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Dragon Quest X Advert is a Call to Arms

Posted by James Newton

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Dragon Quest X will no doubt storm the Japanese charts with or without any advertising, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix putting together a cutesy trailer showing off the enemies and action in store.

Japanese players can pick up the MMO from 2nd August, with a particularly snazzy black Wii Dragon Quest X bundle on sale too. The game uses USB storage devices to store future DLC and updates and is a paid subscription, both things you'd think might count against its chances of success, but then remember it's Dragon Quest: Dragon Quest 3D sold 500k units in its first week. Can Dragon Quest X enjoy similar success?

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WiiLovePeace said:

Man I really hope they bring it over here but its gotta be without the monthly fee our else I ain't buying it



Geonjaha said:

Square Enix - you're not releasing this game for us, but its ok - you can make up for it by putting a Dragon Quest game on the VC. Any game. Any VC...



Ichiban said:

Should have been a Wii U launch title, no regular Wii version at all. The extra power & gamepad are made for this game, & would create a Wii U shortage in Japan! Can anyone see a game this ambitious working on the Wii?



MeloMan said:

As late as we would get it over here in the States, if it's still coming, I would re-tool this for Wii U personally, but hey, if it comes, it comes, and I "want" to play it no matter what, but that online fee has got me leery. I missed the online boat with DQIX and it's just not nearly as fun as it should've been playing with others. Stay tuned I guess...



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

This may be the one franchise I would opt to pay a monthly fee for. I certainly don't want to, but I've been waiting for this game for what seems like years. I have to play this game.
I wonder why you can't use SD card for the DLC.



Alucard83 said:

why are games like this out on WII??? I'm sorry but the last Dragon Quest WII version was a failure! The walk was just terrible. Games like this shouldn't be played like this. A big fail! I hope it will also see a release on xbox 360!



kdognumba1 said:

If SE doesn't bring this over here after bringing over FFXIV and pushing it, I will stop supporting SE all together.



Samholy said:

just like final fantasy 11, i will skip it.
mmorpg are dangerous, better avoid them for your health and social life.

and to be honest, dragonquest feels like it should stay offline.
and to be honest, Bethesda is bringing the elder scrolls online and this will rip competitors else than the freaking warcraft. better invest your time into elder scrolls online, this will be grand.




@Boy8319 Maybe because Japan is soaked with Wii owners. Seems safer to make a game for an already expanded audience than tremble in a dangerous jungle that is the Wii U and 360. A PS3 release would be more suitable aside from the Wii.

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