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FIFA 13 3DS Takes to the Streets

Posted by Mike Mason

Curb stomping

Soccer fans, get ready to pile up those jumpers for goalposts. An ESRB listing has revealed that FIFA 12 3DS's Streets mode will return in the portable version of FIFA 13.

It's likely to take inspiration from off-shoot series FIFA Street, which focuses on five-a-side matches and fancy footwork. EA got in touch with NowGamer to note that the Streets mode is for 3DS only and won't be making an appearance in the home console editions.

The ESRB rating also confirms that you'll be able to take part in tournaments, careers and create your own Be A Pro player in the latest handheld version of the beautiful game.

This is a soccer simulation game in which players engage in realistic matches with authentic teams across international leagues. Players can practice penalty kicks, assign on-field strategies, and participate in a variety of game modes (e.g., Career, Tournament, Be a Pro, Streets) to improve their ball-handling skills.

FIFA 13 is warming up for a release at the end of September: 25th September for North America, 27th September for Australia and, last but not least, 28th September for Europe.


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6ch6ris6 said:

PES 2013 will be better

already played PES 2012 over 190hours. fifa...just sucks



C-Olimar said:

...which means it won't have online again. Well done EA, another sale lost after FIFA 12 last year.



Elizabeth101 said:

i agree do you want to be my friend my nickname is lexi and my friend code is 1848-2475-4012



dizzy_boy said:

i think that fifa street would have made a better choice for the 3Ds rather than a full on football game.



matgr said:

what no online come 3DS now had DLC why EA is not adding online & DLC????



xxbrothawizxx said:

What really pains me is that EA will later release a statement saying they put the most effort they could into the 3DS version and that the game didn't sell because the user base just doesn't care about their sports titles.....

I just sent them a tweet with the URL for this page and letting them know that 5 out of the first 10 comments say they will no longer purchase the game because it does not feature online.



Arthedain said:

No online sucks. But I don't want fake names though. Guess it'll be no purchase at all.



TheKingOfTown said:

FIFA on consoles > PES on consoles
And I guess PES is better on handhelds, but I don't care about that.

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