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Golf Tees Up as a US Club Nintendo Reward

Posted by Mike Mason

Worth a swing?

3DS Virtual Console title Golf is the latest game up for grabs as a US Club Nintendo reward. It's on the green until 12th August for 150 coins.

Golf replaces Starship Defense, which has now blasted off out of orbit. Is it above par and worth your virtual reward money? Read our Golf review to find out.

Don't forget that WiiWare's Bonsai Barber is also still available until 5th August. Our Bonsai Barber review will tell you if it's worth a trim at 150 coins.

Will you be rewarding yourself with either of these downloads?


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Bobhobob said:

I bought this, thinking I would end up with 3D:Classics Excitebike, like KaiserGX did. (or is it XG?) anyway, I was disappointed to find out that Nintendo had fixed the issue already, and now I've spent 150 coins and all I got was this lousy NES golf.



Firejonie said:

Nah, I already have NES Open Tournament golf. The only reason I remember this game is because there was a download week in Europe last year with only one game ( No 3DS VC, WiiWare, DSiWare or Wii VC). Golf was that one game.



Knuckles said:

I want to get NES Open, not this.

@PhotoFool83 Buy 3D solitaire [2.99 Aug 2nd], just a dollar more than Touch Solitaire [1.99 out], and has more improvements. I own touch, so I know.



Tasuki said:

Nope I think I will wait and see if something worth wild comes along on the 5th.



Kagamine said:

Dangit, from the title i thought that you could get Mario themed golf tees (and fingers were crossed for golf balls). A bit disappointed now.



LittleIrves said:

Love my NES Open Tournament Golf. Wouldn't mind having multiple golf games on the system, if only as a collection, but I'd just buy this for a few bucks.
Bonsai Barber, on the other hand.... that's one I gotta make sure to get for coins. Really intrigued. The video on the game's official page with Martin Hollis is worth watching. His opinion needs to be more widespread in this industry.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Why did they apparently stop different coin pricing? I mean seriously, I know it's all technically free, but for 150 coins you can currently get a $3 Game Boy game or a $10 WiiWare game. Didn't someone stop and think that the games have very different monetary values, and the coin price should reflect that? I would have gotten Starship Defense had it been 100 coins, but for 150 I decided to save the coins to get a game that saves me more money.



rjejr said:

Am I the only one annoyed that Club Nintendo has switched to these random dates rather than just switching things monthly? I was ok with it at first when less month's offerings were subpar so I was happy to see them go quickly away, but I was hoping the new games would show up on the 1st. Going to the Club Nintendo website the beginning of each month was nice, having to remember when to randomly go there throughout the month is not nice.
Good thing I have NL to keep track for me;-)

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