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Grandpa Danger Jya Coming to 3DS

Posted by Katy Ellis

But most likely never leaving Japan

Today Namco Bandai opened a new teaser site for the little known Denjarasu Jii-san Jya. It's a 3DS game based around the manga Grandpa Danger, which features in the monthly Japanese manga publication CoroCoro magazine.

Grandpa Danger's teaser site features a trailer, which doesn't shed any light on the game, but does help explain why you've probably never heard of the series in the first place.

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cfgk24 said:

I wish I lived in Japan!
oh and spoke Japanese!
oh! and could READ Japanese!



ajcismo said:

The more I try and understand Japan and its gaming culture, the less I understand about Japan and its gaming culture.



ohhaime said:

I think the trailer shed much light about the game. It showed that this will never make it outside Japan.



Slapshot said:

And yet another reason that I should have bought a Japanese 3DS, instead of American!



Tsuchinoko said:

You know guys, this "Japanese gaming culture" some of you say you're weirded out by, birthed Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, and pretty much the bulk of what we play. Japan is a very diverse place, and something like this is incredibly niche, even over here. I would say most Japanese people have never heard of this series.

@Gamesake There are some of us that live in Japan and try to make our lives here, so try and have a little respect.



Aviator said:

@Otaku 5 seconds of gameplay footage (that doesn't tell me anything) and it's more creative than a game that someone called GotY.




Tsuchinoko said:

@LztheBlehBird Honestly, I think American adult animation is harder to understand. This is weird on purpose, and is, like i said, very niche, but American animation recently has been quite dirty, with a lot of Beavis and Butt-head and South Park knockoffs. When I was living in the states last year I was surprised at how many there were now, and they usually get cancelled very quickly don't they?

Honestly, I could care less about this game, or the product it is based off of, I don't even read Manga or watch Anime (other than Ghibli stuff) but I just don't like when people talk down about an entire culture based on its lowest common denominator. Would Americans like it if their culture was judged solely on Jersey Shore, Two and a half Men, and the Kardasians (I'd put the American animated show Drawn Together on that list too, but I think that's kind of an obscure reference. I just remember thinking it was offensive nonsense). I'm just saying, perspective. Looking at this and saying "oh Japan..." as though it were a single entity is ridiculous.

Anyway, who translated that title? Its a bit off...



Superconsole said:

@Tsuchinoko It's not a direct translation, Denjarasu Jii-san is known as 'Grandpa Danger' in North America, not 'Dangerous Grandpa'. I'm sure you know 'Jya' also has no direct translation in this sense.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Superconsole I see, so this is a previously used translation? I'm studying to be a Japanese translator myself, but I tend to be somewhat a odds with the way certain things are translated. Actually..."Jya" (邪) kind of doesn't have a direct translation in any sense. Its a very weird kanji, and I've only seen it used in one word regularly (風邪, "kaze" where it doesn't actually have its own sound in that word...its just kind of a "tag" on the previous kanji, I guess thats hard to explain). There's 邪悪 (ja-aku) meaning wicked though...

Anyway, I think Dangerous Grandpa works better anyway, if only because the sound matches, but it also sounds cooler that way.

@A-Hungry-Baker Like I said, no its not a "normal" game here.

@RevolverLink Well, you can keep your shoes, it won't

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