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There'll Be a New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo of Japan's announced a new Nintendo Direct presentation for tomorrow, focusing on 3DS and Wii. The show starts on 22nd June at 12 midday Japan time.

Europe will get its own show from Satoru Shibata at 5am UK time/6am Central European Time (12 midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific.) This show for Europe will focus mostly on Nintendo 3DS.

There's a Nintendo Direct for North America tonight at 9pm Pacific/12 midnight Eastern.

We'll be setting an alarm and warming the coffee pots to report on the European show tomorrow morning. Come and join us.

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19Robb92 said:

The Wii/3DS focus seems unnecessary. I won't bother watching it, all I really want from Nintendo at the moment is more WiiU info..



Yosher said:

That's pretty quick after E3, I didn't expect one for at least a month or so.



grumblebuzzz said:

I, for one, am glad. I'm kinda sick of hearing about the Wii U for now. I wanna hear more about the systems I actually own and can buy games for.



SageofShadow said:

Interesting! I'm curious as to what Nintendo will be talking about. This is so soon after E3, I'm actually a little surprised that they are doing a Direct right after the show. I won't be watching, but I'm sure I'll hear all the news in the next couple of days. I'll definitely stay tuned to the news Nintendo will release!



Willerz said:

Hopefully they'll discuss some of the big titles they ignored during E3. I'm talking about Animal Crossing 3DS of course.



luminalace said:

I hope they don't just focus on NSMB2 and actually announce some new stuff! Considering how well the 3DS does in Japan and it's increasing popularity in the West, there must be quite a few games in the works that haven't yet been announced!



MeWario said:

Woooooo! I love my 3DS, but I'm always wanting more. Hopefully something new gets announced =)



paul6891 said:

They might even tell us when we can finally get out hands on those kid icarus at cards that are to be available in the shops



Shadowflash said:

Remember when Capcom said they'd release Monster Hunter 4 news at the end of the month? Maybe this is what they were talking about.



Syrup said:

Hopefully they focus more on new 3rd party content, or elaborate more on titles that were already announced.



Obvious78 said:

I will not be watching is since I already know I will be disapointed. I want some juicy Wii U news....Not 3DS or Wii



Lew3107 said:

So Project Zero 2 (and maybe The Last Story for the Americans) for Wii, and Fire Emblem, NSMB2 & Luigi's Mansion 2 is all I'm expecting to hear. Might skip this one. I hope they talk about porting some of those Japanese games though, like Earth Seeker, Fatal Frame 4, maybe a release date for Rodea the Sky Soldier.



3dsisthebest said:

@shadowflash no capcom has it´s own event...the capcon summer jam! i think that we can expect some resident evil, monster hunter and ace attorney and i´m just talking about the 3ds games.^^ ´cause it is all about 3ds in europe i think there will some release dates for at the e3 shown games(not just holiday season) and of course they´ll show the first english trailer for prof. layton 5 and probably explain animal crossing 3d to us and show us some new footage and videos,too.



matgr said:

nintendo of australia got news from nintendo Direct from UK how they got news time is 7:50Pm at night nintendo office open 9;00am to 5:00P how they update that late ?



matgr said:

please show the gameplay animal crossing 3DS. at E3 was very disappointed because didn't show animal crossing 3DS monster hunter' fire emblem awakening. hate it when nintendo say this holiday season give us release date. not care holiday season



6ch6ris6 said:

the better show new games, updates or animal crossing

everything else will disappoint me.
why do they make a nintendo direct so short after E3????



James said:

@matgr They'll be coming into the office especially to cover the news. Same goes for NoE I expect!



Chunky_Droid said:

@James: According to Nintendo Australia's website, we get to watch the Nintendo Direct too, I'd imagine it's the same one as yours, it says (at 9:30pm Australian time) there's sixteen and a half hours until it broadcasts, making it 2am Saturday morning here.



NintendoMaster said:

@James You are going to make a lot of people angry you know. The Nintendo Direct starts at 11 PM EST and 8 PM Pacific. You might want to change that. Edit: I was looking at Japan's conference time.



XCWarrior said:

Here in America, we don't worry about game releases. They just kind of expect sales to happen due to magic or phantom games. Jeez.



Weedy said:

I enjoy the Direct videos and will watch this before going to work, I just hope its good news or it could ruin my day.
In particular I'm hoping they talk about patching Heroes of Ruin, I know it's only just out now but it's quite buggy and lacking end game content. At the moment it feels like we're BETA testing it for the Americans!



ToadFan said:

I'm glad it's for Wii too. Maybe a Project Zero 2 and Pandora's Tower announcment?



McHaggis said:

If I don't hear the words "Fire" and "Emblem" in the presentation I might just cry.



Haxonberik said:

Animal Crossing! Its almost an obligation by now Nintendo, that will be the only game already announced to justify the 3DS focus.



FonistofCruxis said:

After no Animal crossing at E3, it had better be at this. Professor Layton 5 will probably be shown too.



Nintex said:

I'm surprised to have one of these so quick after E3. I am both excited and not excited at the same time. I hope there are some BIG announcements to be made and not something I already know about. Only time will tell. I will definitely watch it tonight though for sure, any news is good news right?



lanabanana said:

Now that I think about it , what if they announce the price and release date of the Wii U? That would be so cool!



kyuubikid213 said:

@Shadowflash AW HELL YEAH!! I can't wait for Monster Hunter on the go!!
I didn't own a PSP and I'm not getting one just for a Monster Hunter game. I refuse to buy a Sony portable unless Nintendo vanishes of the face of the Earth. (Knock on wood)

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