Last week we reported that Nintendo would be broadcasting a short Nintendo Direct conference dedicated entirely to the upcoming 3DS game, Dr Kawashima's Demon Training. The broadcast featured examples of some of the puzzles on offer, which can be seen listed below, as well as some disturbing footage of Satoru Iwata's and Dr Ryuta Kawashima's enlargeable, bobbing heads.

1. Oni Keisan - Demon Calculations
2. Oni Mekuri - Demon Turn (turning of cards)
3. Oni Nezumi - Demon Mouse
4. Oni Roudoku - Demon Reading Aloud
5. Oni Kigo - Demon Symbol
6. Oni Burokku - Demon Block
7. Oni Kappu - Demon Cup
8. Oni Mimi San - Demon Ear Calculations

The evening wasn't without its surprises, as Iwata revealed that the demo of Dr Kawashima's Demon Training will be available now for Japanese gamers to experience on the 3DS console's eShop. If any of our readers are lucky enough to be in Japan at the moment, let us know what you make of the demo.

Today Nintendo has also announced that Demon Training download cards will be available in 7-Eleven shops throughout Japan for anybody that wants to buy a digital copy of the game. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will also be available to purchase via download card.

You can watch the Demon Training Mini Nintendo Direct below: