For gamers infatuated with iconic moments in gaming, who also happen to have a camera and a bit of film-making expertise, there's only one place to go: YouTube. While there's plenty of appalling rubbish on everyone's favourite video-sharing site, there's also some good work that re-creates memorable sequences with a twist.

One of these is a recent video from user Warialasky, which mimics the experience of discovering and taking the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, prompting unexpected results. This takes a key moment from the game and re-interprets it, so if for some crazy reason you haven't played it in any form then look away from spoilers now. In fact, avoid the comments section too.

Being a YouTube video with production restrictions, there are some little continuity errors despite the fact that it's rather good — but this is Zelda, continuity isn't a strong point of the series — so see if you can spot them all.