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E.X. Troopers May Feature Co-op Multiplayer on 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New trailer has explosions and mechs

E.X. Troopers is a spin-off from the Lost Planet series that's coming to 3DS and PS3, an unlikely combination. We first became aware of it in May when it was announced for Japan, but much like Project X Zone it's still not confirmed for worldwide release.

During the weekend, as part of its Summer Jam event, Capcom shared more details as well as a new trailer. As reported by Andriasang, there was a demonstration that showed off the hub 'Academy' area, including a lab where you get your mech-style 'Vital Suits' and a cafe where you can get bonuses before starting a mission, the latter sounding similar to the attribute boosting meals in Monster Hunter Tri. It was also said that the title would include co-op multiplayer, without providing specifics on whether 3DS would have that content in either local or online form. Based on the online co-op multiplayer experiences already available in titles such as Heroes of Ruin and Resident Evil Revelations, it's possible that these options won't be limited to the home console release.

The trailer footage is quite possibly from the PS3 version, but with that art-style we can't imagine the 3DS having too many problems reproducing similar visuals.

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SpaceKappa said:

This game looks super hot, and the possibility of online co-op only sweetens it. My fingers are crossed!



edcomics said:

This looks to be right up my alley. I just hope the controls don't get in the way of having a good time.



komicturtle said:

This HAS to be running the same engine Megaman Legends 3 was running. WAAAY too similar.



Savino said:

The game looks nice, but come on Japan, you can make better chars than this!!Those chars are the same in every freaking Japanese game.

The main char as a heroic moron.The tall, strong and bald guy ho are brave and friend of all (and looks like a kid)The naive cute girl.The smart intellectual girl.And the mysterious serious guy who has his own motives to fight.

Hope the game is fun, cuz looking to the chars I already know that the story will suck!



DivineStorm said:

@Savino The story is not all about the characters, rather it's what do they do. Anyway this game looks interesting, im just glad it's not another platformer or puzzle game.



Hokori said:

Always wanted to play lost planet since TvC came out, I'll give this ago



Vincent294 said:

If that's the 3DS gameplay, it's awesome. If it's PS3, I'd like to see how the 3DS compares.



ThreadShadow said:

@Savino #9, you hit the nail right on the head.

As I posted before on this game: "Overall I'm not happy with this.

Let me guess, you'll play a generic looking anime hero(with pink hair), and his school chums will be a beautiful girl who is unsure of herself and always clutches her textbooks close to herself, and a senior who wears glasses, and he's always pushing them back up on his nose? The hero will learn to believe in himself and his wacky group of friends while they continually give eachother single-solemn-head-nods?

I like Lost Planet, especially when it's in the snow, and fighting akrid, I don't care much for fighting snow pirates. The premise of this new game sounds a bit silly, but we'll see.

From the trailer it looks like you'll never be piloting a "VS" in ground combat. The trailer focuses on infantry combat and a glimpse of some suspect Voltron-like space fight.

Lost Planet is not Voltron, is not Gundam, is not Evangelion, is not Zone of the Enders.

This must be Capcoms way of getting revenge on Lost Planet creator Keiji Inafune for all the things he's said about Capcom and the Japanese gaming industry as a whole."

Even how it's assumed they are using the Megaman Legends 3 engine-further rubbing it in.

In this game they've taken the fun of Lost Planet and cut out half of it. Lost Planet features fun "on-foot" combat, but a big part of the fun is finding VS suits and piloting them around. This game looks to take that away by making VS suits just that, tiny suits and pieces of armour or a jetpack the character wears on or under their clothes. (Of course there's some voltron/evangelion-like stuff going on in the cut-scenes featuring a more substantial suit, but at this time I don't think we should asume this will be the full Lost Planet experience, only half, and that half has been seriously messed over with the "silly anime trope stick".



youngkc19 said:

Hypothetically can anyone tell me why they wouldn't do a worldwide release? am praying to God we get it in the NA.



RR529 said:

@ThreadShadow, I actually like the anime stylings of the game.

I think we need more games with anime style. I don't know what it is, but I never get tired of the stereotypical anime cast



Volmun said:

id like to se more of haw the game plays (ie seeing them start missions seeing haw it is weather its mission baced like Monster Hunter / Phantasy Star or if its more linier like Lost Planet 2 was) i personally hope its mission baced they tend to last longer than linier games

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