Japanese theatre company Takarazuka Revue is currently readying a musical spin-off production of Capcom's Ace Attorney franchise, which will be held in January 2013. The show will be made up of an all-female cast complete with plenty of hair gel, and will be performing its second production based from a Phoenix Wright game, the first of which was back in 2009 and became a roaring success.

It will be held in the Theatre Drama City, Umeda Arts Theatre from the 9th to 17th January 2013, and will also be performed at the Nippon Seinen-kan Hall from the 23rd to 28th January for a special Tokyo performance.

The latest production of the show, dubbed 'Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney 3' will centre on Phoenix Wright's dapper rival, Miles Edgeworth, and is likely to be adapted from the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth DS iterations. The show will be starring the Takarazuka Cosmos Troupe, who performed previous Ace Attorney shows and the script and staging will be directed by Kei Suzuki. Hiro Yumi will take the leading role, depicting her vision of Miles Edgeworth (or Reiji Mitsurugi in the Japanese version).

If you are in Japan and want to see the show, it looks like you'll have to buy tickets quickly as the last performance drew in 50,000 spectators during its run.

[via capcom.co.jp]