clarified yesterday from by a fellow commenter link to Nintendo page on how to do it. As I feared, this will make my current 3DS absolutely useless afterwards, so I still have some thinking to do.



RupeeClock said:

Sounds painless enough.
Still, it'd be a good idea to make a backup of your SD card before performing the transfer, just in case.



6ch6ris6 said:

the transfer is only about downloaded games (eshop, dsiware).
save files, streetpass data, and everyhting else is saved on your SD-card.
just transfer the programs and copy your data from the old sd-card to the new one.
dsiware games will loose their savefiles while transferring.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm still undecided if I'm gonna transfer the data from my DSi XL to the 3DS XL. I wanna keep it on my DSi XL just to keep everything 3D & fancy & new on the 3DS XL & I ain't selling my DSi XL anyway but on the other hand I got 100 points left over on my DSi shop account & I wanna use them up on the 3DS eShop... Decisions, decisions

Edit: @6ch6ris6, DSiWare saves don't transfer? Well there you go I ain't transferring. Thanks for the heads up 6ch6ris6! Goodbye 100 points (Loss of $1.50 isn't a big deal anyway haha)



hYdeks said:

pssh, I'll be coping it from one card to another through my computer than! That answers alot, thanks!!!



MattEriks said:


i cant watch the video on my cell.
So james can you answer me this-
does the ambasadors games get transfered?



DreamOn said:

I've done 4 transfers with one left and to me the new 3ds looks exactly like the old with all data in tact including ambassador data.



James said:

@baba_944 I can't tell you the exact amount but you know how in New Super Mario Bros. 2 you have to collect 1 million gold coins? They're all for me.



Gold_Ranger said:

Here's a question I've never seen anyone ask before.
Will DSi shop credits be transferred because the 3DS e-Shop uses real money.



Gold_Ranger said:

Someone above me was asking and i didn't see a reply, so i thought I'd help out by reposting



James said:

@Red_Kinetic Yeah if you go from DSi to 3DS you lose all your DSi Shop credit I'm afraid. Best to spend that before you attempt any transfer



Marioman64 said:

from nintendo's site:
Nintendo DSiWare
Nintendo DSiWare and any related save data stored in the system memory will be transferred.

Nintendo eShop Account History and Balance
The Nintendo eShop accounts of the two systems will be integrated into one, situated on the new system. The balances of the two accounts will be added together, and all previous downloads from both accounts will still be available.

Save data of pre-installed software
Your friend list, photos in Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS Sound files, Mii characters from Mii Maker, and StreetPass Mii Plaza data will all be moved to the target system.

Nintendo DS software settings
Any settings related to Nintendo DS software e.g. Internet connection settings, will be transferred.

SD Card data
This data is not transferred during the process; however, the data stored on the SD Card of the original console can be used once the transfer has been completed simply by removing the SD Card from the original system and inserting it in the new one."

so the guy a few posts up, 6ch6ris6 I believe? yeah he was talking about a DSi to 3DS transfer.
transfering 3DS to 3DSXL is perfectly safe, as it does indeed keep your DSiware save files intact.
I will personally confirm this for everyone when the 3DSXL comes out don't worry



Marioman64 said:

btw sorry to spam, but i found this interesting tidbit on their site as well:
"The number of transfers is limited to a total of five for each Nintendo eShop account.

The number of transfers left will be displayed on both systems when carrying out the transfer and when selecting which systems to transfer with. The number of transfers you have left will be reset to 5 if you delete your Account Activity in Nintendo eShop."



Cloud-San-VII said:

Can anyone tell me what time the next Nintendo Direct is (in PST or EST it does not matter) and if that is the same day that Japan and Europe will broadcast theirs?




Is your Friend Code the same after transfer?
It would be a pain in the ass if you have to contact all your FC buds and have to start all over



Odnetnin said:

This is a helpful video. Glad they talked about how to transfer your SD card data.



McHaggis said:

Needing both consoles is tremendously lame. How it should be done:

  1. Console A transfers all data to SD card.
  2. Console A is formatted.
  3. Console B is restored from SD card.

If it were that easy, I might've considered trading in for an XL, but it's not, so I'm not.



Morpheel said:

So, if I store all my DSiWare on the SD card before the transfer, will my saves be safe?



Jonisme said:

Would I loose streetpass data on my XL if I were to transfer? Or does the data come together as one?



TheHunter said:

Does this work for 3DS to 3DS? I don't want an XL but my A button is about dead and I've been thinking about switching to a purple one anyways.



Marioman64 said:

@McHaggis umm... don't you still need both consoles? what's the difference between using both and doing one and then doing the other? you'll still end up with a "new" 3DS and a transfered 3DS in your possession in the end



Marioman64 said:

@Jonisme the console being transferred TO is completely and utterly wiped of all data before the new data comes in, so no they do not merge.
Console A = old, Console B equals new
before transfer:
Console A (streetpass of 1000 suns), Console B (streetpass of mr. red)
during transfer:
Console A (streetpass of 1000 suns), Console B (BLANK NOW)
after transfer:
Console A (BLANK NOW), Console B (streetpass of 1000 suns)



MeloMan said:

Now if I can just get the news that the Wii save files will be able to be transferred to the Wii U and we're all set. I'm sue many people who are still holding onto the Wii until the Wii U would just love to know...



DaveGX said:

I have a dumb questionregarding 3DS to 3DS XL transfer, although I'm in the US because I've bene curious about this: My system only asks to transfer "from", not "between" systems, whether it's 3DS or DSi. Someone said this was already wherre's the US update? Or do both systems have to be connected 1st before they'll read "between"?



lanabanana said:

Hey I've got a (dumb i guess) question ;
When you transfer a game (lets say Colors 3D) from one 3DS to another, does the game still remain on the original 3DS ?



MattEriks said:

so does the save files gets transfered by the system transfer or by switching sd cards? I want to be sure.



3dbrains said:

I asked in Gamestation if I can do a system transfer if I trade in my 3ds for an xl and they said they do not allow that! wtf?



grumblegrumble said:

Thanks for this article! I will definitely be an early adopter of the 3DS XL and I can't wait to get my hands on the bigger screen and more comfortable controls



19Robb92 said:

No, the system you transfer FROM will be wiped clean. And there's no way to transfer a single title, if you do the system transfer it'll transfer everything.

Everything will get transfered except things that are put on the SD card. But all that stuff will be available as soon as you put the SD card in the system.
Click here for more info.

That's not very nice... You should try a different store then. Some allow it, some don't.



XyVoX said:

Im in a similar position i need to trade in my 3DS for the XL but need to transfer over my stuff after the trade in, Mmmmmmm cant get the 3DS XL otherwise



Ren said:

They better let me do this in store at gameslop. I'll be pretty upset if not. Why do I want the small one if I have a big one too? Anyone have any idea how long this takes on average? It says it will "briefly connect to the internet", does that mean you need to be near an allowed wi-fi connection? i.e. NOT in a gameslop store. or is it just like a bluetooth kind of thing where it will see the other one next to it? Thanks for this link Nlife, I can't wait to dump this glossy little junk for a nice big screen that won't scratch itself..



Korbin64 said:

Do you need a second SD card for the 3DS XL, or can you send the games over and put the SD card in later (my SD is 16GB).



GameGoddess32 said:

I want to trade my 3DS in towards a 3DS XL,so how can I transfer my data without using the transfer tool like I did when I went from a DSi XL to a 3DS?

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