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Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have Emerged

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Which are you?

It's that time of year again, when North American Nintendo gamers are rewarded for their loyalty and spending power. After a year of meticulously registering your Nintendo games and saving up those coins until it was all reset on 30th June, what free treats await you this year?

Although the Nintendo website hasn't officially revealed the news, members have started to receive emails and IGN has gone ahead and outed the details anyway. Let's start with the Platinum-exclusive rewards if you had 600 coins or more: first option is a set of three posters based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising and the yet to be released Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, below.

If you don't want any more posters cluttering up your walls, you can opt for some swish Mario-themed playing cards instead.

If you weren't quite flush enough and only qualify for a gold prize then fear not, there's a calendar available once again that will happily take the place of last year's. If none of that appeals to you then you have the option of a free download on either your Wii or 3DS (not on DSi, unfortunately). The options on Wii are Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, or if you have a 3DS you could opt for Metroid II: Return of Samus or Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

Are you a gold or platinum member, and if so which prize are you going for?


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KaiserGX said:

Them cards are what God would use to play. Btw the cards are transparent and made of hard plastic. With a metallic Silver and Gold on the back.




Oh no! Should I get Zelda posters or Kid Icarus? I'll have to see what all 3 look like for each D:



Burning_Spear said:

I'm grateful that we get these rewards but disappointed in the selections. I'll probably just go with the cards ... maybe eBay them and get some loot for them.



NintyMan said:

I have a soft spot for posters and I have plenty of wall space to fill up, so the posters it will be.



AlexSays said:

Well I'm sure sorry I didn't spend a few hundred dollars for a complementary poster.



KaiserGX said:

@AlexSays I would feel sorry for you if you did. Thought that would have went towards the games... even yet you still get coins to spend.



MrWezzle said:

Yeah, I'm Platinum but honestly have no use for those things. I'd much rather download something, but can't justify those either. Deep down, I think I was hoping for some new title that Gold and Platinum kids could download before anyone else. It's the part of me that has always wished he was an ambassador.



AlexSays said:

You received a poster for spending hundreds of dollars.

You can justify that however you'd like. I'm still not sorry to be missing out on 99 cent posters.



HeroOfCybertron said:

So what the Gold and Platinum Prizes have been revealed but no one can order them yet correct? I already have all those games and not really into posters so I will go with the Cards when ever I can order them.



komicturtle said:

Posters for me. Got too many pansy Mario crap, so this is a change... Wish there was a Poster of Kirby though...



sc100 said:

Those are some of the nicest playing cards I've ever seen. And since I'm a big fan of playing cards I guess you know what I'm getting! Those cards look really durable too, which is always a good thing. Also, if Mario is the King, who's the Ace? Bowser? Miyamoto?



KaiserGX said:

That's true... they haven't shown the Ace... It might be the old Nintendo Logo though.



iphys said:

The cards sound really great. I wish they told us what the "special printing effects" were on the posters.



iphys said:

Too bad they didn't give the option to buy the alternate platinum reward with your coins. I think Japan does that sometimes.



Squiggle55 said:

@iphys that would be nice. I think I'll get the playing cards, but I'd like the option to order that Luigi's Mansion poster later as well.



edcomics said:

Weak. I have no use for either the posters or cards, but I guess the cards are at least somewhat unique. Remember that Mario statue from either last year or the year before? I wish we were getting something like that. A little statuette with Samus, Kirby, DK, etc would have been so cool. Oh well.



grimbldoo said:

@TeeJay #32 and @Hyperstar96 #34
It's not like they are obligated to give you prizes anyway. It could just be, "Thank you for taking our survey, you can be satisfied in knowing that your chances for being satisfied in the future have just increased. Have a nice day!" And besides, it's not like you are using your coins for these anyway.
To use a semi-relevant quote, "Children in Africa are starving, be grateful that you at least have food on your plate."



KaiserGX said:

Sure is getting worse.

Last year we had:
Mario Pins

This year:
Mario Playing Cards
Eshop Games



cod45 said:

Can someone from Nintendo tell me how to get my pize or i'm calling I had to call Nintendo before it is good to call Nintendo they are nice pol.



MrWezzle said:

I wouldn't be disappointed in my free loyalty prizes, except that I have the internet and get to see some of the INCREDIBLE things Japan's Club Nintendo gets, and that makes me as a tearful, "Why not us?"



AlexSays said:

lmao. I love that Africa quote.

Yes, I should be totally grateful for absolutely EVERYTHING because someone is worse off than I am.

What amazing logic to live by.



grimbldoo said:

@AlexSays #52
Yes, I don't see the point of complaining about what you have if it's what you have, let alone if you got it for free, live with it

These multiple posts are getting crazy, but at least I don't have to refresh. Just something I'll have to*live* with.



MrWezzle said:

@Miss_Birdo Yeah, I know. I just mean throughout the year. I want some of dat sweet polo shirt action, y'know? That'd make a heckuva Platinum reward.



KaiserGX said:

I'm actually glad we didn't get the pillow. I don't like the SMB sprites much... hence why I wasn't a big fan of last year's pins.



KaiserGX said:

Just keep checking the site or wait till you get the e-mail. Then you can log in and redeem the prize you want.



AlexSays said:

Oh don't worry I know

My car breaks down? It's okay, there are 10 year old kids in Africa that don't even have cars!
My airline loses my luggage? It's okay, there are kids in Africa that don't even have suitcases!
My bananas go bad the day after I buy them? It's okay, people in Africa don't even have bananas!

Didn't fact-check the last one but you can just assume it to be true.



Odnetnin said:

This just got philosophical.

Anyway, to quote a song, I feel like the one losin'.



bezerker99 said:

I already have 8 posters from Club Nintendo and playing cards from them. I don't need MORE of the things I can already get with CN coins. The Plat and Elite rewards should be something really unique....Nintendo obviously put ZERO THOUGHT into this. I don't feel loved, Reggie



Odnetnin said:

And yeah seriously, I can't fit any more Nintendo posters on my walls. And I already have a superior deck of playing cards courtesy of Brawl in the Family.



grimbldoo said:

@AlexSays #70 That depends on what part of Africa you're in, if you're in the rain forest you could say, "My house cat scratches me, but at least I don't have to run from panthers.




Torchwood said:

I don't have any more room for posters... so the cards, I guess. But I'm disappointed, the past three rewards looked nice on display on my dresser... the posters look nice, but I already have all 4 of the other poster sets...



edcomics said:

How about a Reggie stress relief doll? When you squeeze it, he could say "We have no plans for localization at this time." Wait, that might create more stress.



SMW said:

Sweet posters! Too bad I'm only Gold, though. Yet another calendar.



Phle said:

I would get a Reggie stress relief doll if I could, but maybe it would be best if he just kept quiet.



NintendoMaster said:

Nintendo should make the Elite Status more selective if people want better prizes. 600 coins for gold and 800 coins for Platinum would do the trick.



Retro_on_theGo said:

People aren't happy with these? I thought they were pretty cool. I'm having a tough time choosing which prize to go with. Don't have room for more posters though.



LztheQuack said:

Whine moan grumble. Say what you will, you don't HAVE to get ANYTHING extra from Nintendo!

With that said, I want those posters!



cod45 said:

I'm getting the posters and who has a nintendo 3DS can i have your FC?



AlexSays said:

Whine moan grumble. Say what you will, you don't HAVE to get ANYTHING extra from Nintendo!

It's not extra. It's an incentive program for buying their games.

They don't do this because they just like you. It provides people with an incentive to purchase their products. Just like those stupid promotions on bottle caps.

You have to buy your way into this category. It's perfectly acceptable to be disappointed by the choices of the promotion. The only difference between this and other promotions, is that you don't know what the prize is until AFTER you spent your money.

Yet we should all be grateful because grandfather Nintendo is looking out for us..



LztheQuack said:

Well, I buy their products to enjoy the products themselves. This "incentive" is more of a bonus than anything



AlexSays said:

Well, I buy their products to enjoy the products themselves.

Then you can be happy as always. That doesn't mean everyone has to be, and they shouldn't be ridiculed because of it.

If people redeemed all of their bottle cap codes in anticipation of something cool and were let down by a pack of Sprite playing cards, they can be disappointed as well.



irken004 said:

I think I'd rather get the 3DS game download, and I don't even have a 3DS. AND I'm not gold or platinum



Wheels2050 said:

Well, it's better than nothing - the Aussie Club Nintendo doesn't do a rewards program. Plus the catalogue in Australia is woeful.

It's OK to be disappointed in these rewards, but if you're buying games just to get Platinum membership then you're doing it wrong...



millarrp said:

I will probably get the cards. Posters don't really appeal to me, and I've already got all the downloadable games available to the gold members.



SMW said:

Oh I just noticed the part about free games. Sweet! Forget the calendar, I'm getting either Metroid or Mario vs DK!



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I'll be getting the calendar since I missed out on the Platinum membership by ten coins. Anyways, I hope they will release new prizes along the way, because the others are either old or not interesting. I just hope they will have Kid Icarus AR cards available soon.



Undead_terror said:

since I got no room for posters and you can look at them online,im going with cards,to bad that I had both of those 3ds games



KaiserGX said:

@cod45 Sorry I was playing Sakura Samurai. To get a picture go to the top where your name is and click Edit Profile. Then scroll down, go to avatar and upload your picture.



Nin-freak said:

@AlexSays We didn't spend our money just to get these prizes. These are free because we bought games. We were going to spend that money anyway, so these are just a bonus. Nintendo doesn't have to give this stuff out you know.



WingedSnagret said:

Definitely getting the Kid Icarus posters. Only thing is, I'm moving in two months so it's going to be pointless to put them up when I get them... Oh well!



DoodleJohn said:

Well, not bad, I guess.
I got Platinum, but the posters and the cards don't really interest me. I'll just download Majora's Mask.



AlexSays said:

We didn't spend our money just to get these prizes

And people don't purchase soda bottles solely for the code under the bottle cap.

Some of you seem to have trouble differentiating an incentive from something that is actually free.



Phle said:

Stop complaining about the prizes! At least most of you can be a club nintendo member, scandinavia doesn't have a club nintendo...



MeloMan said:

Posters.....? Posters are the grand prize? O-kay. Well, I was so totally busy with stuff that I completely forgot about this year, darn. However, I see that I'm not missing much. The cards do actually interest me more, truth be told but I'll live til next year.



bboy2970 said:

Hmmmm....not great. Not bad, but not great. I'll be getting the cards since they actually look pretty cool. It pains me that I only have one account in platinum range this year. In previous years (besides the one with the Mario hat) I've had multiple accounts on platinum so I was able to keep one sealed and ogle at the other. This year I have no such luxury unless I just buy another set on eBay....Oh well, better than a swift kick in the butt (or a calendar )



theblackdragon said:

@Alex: people should be purchasing games because they honestly want to play them — the bottom line is that if you're purchasing games in hopes that you'll get something cool when the year's out, you're doing it wrong. we never had this kind of thing before and we got along just fine for ages without it. i'd be happy to see it go entirely just to never have to hear anyone cry about being disappointed by it ever again, haha.

IMO what people should be ticked about is all that time spent doing the stupid surveys, lol. i know it takes me personally about 10 minutes to fill out a survey (because i feel bad just christmas-treeing 'em), and if you buy a mix of Wii, 3/DS, and 'Ware titles, let's say you fill out 5 surveys for every 100 coins... that's 30 surveys to hit Platinum, so 300 minutes is about five hours spent filling out surveys for these guys.

there were people down at the mall back when i was younger that did market surveys... as long as you fit the criteria, they'd pay you maybe $5 or $10 bucks for half an hour of your time watching commercials or trying new foods, looking at experimental packaging, telling how you felt about it, yadda-yadda. if we go mixing it up (half $5, half $10), that five hours is $75 worth of market research that they got from each and every Platinum member. personally, i'd'a rather had the cash, lol, but hey — those cards will probably sell pretty well on eBay once the initial rush is over (they are rather pretty IMO) so if you guys are pissed right now, just wait a year and see what you can get for your Mint In Box rewards :3



Nanoline said:

So, this is what I sent to Nintendo:

You had better be kidding us. POSTERS?!

I mean, we knew America was getting the short end of the stick last year when we got pins that cost 3 cents apiece to make, but PAPER POSTERS?

It's bad enough that the American prize selection is so much worse than Europe and Japan (we don't get soundtracks, controllers, several games, polo shirts, ringtones, hats, scarves, watches, not even Nintendo Point cards!), but now Japan gets an exclusive pillow in addition to ALL of that, and we get prizes that I could print off Google Images for NOTHING.

You had better fix this nonsense right now, because we are NOT happy. Those of us that hit Platinum did so out of a pretty strong devotion to Nintendo, and we are NOT amused by this kind of nonsense.

And yes, I mad. And I'm far from the only one.



StephenYap3 said:

I was hoping for Non-Specific Action Figure as a reward...but, I guess the cards will have to do. The posters look great, but one thing I don't like about the posters is that I feel like I'm being watched. Yes, I'm looking at you, Link.



AlexSays said:


So in exchange for quite a bit of valuable market research you received something that cost them far, far less value to make..
I like that angle too, I can work with that. Still, it's an incentive program. People don't buy purely for the incentive, but it's expected with the purchase. So when the incentive isn't what was expected, people have a right to be disappointed.

Like I said earlier, I can't think of another incentive program that notifies you of your prize after your purchase. When you do these surveys and purchase these games you're hoping that there will be something worth the money and effort.

I don't think playing cards and posters, which someone could make at Kinkos, qualify as that.



Simon_Deku said:

I don't have any room for more posters, so the cards will do fine. I've been needing another deck for a while actually, so this works great for me.



Nanoline said:


You have a catalog with much better products than we do, between the soundtracks, the hats, the frisbees, the ringtones, and other little gizmos. Europe apparently either has smarter people in charge or just a lot better funding than Nintendo of America has.



AlexSays said:

Now I have to feel sorry for Europe too? That's an entire continent! lol

I'm not sure I have enough in me to feel sorry for all of the lesser fortunate parts of the world.



theblackdragon said:

@Alex: like i said, i'd be perfectly happy to see it go away entirely. give us some of the awesome options Europe has (helloooo, SNES Classic Controller) and let us have-at, y'know? i'd take being able to trade my Coins for eShop credit or points or whatever lets me buy 'ware titles over this Platinum/Gold BS anyday, lol :3



AlexSays said:

I'd prefer that as well. If you offer the incentive up front, THEN there's no excuse for disappointment.
They should do away with this and expand on the rewards.That way you know what is coming with your purchase when you spend the money.



Nanoline said:


We did, a white one. Until they realized that they were wiping save files. Not that any of us got a refund who complained of that fact, they just quietly pulled it off the list. 300 coins down the drain. Thanks for that, NoA.



KaiserGX said:

@AlexSays The rewards you buy from coins... the Elite Prize is the only thing you don't know what it's going to be.

@Nanoline Oh yeah I remember that thing. I was wondering why it disappeared. I did get the Silver Pouch though. Still use it.



Lalivero said:

Too bad they couldn't make MM and SMK work for 3DS, haha. I think I might get Metroid II, since I already have M vs D:MMA from transferring.

It is a bit disappointing at what's being offered this year, but I normally pay more attention to the free offers for each month. Buying games that peak my interest and getting the coins comes naturally.



BoundbyEarth said:

I spend $200+ dollars to be a Platinum memeber, and I get THESE?
Well, the only thing I liked on the Rewards were the notebooks and Messenger Bag. Nintendo's getting cheaper rewards when people spend $200+ dollars to be a Platinum menber. Kyuuuuu.



edcomics said:

Someone made a good point/suggestion on another site: Smash Bros. cards would be much more exciting. The Mario thing is getting a bit worn out. They need to mix it up a bit... or a lot.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@AlexSays: Are you even a club Nintendo Member? Gold and Platinum prizes are free on top of whatever you spend your coins on. If you think you could make these posters at Kinko's go ahead and try. That's kind of like saying you can play HD games on your Gameboy, not gonna happen. Shipping these posters and cards costs more than 99 cents (and that is free also). Use some logic when you try to make an argument.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'm platinum. I probably want Metroid II the most, but being only $4 I'll probably opt for the Mario Cards. Don't have any of those.



AlexSays said:

Logic? I'm too busy feeling sorry for other countries.

Thats nice though that you think these prizes are made out of top of the line material inaccessible to the public. I don't want to ruin that for you.



MitchVogel said:

Considering it took them about a week longer to reveal the rewards, I was kinda hoping the delay was because they were really making something special. But it turns out to be another lame year. However, I'm going to get the cards and sell them on eBay, so maybe this year isn't so bad after all!



SonataAndante said:

Would be nice if both Plat and Gold members got one of the normal prizes along with a choice of one of the games. Gold members would get a calender as usual but at least there's a game to go with it.

Personally I went with the cards. Posters don't interest me and I find them to be a rather lame prize. Cards look nice though, more interesting than the hanafuda ones at least. Nothing too amazing this year and I rather doubt they'll ever top that statue from two years back. I wish NoA would give us some of those OSTs though, even if they cost coins.



Samholy said:

wait. those prizes cost your precious coins or not ?
if theyre free, then ill take the cards. but if not, im not going to waste my coins on these. ill wait for next month's 3ds game.

and what is the thing about the 30th of june reset ? my coins didnt reset at all.



MrWezzle said:

@Samholy No, as long as you met your coin-collection quota for the year, the elite status prizes are free. You don't have to spend any coins on them, just select which one you want.

And your coins probably didn't reset because you already spent the ones that would have reset at the end of the Club Nintendo year. The ones you have are probably still good for a while.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

@Samholy The prizes are free and are based on your elite status, but now,unfortunately, the site is down due to maintenance and could be why your coins didn't reset.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Yet again the awesome Wii SNES remote eludes us...

I'll probably get the posters. I do like the fact that they give so many choices though, especially the option to get a game, though I think they should have included every game offered so far rather than just those 4.



TKOWL said:

Darn, missed out on any prize this year (registering tons of products is a pain).

Well, looks like nothing I can't buy off Ebay anyways.



emiru69 said:

It's a strange choice. As a reward the posters are always less points than the cards but they chose the posters as Platinum Rewards...



RevolverLink said:

The thing I'm most interested in getting from that selection is Metroid II (I already have Majora's Mask and Super Mario Kart on my Wii), but it's only a $4 download - I'll just buy it myself when I have the time to play it.

I think I'll go with the playing cards.



grimbldoo said:

First I see people complaining that what they are getting for free is not good enough. And then I see comments that people bought games just to reach certain member statuses. I'm losing faith in Nintendo fans, it's getting quite hard to play taboo.

It's already been explained, but I think that one more time might be required for it to sink in. Being able to get rewards is just an incentive to take the survey, so that the makers of the product you are surveying can make the product better. And here's the thing, Nintendo shouldn't have to offer you rewards so that you would take the survey, you should just take it because it increases the chances of you being satisfied with the next product that is released. That is why I take the surveys, the rewards are just an added bonus for doing so.

People complaining that they spent hundreds of dollars to reach elite and they are not getting anything good for it, let me ask you this; why were you buying the games? If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on games that, the way it was stated leads me to assume, you don't even enjoy, why not save the money and buy the rewards off of ebay? I have yet to reach platinum rank because many of the games that I buy are not Nintendo exclusive.

People complaining that the products aren't good enough:
1. They are free and Nintendo, as I stated above, doesn't even have to give them out.
2. See 1
3. See 1



Radbot42 said:

I already have too many posters I don't know what to do with, and I got those new Zelda ones, I think I'll go with the cards. And they will actually be usefull! my friends and I are always playing cards



Wheels2050 said:

So, wait - you actually KEEP your coins if you get a Platinum reward?

As in, you get your reward and can also buy stuff from the Club Nintendo store?

If that's the case, then people complaining are even pettier than I thought.



Hokori said:

@134 I agree especially since many who hit platinum this year had a lot of help from ambassador games



bahooney said:

This is the biggest disappointment. Who is Nintendo kidding? Every year these get worse, and that's not even an exaggeration. Yes, I know Nintendo doesn't have to give us free stuff, and I'm grateful of the concept, but after that year with the statue, everything's been poop. And it really doesn't help that Japan gets everything awesome. It's so dumb. It makes no sense. These should just be rewards you could spend coins on. I didn't spend hundreds of dollars to be able to download two decade-old games for free. Or posters. Ugh.



TeeJay said:

Sure these prizes are free, but regardless, we look forward to these every Nintendo year. When the ultimate grand prize is revealed to be nothing but paper print outs, it IS disappointing, especially when you consider what we used to get in the previous years, and what Japan is getting in the meantime.



ThreadShadow said:

Oh, no...I was hoping they'd offer Platinums a free copy of Xenoblade Chronicles. I don't know what I'm going to choose. Not the posters, and I don't think the calender, Metroid II is the only game I don't own already...I'll probably choose the cards on principal since they are a platinum reward. hhmmm, Platinums should get to choose one plat gift, and one gold gift.



TNLGUY said:

Club Nintendo never made me want to buy their games. Buying their games makes me want to play their games, freebies on top of that are fine with me. None of their platinum prizes were worth the money spent on the games, it's just a bonus. Can't complain. I've been playing poker a lot lately, I'm gonna get those sexy looking cards.



rjejr said:

So those are normal playing cards and not something weird? Easy choice then. And those buttons were cool last year, just keep rearranging them in the sleeve. And I liked our calendars the 2 years before that when we only made gold but yeah the plat statue was really cool that we missed, that would be my only complaint, but I'm happy with those playing cards.



edcomics said:

I just see this as a wasted opportunity to do something really special. Sure, the Platinum and Gold rewards are free, but it feels like Nintendo's not really trying anymore. The cards don't even seem to feature new artwork. I feel like if they're not going to try, they should just not bother at all. Save the paper. Save the plastic. Save the ink, shipping costs, time, etc... If we hadn't been spoiled with the statuette a couple of years ago, maybe people wouldn't be quite as perturbed about this year's rewards. Expectations are in place, though. The reward-giving is a great opportunity to do something creative, surprising and memorable. Nintendo's done it in the past. There's a precedent for excellence. They set the bar — not the fans.



hYdeks said:

It's upsetting that the site is still down

Honestly, I thought ripped off first but getting a better look at the cards and better details, it'll be a cool prize. Better than the pins last year...



Crystalking18 said:

Well I made gold this year and I'm personally fine with getting the calender. I aready have a deck of cards from Nintendo that I like, plus all of the poster sets, so the calender seems up my alley. Besides there is no way in the world I'd spend my points on getting a download for a game thats $10 max. Just no way.



Shotgunryugan said:

I qualify for the gold membership items,i'm going to skip on Super Mario Kart and Majora's Mask since i already bought them before from the Wii's Virtual Console.

I think i'll get Mario vs. Donkey Kong,since i have never played those games and it's going to be cheaper than buying it on the shop I'll wait for Metroid 2,not too interested to be honest,i will buy it eventually.

Although does anyone know how long the site will be down?



CrimsonLoftwing said:

Phew, I thought that the posters were the only Platinum gift at first. I mean, I like them and I think they're neat, but I was expecting a much better reward. You know, something more... collectible. So, when I realized that there were the Platinum Mario Playing Cards, I was so happy. I just placed my order on Club Nintendo for them. c:



sinalefa said:

There must be something odd or they ran out of posters, as I only see the playing cards.



Aqueous said:

Cards it is. I love the idea of games and lots of choices though. Makes for an interesting end. Once the site is up, I'll order the cards

Edit: Never mind it's up



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

My first Platimum reward and I have to choose between posters, a deck of cards or Eshop games I already have. {Is slightly disappointed about the selection. Time to go on eBay and look for that lungi hat carrier for my 3ds.}



Froggievilleus said:

I have ordered my cards and I am very excited about them. I also have already hit Platinum for the next Nintendo year. It pays to save codes



Link-Rogers said:

i want a replica from a game, like a link hat, master sword, or a stuffed goomba, but posters and cards. r they serious?



WolfRamHeart said:

This is the first year that I am eligible for the Club Nintendo Rewards prizes. I never really bothered to do the surveys before. It is a nice surprise for me that I don't have to use up any of my coins for the platinum prize. I might get the cards but I'm tempted to get Metroid II: Return of Samus since I don't have that game yet.



Morpheel said:

My favorite moment was when AlexSays said "Now I have to feel bad for Europe too? That's a entire continent!" after he said Africa was on his "feel sorry for-places list".



MagicEmperor said:

Uh... I went to Club Nintendo US to redeem my Platinum gift, and it's only showing the Mario pins from LAST YEAR as an option. What's up?



grumblegrumble said:

I guess I'll go with the cards, because who wants an outdated calendar in a couple of years? I already have those games. And I'm way too old for video game posters. SO, the cards automatically WIN. They will totally be collectible in a few years, but I'll keep them forever since I'm a huge Nintendo geekazoid anyways



JayArr said:

The hater and the "its free you can't complain" defense force comments are the same year after year. yawn



TrueWiiMaster said:

Because Platinum users reached a higher level by registering more stuff. They can choose whatever they want from the list. Nintendo won't give them a disadvantage for buying a particularly large amount of Nintendo products. Gold users registered less, and are therefore entitled to less.



grumblegrumble said:

@TrueWiiMaster Oh wait, I'm Platinum, so I guess I thought Gold was higher than platinum lol I just edited my comment above, but thank you for clarifying. I guess I need to go take a precious metals class down at the community college



AlexSays said:

Haha you got me. I suppose Africa counts as a continent as well. : )

I can't slip anything past you guys.. lol



shredmeister said:

None of these prizes are as nice as the figurine (with the mario characters) from two years ago. I've kept mine mint with the cool [?] box that it came in.

Yeah, I got the pins/buttons last year. Woopdi-doo. MISB material there, lol. I didn't even take them out of the mail bag.

I already have all the games. Doc Louis's Punch-out would have been nice, I missed out on that one.

Well, I guess it's the cards for me this year. I'll throw it in the vault.



Odnetnin said:

I have concluded that the cards are worthless pieces of garbage that I will just stick in a drawer somewhere and never touch again, and while the posters are equally worthless pieces of garbage that I will just stick on a wall somewhere and never touch again, at least they're shiny and I can look at them.



Tasuki said:

Wow what a let down. I want that figurine from two years ago. Their prizes are getting worst and worst I am scared to see what next years is going to be a Mario Bros roll of toilet paper.

The free downloads wouldnt be too bad if you could pick the game but the games they picked I have already. I guess I will just go with the posters.



Undead_terror said:

yep I loved the figure from 2 years ago,it even came in a random box,but any who I ordered the cards,would of been nice for a game ticket so you can play virtual game cards with people or computers



AceSpadeS said:

...I actually like the posters quite a bit. Another 3 chances to display my nerd pride. ORDERED!

Not to say the cards don't look good, I just rarely break out an actual deck of cards, and if I do I already own a Star Wars set, a Packers set, and a few more. Clubhouse games makes it much easier, though.

That being said, I don't understand these complaints at all. I've only taken one of my pins out of the box so far, and I'm just enjoying the pixel art display piece. My statue sits on my shelf getting dusty with my other Nintendo display objects, Legos, and such. And I am personally very excited to add another 3 posters to my little shrine of happiness, especially posters that were free to me.



Emaan said:

I'm not complaining. I just went to Nintendo World in New York City, got a few nice things, but when I left I had wished I had gotten a few posters. I've been wanting posters for my room for quite a while now, so this is perfect for me. As long as they're nice and high quality I'm good.



grimbldoo said:

@TrueWiiMaster #139
Pfft! What kind of person would buy games to enjoy them?

@edcomics #144
True, I would feel disapointed as well if I had gotten the figuriens, but since I didn't know about them I don't see this downgrade as a big deal. Yeah, if they give out some good prizes, they could potentially create more fans that like how Nintendo rewards their costomers.

@Rastamouse #146
Meh, many people are repayed with hours of playtime in games they love.

@JayArr #166
Yup, and it will never go away sigh I just find it annoying that people would complain about free stuff



MikeDanger said:

I went with Metroid, myself being a gold member and not owning a Wii I couldn't get Majora's mask...
And the calendar is only worth for a year, at least I can enjoy this game from time to time.

The rewards suck this year awesomely bad though....



Punny said:

While these prizes aren't as amazing as 2010's Mario statue, I'm still looking forward to receiving my Mario playing cards.[youtube:sBFPtuwP4n4]



astros75 said:

Got the playing cards, they look sweet! The Kid Icarus & Zelda posters looked nice too, tough choice. Win-Win either way



Millenia said:

It says each poster features special printing effects? I wonder what that could mean.



thatoneguy4419 said:

WOW!! Those posters look amazing! Especially the one With Kid Icarus! I really wish I got platinum status this year... Those free downloads sound pretty good though



Undead_terror said:

@LittleBigLover cards you can play with people and they look like they are made with either a good or bad plastic
posters are from pictures from game cases(the zelda one is a but different but the kid icarus one is the same and the luigis mansion might actually be the picture of the game case)you can easily print them off but these are made with a good paper.
so this should help you.



Supremeist said:

Lame.... I mean I've been wanting the Skyward Sword posters, but that's nothing particularly special compared to the past years.

Although, those playing cards would do nice with some Texas Hold' Em...... I'll think about it for a while.



Gamesake said:

Freedom isn't free and neither are Club Nintendo rewards. Someone make a bumper sticker.



chucknorrmis said:

since i didn't buy nintendo games just so i could reach gold/platinum status on club nintendo, i can gladly say THANK YOU nintendo for doing awesome stuff like free prizes with free shipping.



Koos said:

Wow these prizes suck. The prizes of Club Sony and Club Microsoft are much better. oh wait.



grimbldoo said:

@Koos #191
At first I was thinking, "Not another complainer!" And then a few seconds passed, and I began to laugh.



WaveGhoul said:

Not a big fan of cards, so it's either the Skyward Sword or Kid Icarus: Uprising Poster for me. They'll look killer in a frame, but that particular Skyward sword poster doesn't look up to speed in comparison to the previous ones Club Nintendo had in store.

And I'd rather not get Majaora's Mask or Metroid II seeing as how anybody can download those at any given time.



Mayhem said:

As already stated, you get ALL THREE POSTERS! Still deciding here... but yeah, the prizes aren't as good as I was hoping. I was hoping for either the gold nunchuk or classic controller.



Millenia said:

The cards are great! But, I don't play card games... so the posters it is for me!



Nardar said:

I chose the cards but I really like those posters. So I saved the images of the posters then used the stretch feature in the control panel of my computer and the Skyward Sword though isn't perfect, looks awesome as a desktop background.



chiefeagle02 said:

Maybe Majora's Mask. Good to see Nintendo offer games as prizes again (the Doc Louis Punch-Out game was a fun prize).



Link-Rogers said:

they should have made the prize a twilight princess controller dat includes da nunchuk. saw it on amazon



TheDreamingHawk said:

Oh god... SHUT UP ABOUT THESE PRIZES! They aren't bad, and for gold members thry actually get more than a tiny calendar, so be happy. IDGAC avout Europe or Japan, as we have something they don't: Eshop games.

So be happy!



WolfRamHeart said:

Crap, I shouldn't have hesitated on claiming my reward yesterday because all I'm seeing today is last year's gifts. Did they run out already?

EDIT: Nevermind, I shut down my browser and opened up the page in a different browser and I was able to order the cards. Kind of weird but hey, as long as I get my cards I'm happy.



StarDust4Ever said:

So... K= Mario, Q=Peach, and Luigi is the Jack? What about the Ace? Bowser would make a good Joker card, LOL!

Those cards are a thousand times better than the Mario Party cards I squandered my coins on a couple of years ago. I'm really not interested in the downloads, because they are not exclusive, and I would always prefer a permanent collectable as opposed to the digital stuff which sooner or later will vaporize into digital oblivion. So far, I've gotten a Mario Hat, a Mario Party figurine, a button collection, and finally, a deck of truly awesome looking playing cards. The posters I have no use for as my walls are already covered with framed art, and real estate is at a premium. The platinum rewards are still nowhere near as good as some of the past Japan-exclusive platinum offerings such as both Mario Galaxy soundtracks, and the ten-billion Star Barrel. eBay is your friend if you want the Japanese treats!



Shane904 said:

Cards are pretty, getting them. Wish I had been platinum last year and gold this year, not vice versa.



hYdeks said:

As a person who got platinum last year, getting platinum this year is actually better, in my opinion.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I reached platinum on club nintendo so I decided to get:

Metroid II: Return of Samus

On the 3ds for a prize. The other stuff like card's & poster's I'd just end up losing in my room somewhere like a month later.

Beside's when I download a free game I still get the coin's for it on club nintendo so it's like I got 2 prizes out of one both the game & the coin's lol.

Sweet prize!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



UnseatingKDawg said:

Platinum. So, I decided on the cards. Might as well; they'll go with the Nintendo Monopoly game I have, as well as the Donkey Kong Jenga, and my recently received Mario Yahtzee game.



golephish said:

Sorry to be so late to the party - I chose the cards, as I thought it was ironic that Nintendo started out as a card company.



eleven59 said:

I went with metroid, but I think a missed opportunity for a rewards program would of been exclusive games similar to ambassadors or at the very least a chance to download a game months before its in the store

Or if it's cards, if they were AR cards that unlocked something in game



Dauntless said:

I just ordered the cards and will be keeping them, unlike last years buttons that I couldn't even sell on eBay for more than $10 because no body wanted them. The card's transparency looks awesome.



MR_SUPREME69 said:

Prizes are stupid. Give us some cool ZELDA stuff...and not a poster. All the rewards deal with Mario, so lame.



DustinVGP said:

Hello All:

I just wanted to pass along that I wrote to the contact area of Nintendo and got a reply. If you are as agitated as I am about this, I strongly urge you to contact them about it! It's almost a slap in the face that we get Dollar Store, chintzy pack of Playing Cards after spending at minimum 250 dollars on their product.

This is the link that I used-



motang said:

Some how I made it to the Platinum, I though I was Gold. Guess it will be the playing cards for me.



Miroku said:

I wouldn't even care if they re-released the statue, or even those pins. But they are far superior to cheap cards and stupid posters.

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