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Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue One

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We could be heroes

Before E3 we posted a few features where members of our team listed their gaming plans for the weekend with some witty prose, and you did the same in the comments below. As we all like talking about games and weekends together, we're going to make this a regular feature every two weeks. Same time, same place.

We have plenty of weekend plans to share with you this week, so let's not waste any more time on the pre-amble.

Disclaimer: non-Nintendo games and products are mentioned. Read at your own risk!

James Newton

Heroes of Ruin — I've been looking forward to this ambitious 3DS title since I played an early version about a year ago. Hoping it lives up to my expectations! If anyone wants to play online, add my Friend Code: 4983-4959-3402.

Rayman Origins — Having played Rayman Legends on Wii U this week I'm really looking to getting to grips with the 3DS prequel. I've enjoyed what I've played of it so far, though it's not quite as good as the home console version.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on PS3 — I'm starting to get my head around the retooled Sarah, whom I've dressed as kitschy SEGA icon Ulala from Space Channel 5. £3.69 well spent, that.

Tom Whitehead

Heroes of Ruin, Heroes of Ruin and then some more Heroes of Ruin: I won't have many opportunities for gaming this weekend, and this looks like a title happy to swallow up what little spare time I'll have. I don't often rush out and buy games on launch day, but the concept and demo have pushed all of my buttons, simultaneously. By the time this is published I'll have played the trade-in game and procured a copy, and I'm also happy to exchange friend codes for some online play: 4253-3469-6599.

Mike Mason

Xenoblade Chronicles — Months after UK launch, I'm still chipping away at this a few hours at a time. I'm currently around the 50 hour mark; might this weekend be the one I complete it? Probably not.

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure — I finally picked this up just before E3. As a lover of SEGA and music games, this is a game that I can't stop nodding my head to.

Jon Wahlgren

This weekend I'll be wrapping up Lollipop Chainsaw on PS3 for review and hopefully resume slugging through my backlog. I'm considering either continuing the trek through Xenoblade or picking Donkey Kong Country Returns back up again after unceremoniously dropping it after two stages when it released. Or maybe I'll get started on that Red Steel 2 replay I've felt like lately. Or Bastion, for a change of pace.

But yeah, Lollipop Chainsaw. Jeez.

Corbie Dillard

Lost in Shadow — With all of the E3 impressions left to write, I doubt I'll have much time, but I've been having this nagging desire to finish up Lost in Shadow for some reason. I loved the game, but wasn't able to finish it up the first time around. There's another part of me that wants to get back into Xenoblade, but I know I don't have the time for that one right now, so I'll just stick with Lost in Shadow. I still consider it one of the true hidden gems of the Wii era. If you haven't tried this game out yet, see if you can track down a copy. It's amazing.

Desiree Turner

Tales of the Abyss for me. It came highly recommended by my favourite quartet of Tingles in the Chat Room, and to be honest it's shaping up to be just the kind of 'cool-down' game I needed after finally beating Xenoblade.

Philip J Reed

Complete playthrough of Bionic Commando (Game Boy version), because I finished it recently and absolutely loved it. I'm also going to be picking up Mega Man X2, which I'm downright ecstatic has finally come to the VC. Then I'm going to try to beat Bezerker99's high score on Bird Mania 3D. Nobody out-birds the Chicken!

Christopher Ingram

I'll be tearing the shrink wrap off my new copy of New Play Control! Pikmin 2 for Wii and diving into Olimar's world head first. I won't have the chance to play it before this weekend, so Saturday morning can't get here quick enough.

When I'm not playing Pikmin 2, I'll be busy playing Gravity Rush for PS Vita and NimbleBit's new iOS title, Pocket Planes.

Ron DelVillano

I'm finally going to dig into The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword this weekend. I woke up this morning with a craving for some good Zelda action, so starting in on this one is at the top of my list.

Marcel van Duyn

Ys Origin — XSEED's been doing an awesome job getting Nihon Falcom games on Steam (PC), and although I've already beaten it, the perfectionist in me can't call it complete until I've got all achievements!

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure — I've got a huge backlog of DS games, so I think it's finally time to start taking the number down a bit, starting with this surprisingly good action platformer.

Joe Walker

Mega Man 2 — I've been listening to the soundtrack while driving lately which has created a hankering to tackle Wily's robot masters in the series' best entry.

Pokémon White Version — I've still got a few more things I want to do before Black and White Versions 2 hit, and with Pokémon Conquest dropping shortly I won't have much time!

Kirby's Epic Yarn — My wife and I still haven't finished this for some reason.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) — Yeah, it's not Nintendo but this game is my comfort food and I loves me some Star Wars. I just rolled a new Jedi Guardian and I'm having a blast. Darth Bandon server represent!

Jamie O'Neill

Jet Force Gemini — I have intended to return to Rare's 1999 Jet Force Gemini for ages, I was waiting for a large chunk of time to play it to completion, but I'm just happy to restart the N64 sci-fi adventure now. I will also grab the "Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring" trophy in PS3 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Phew, that's a lot of games. So what will you be playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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Shiryu said:

"Heroes of Ruin". All the way until the 3DS battery runs out. What a GAME!
@James: Here is mine 4983 - 4921 - 7488



RevolverLink said:

Donkey Kong '94 and Donkey Kong '94, with some Donkey Kong '94 sprinkled in (also Super Metroid - I really want to beat it this time!).

I always knew Donkey Kong was supposed to be good, but I really wasn't expecting this little puzzle-platformer to be so fantastic. Certainly the best 100 Club Nintendo coins I've ever redeemed.



TheDreamingHawk said:


I don't have HOR, but I will still add you. My FC is: 4725-7951-6337. Will get it when the demo comes out, though!

Anyways, here are my plans for the weekend:

Mother 1 + 2. I need to beat that stupid monkey cave before I go on vacation, as if I don't, I may get lost on the way.
Donkey Kong JR. I want restore points to save my scores, but they aren't here yet. When they come I will play it to death!

Mother 1 + 2: I am going to vacation, so this game will help me on the way up! If I make it through those monkey caves...
Mario Tennis open: My friend in my vacation area has a 3DS, so I will be playing this with him.

Brain Age express: I need to get this done, I just need to find out how to solve my 5th sudoku puzzle. EVER.
Prince of Persia GBC: I love this game, and I love the fact that you can get into a debug mode-esq area in the last level, so I will be messing with it this weekend.
Mario Kart 7: Club nintendo competition, so I will be glued to this game.



Hokori said:

Kirby mass attack, Mario vs DK 2, Miniland mayhem, and StreetPass so I can unlock more hats



Whopper744 said:

NPC Pikmin 2, like I have every night this week so far for about an hour or so worth of time. Saturday it will get more playtime.

When I'm not playing that, probably continue my hero mode run of Skyward Sword....
And when I'm not play that either, Donkey Kong '94!!!



Squirtodile said:

Pokemon and more pokemon. White to train my team, my Let's PLay of Sapphire on youtube, and Diamond, which i restarted yesterday. Also i'll sneak in some DK 94



majinx07 said:

The games I'll be playing this weekend are: NPC Pikmin 2, Mario Galaxy 2, and some 3DS games.



Morpheel said:

If everything gois alright today at school, I'll spend the rest of my vacations playing team fortress and every single final fantay and 3ds virtual console I have.

I think this weekend I'll start by beating my times in Metroid II and Fusion and grtting the last 4 stars I need to see the ending of Game and Watch Gallery II



AUnkownFuture said:

Ive been too busy playing Virtua Fighter 5 because of the quest mode. Its very addictive and I never seem to stay away from it. Im gonna download Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown next weekend so I can have more fun with Virtua Fighter. I cant go anywhere because I broke my ankle and Ill be playing so much video games this weekend.



Kyoto said:

Diablo III on my 3D3... oh wait... It's called Heroes of Ruin. Very, very nice game. Review from Nlife coming soon?



RudysaurusRex said:

I just got Skyward Sword, so I'll play that. I've also found I really like Lego Star Wars III. When I'm on the go, I bought Golden Eye 007 for the DS, I'll play that.



FiveDigitLP said:

Minecraft, minecraft, and more minecraft! (On PC, that is.) I found this server that has a great community and have been spending way to much time on it.

I also just started Uncharted, so I'll probably continue playing that this weekend. Maybe a little AC: Revelations (360) on the side too, if I have time. Still have yet to beat that one. It's not as fun as the others.

Oh yeah, and then we're having a classic gaming convention in town, so hopefully I'll get some good street passes there. If I do, then I'll certainly be playing Find Mii II and getting me some good puzzle pieces.



marakassi said:

Wii - LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (in the beginning)
Wii - James Bond - GoldenEye (in the beginning)
DS - The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass (half way through)



Rekiotsu said:

I am going to play Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Fallout 3. I also like to say The Last Story, but finished it couple days ago, maybe i should play it again because it is so freaking awesome game.



komicturtle said:

I wish I can play with those guys in that picture

Oh, I'm playing Xenoblade and Pikmin 2 .. but dem guys...



ThomasBW84 said:

@Shiryu I've added you onto my 3DS if you want to do the same (code is in my entry in the article) because I'll be playing a bit of Heroes of Ruin from tomorow onwards.



DreamOn said:

Great work on the impressions articles Corbs. Looking forward to the 3DS ones. I'll be playing OoT3D master quest and Mario vs DK and SM3DL love the remixed levels perfect challenge for me.



yobucky said:

I'll be playing Metal Gear solid 3D, and online Mario Kart 7 on my 3ds and hopefully some battlefield 3 on the PC. My bro might also come round so we can jam some Super smash brawl and Rayman on the Wii...



James said:

OK so the game that turned up in the post today was not Heroes of Ruin, so I will probably not be playing it this weekend. Rayman and VF5, though, sure.



Emaan said:

I'll be playing The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Sunshine mostly this weekend!



Qeuix said:

I'm gonna play Super Mario 3D Land I haven't played it in a while. :L



hYdeks said:

I'll be playing Skyward Sword and Pokemon Diamond. I've got Skyward Sword for a month now and haven't touched it, and Pokemon Diamond has me consumed



Zenszulu said:

I just bought a truck load of Wii games that that I have been meaning to add to my collection for years and I am starting with the Call of Duty games so i will get through Call of Duty 3 and then probably move on to World at War once I have beaten it.



welsh_gamer said:

Nothing for me this weekend. Saving my gaming time for Mutant Mudds and LEGO Batman 2 next Thursday/Friday.



gameruk said:

i will be playing resistance vita kid icarus and mario tennis friend code 3093 7083 1425 add me thx



coolvw93 said:

LoZ: Spirit Tracks, Gears of War, Xenoblade, Skyward Sword. that is my list, for now until i lose all of my weekend to working and who knows what else. all im waiting for is the last story, unless i feel like getting pokemon conquest this weekend.



baba_944 said:

I will be playing DOOM, SM3DL, DK94, DK64 i never played that game I bought it 6 years ago it said "Expansion Pak required" I was sad (I did not know what it was,) but now I bought 1. Here is my FC: 2020-0519-5322 and Mario Kart 64. Possibly Pokemon Stadium if that game wont freeze up on me. went to R2 twice lost data accidentally hit the jumper pak.



Zenszulu said:

@dark-insanity I am looking forward to getting though all of them I have brought so many games they should keep me more than busy until the Wii U comes out.



Yasume said:

Kingdom Hearts for PS2. Loving this game so far. I'm also going to play some more Mighty Switch Force.



thanos316 said:

Imma try to put some hours into xenoblades and also hopefully trine 2 for pc.. i just recently read some great reviews about trine and gonna give this game a walk around the block.. happy gaming this weekend to everyone and im glad this is gonna be a regular set topic each two week. Its always good to see what games people are playing and maybe try something new.



Xilef said:

Bought Aura Aura Climber, Dillon's Rolling Western and VVVVV today, so i guess i'll be playing thoes games alot (espacially since i will have a 3-4 hour car ride to my grandmother tomorrow). Other then that, maybe some Pandora's Tower.



JohnPhilipSousa said:

Could you guys add me? I'm getting it as soon as it comes out in NA. I'm away from my 3DS currently. So I will edit it in later.



PixelatedPixie said:

For me it's going to be Epic Mickey & Warioland 4. I decided not to get Heroes of Ruin until I've read a few reviews. The demo was ok, but I wasn't completely sold. I might pick it up at a later date if reviews are postive.



CyberNature said:

Lately I've been going back and picking up DS games I may have missed. Right now I'm playing Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. After that I'm going to finish up Kirby Mass Attack, and after I type this I'm acutally on my way to Best Buy right now to pick up a copy of Monster Tale I saw there the other day.



Kyloctopus said:

I hope to finish mission mode in Sonic Generations, get past 2 dungeons in the Master Quest version of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and hopefully finish (for the third time) Donkey Kong Country Returns



TheN64Dude said:

I just got a Retron 3. It's compatible with NES, SNES, and Genesis. So I'll be playing Super Mario Bros. 2 as well as Sonic Spinball and Link to The Past.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Kid Icarus Uprising, Pokemon Heartgold and Tales of the Abyss. My parents are coming down tomorrow to see the grandkids. So I probably won't be playing until sunday since I have to clean the house.



Blaze said:

Gravity Rush and Heroes of Ruin! Might try finishing up either Kid Icarus Uprising or Final Fantasy XIII as well as I'm nearing the end of both of them, but Gravity Rush and Heroes of Ruin come first!



bonesy91 said:

Probably just Xenoblade for the most part. (63 hours in and I still don't think I'mn even a 3rd of the way done haha)

also picked up: Pikmin 2, Mario Power Tennis, Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

I've been so busy, that my Games have just been piling up haha.



idork99 said:

Mario Kart 7 all weekend long! I'm just going to go nuts and try to get as many pts as possible.



sinsalaca said:

Don't know. Not much in my 3DS library right now. No Lego Batman until next week and no Heroes of Ruin until July. Might use the $10.00 that I have on the eshop and buy something to kill some time.



Aqueous said:

I'd believe MP3C or SS on Wii. Might take out WW, perhaps some KIU, Zen Pinball 3D and maybe TF2 as well.



Game0ver_Gavin said:

Metroid Fusion (3DS port). It's so fun and I'm about 75 percent through and I'm determined to beat that X Samus!



Bulbousaur said:

Skyward Sword and Resident Evil 4 Wii for me. I would be playing Mass Effect 2, but the seller I got it from on Amazon sent me a 'new' copy with the DLC code expired... Gonna send it back...

Oh, and also playing Mega Man X and Metal Gear Solid for the first time if I get enough time.



ToadFan said:

I am finally getting a 3DS this weekend (for Kingdom Hearts), and I am going to play Super Mario 3D Land.



FiveDigitLP said:

Some of you kids are so funny talking about your "backlog"...

No, I'm joking about the "you kids" part, but seriously, you want to see a lot of games crying to be played?

The list at the top is only my "Now Playing" list. Outside of that, I have 57 games that I haven't even touched! It sadens me when I see that...



Vriess said:

Just finished Mega Man X2. If I find the time, I'd like to start Dead Space 2.



Gridatttack said:

All the games of the dot hack series in PS2, the rare & obscure 3d maze man games on PC, and game & watch gallery 2 on 3DS.



tardis10 said:

Resi: Mercs 3DS, RedSteel, Super Mario Galaxy, Resi: 5 (PS3), Uncharted 1/2/3 (PS3)
And Minish Cap. Hooked.



Odnetnin said:

"Disclaimer: non-Nintendo games and products are mentioned. Read at your own risk!"



GTWarrior77 said:

Finally picked up Skyward Sword yesterday. I'm about 11 hrs in.
Probably spend most of my time on this.



WolfRamHeart said:

I am playing Dark Souls on my PS3. I never got to finish it before so I went back and started it all over again. I'm almost finished with my first playthrough, when I'm done I'll go back to finishing Xenoblade Chronicles on my Wii. I also just got Hot Shots Golf for my PS Vita and I am loving it.



Moshugan said:

I'm going to finish up Ocarina of Time 3D (finally) and maybe play some of the GBA games on the 3DS. And of course I'll be devouring another chunk of Risen 2! I find it very entertaining what with all it's flaws. (I'm addicted to Piranha Bytes games.) Actually, it's much better after the big update.



Moshugan said:

@TheN64Dude Wow! That's awesome. Retron 3 is an absolutely ugly machine, but it's great that there exist. My SNES, Megadrive, N64 and Gamecube are still working great though.
Ironically, my Wii is the only Nintendo console that's started having problems. It makes this hideous noise whenever a disc is playing. Haven't thought of getting it repaired since Wii U is coming shortly.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

During this E3 I got the crazy urge to replay Animal Crossing: City Folk. I deleted my save file years ago so I'm starting fresh with a new town.

I'm also playing a little Fortune Street.



lanabanana said:

Resident Evil:Revelations I'm trying to complete Hell Mode ! Normal mode only took me like 5 days to finish...



samuelduh said:

Ill be pretty busy when I buy conquest next week, knowing new pokemon games and since its the summer it will only take a week xD



SomeBitTripFan said:

I have no idea. My library is now either "beaten" or "insanely stressed with." I'm not sacrificing my summer to play Animal Crossing either.



Setrodox said:

I've been juggling Zack & Wiki, Pikmin 2, Bit Trip Complete, and Pokemon Black. Who knows which I'll play this weekend?! I know I'll be playing some Settlers of Catan tonigh!!



Just10 said:

Finally got Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 2 for Wii! For some reason, Wal-Mart and GameStop didn't have it on launch day. Had to ask the associate at Target to bring out all the copies the Monday after it came out.



Supremeist said:

I recently finished Dead Island, but I'm working on Super Mario 64 DS this weekend (and some SR3)



MikeDanger said:

Dragon's Dogma, Front Mission DS the second harder storyline, and i'm gonna finish Gargoyle's Quest.



hendie001 said:

@Moshugan my wii is making the same noise sounds like a lawn mower. i bought a retron and now i keep my nes, snes, and sega in the boxes and use the retron.



WaveBoy said:

Nothing, until my place finally gets finished as far as decorating goes. Thanks a lot OCD for making me a complete anal perfectionist. Yet being an artist has a lot to do with that as well! I haven't gamed in over a month, the last was Tetris on the 3DS's VC.

I've got over 10 new releases unplayed in my collection with my pre-order of Pikmin 2 for the Wii being the 11nth. I'm feeling extremely overhwlemed...Again. Time to shut up and play.



Kage_88 said:

I've finally gotten stuck into The Last Story and - roaring JRPG clichés aside - I'm finding it to be a great game. Heck, my first session was 5 1/2 hours, and I only turned it off because wrestling was on!



Tasuki said:

Thinking of downloading Soul of Darkness, if I do I will be playing that and probably Diablo III and WoW.



darien said:

@Janett Hey, wanna add me to your 3DS friends list? :3 My code is:
1118 ----- 0833 ------ 8744. What's yours? c:



Marks said:

Going to play a bit of TWEWY inbetween homework. It's a great game so far!



Lew3107 said:

Mega Man 2, F-Zero X, Super Smash Bros 64 & maybe some A Boy & His Blob on the side. BTW Corbie you're probably not reading this, but if you are where did you get Lost in Shadow? That game is rare as hell, took me a year and a half to find A Boy & His Blob, but I still can't find LiS!



DRL said:

I desperately need something new and engrossing. Any gems released recently? I have all current home consoles (no PC though). Otherwise, I'm just going "retro" and making love to my N64. I'm okay with this going either way.



Lew3107 said:

@d-lister If you don't already have it (and shame on you if you don't), get Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the best RPG ever released in my opinion. If you're looking for retro games, everything on NeoGeo. That'll keep you for a while



DRL said:

@Lew3107 Shame on me most definitely - I honestly forgot about that one. Didn't have the time for a new game when it was released and it just slipped my mind.



Lew3107 said:

@d-lister Well, trust me, make sure it tops your list when you buy a new game. It truly makes other games look pathetic; coming from a guy who has logged in over 800 hours on SSBB, Xenoblade Chronicles is the best Wii game by a long shot!



k8sMum said:

our 6-yr old grandson is visiting so i've been helping him with kirby's epic yarn and super mario galaxy on the wii; we've been playing loz spirit tracks on my 3ds and he is loving the batman demo. good times.

btw @marcel: henry hatsworth is an amazingly fun game and one of my favourites.



Wanderhope said:

Picked up Nintendo Selects Pikmin 2 and Rhythm Heaven Fever today - so probably those two with a possibility of Super Mario 3D Land (inching toward 100%) and Skyrim.



CaPPa said:

Hopefully I'll get time to play Xenoblade Chronicles, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked, Batman Arkham City and DC Universe Online.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll be playing Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard (DS), Prince of Persia: Rival Swords (Wii) & Lost in Shadow (Wii). I had already started getting back into Lost in Shadow for the exact same reasons as Corbie suprisingly.



R-L-A-George said:

Demos.. and SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS. I desperately need to finish it for review.

Maybe some other games.



stipey said:

I've ordered Heroes of Ruin, but I don't think it's shipped yet, and the game doesn't release till next week. Still, anyone who wants to add me is more than welcome! I have a distinct lack of gaming friends to play through it with.

4382 - 1995 - 7502. My Mii's the beardy glasses boy. Let me know if you add me.



Smooth27 said:

Resident Evil Revelation: havent beatn all raid mode stages.
Asphalt 3D: rented it first since ridge racer 3d wasn't good for me was also skeptical about asphalt since they got similar review scores, bit ended up enjoying the game A LOT! Its a really fun game, and for being a launch game it has pretty good graphics. Bought it, can't wait for next asphalt on 3ds.
Call of Duty MW3: I know their a lot of nay sayers but that's my franchise and need my daily dose of it. Hope COD:BO2 hits 3ds.



Chunky_Droid said:

I will be playing Pokemon Soul Silver, as I skipped this game earlier and went straight to White. I have all the Pokemon, just wanna play it for nostaligic purposes.



FluffyNinja said:

Ah Jet Force Gemini, when Rare used to make really awesome games. Makes me want to play it again. Saving all the little furballs was such a pain though. :x

Playing me so more Resident Evil: Revelaitions.



Bassman_Q said:

Hmm... lessee... I just FINALLY finished Skyward Sword, so I'll be playing other games this weekend. It's probably gonna be as follows:

On Wii:
Donkey Kong Country Returns, as I just was able to snag a copy for $30 instead of the usual $50. Also, I might play some helpful servings of Kirby Super Star or Monster World IV (VC) on the side.

On DS:
I think I'll try to finally beat Amoebattle this weekend if I have time. That 11th level got me so bad and stuck, it's not even funny. Then, I could also attempt to work my way to getting the Gold Trophy in Plants vs. Zombies. To cool down, I'll probably play some levels of Penguin Patrol on the side (no pun intended).

If I have time on top of playing the other two systems, I'll continue my story mode playthrough of Dissidia 012: Duodecim. Or maybe just play some arcade mode battles, as the story tends to be painfully dragged along. In between, I'll try to get further with the PSmini Velocity, which is crazy awesome. Or maybe finally beat Super Stardust Portable.



Jamouse said:

Dragon Quest IX, Ace Attorney Apollo Justice, and maybe I might get around to starting Trails of the Sky.



kyuubikid213 said:

I'm going to finally get out of Castor Wilds in The Minish Cap!
And if I have time, I'm going to pick up a 2000 Wii Points card so I can finally
A) Relive my childhood with some Mario Kart 64 and
B) Take a crack at one of the best Zelda games ever (so I've heard) A Link to the Past.



Drawdler said:

Kid Icarus, and maybe work on some Master Quest 3D. With my sister starting to play the game, it's motivational for the latter, and the former is a no-brainer. Next weekend, I'll also be playing Heroes of Ruin(DARN YOU LOCILISATION TIMES) and if I don't finish a good bit of it by then, Pokemon Conquest.



Drawdler said:

And maybe "Minceraft"... Also I added James and Tom, my FC is in my profile if you would like to add back... I'm also getting HoR when it arrives next week



Mart2006 said:

I'll be playing through the European version of Mutant Mudds for review. I'm so glad it's finally coming to this part of the world!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Replaying pokemon platinum :3 I'm extremely happy I gotta jolly chimcar ^^ 4th gen is still my fav gen but I think black and white 2 might change that ^^



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I would be playing Torchlight. Unfortunately, I have to play the do your assignment while sick game. It's also set on expert level...permanently.



JamieO said:

@FluffyNinja I was talking with @JonWahlgren the other day about Jet Force Gemini and he raised similar points to you. Hopefully I will have a review of it ready for Nlife next week, I want to make sure that I play through the entire game again first, so that I can be thorough when I re-analyse its content. Perhaps we can chat about it further when the review is live, I just need to find the time to complete the full game.

Meanwhile, I managed to earn the 'All Red Star Rings Found!' trophy in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. I really enjoyed the replay value of exploring each level and the way in which searching for the Red Star Rings adds to the longevity of the game. I especially like the areas like Through the Sandstorm, where you can see the Red Star Ring, but there is a risk in using Tails to hover and fly to reach it. Admittedly, I had to check the Internet to work out the placement of the Red Star Ring on Sonic Coaster Rails. Tut tut!

I think that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is such a fun game, I hope that it is released on a Nintendo system one day.



x-mas_mii said:

Rush 2
Goldeneye 007
Rush 2049
007-T.W.I.N.E.(The World Is Not Enough)
Star Fox 64/3d
Mario Party 1
Mario Kart 64
F-Zero X
Conkers BDF
Super Mario 64
All of the Ambassador Games



JohnPhilipSousa said:

@ThomasBW84 and @James
Could you add me? I'm getting Heroes of Ruin as soon as it comes out here in NA. My FC is 3909-7508-7026. As for what I'll be playing, I've been having a Zelda craze, so I've finally decided to actually spend the time with Skyward Sword that it deserves.



JJtheTexan said:

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (3DS)
Alleyway (3DS VC)
Prince of Persia (3DS VC)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: March of the Minis! (3DS)



Phle said:

I'm playing:

  • Heroes of Ruin (alone, still need to find one or two reliable 3DS gaming partners / friends)
  • Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
    Maybe I'll try to continue on:
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. I'm about 70% into the main story, but I find this game very lacking in the story part.


Nintex said:

@L4DYK0M1C I look like those guys in the pic! lol anyway may i have your ads friend code? mine is 5198-3400-1425. online games I have are Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus and RE Mercenaries. planing on getting Mario Tennis next week and Heroes or Ruin when it comes out. Oh and I have Mario Kart 7



Nintex said:

I'm working On finishing Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D. Playing Ridge Racer 3D a second time through and might start Kid Icarus. Need to finish Shinobi as well.



NeoShinobi said:

Probably just Minecraft.
Though I didn't play anything today so that just leaves Sunday...



alLabouTandroiD said:

I really like this feature. Don't really know why i haven't commented on one of 'em yet.
So far i've played Heroes of Ruin and VVVVVV (user level: 333333). With election work and watching our national team's game this evening i hope i can find the time to do the Daily Quests in HoR today.



cakeashi said:

anybody with heroes of ruin feel free to add me as when this arrives i will smash it- smash it hard!! james and tom in particular, would be fun playing with the fellows who write what i read everyday. my fc is in my sig



cakeashi said:

time for some chrono trigger and tales of the abyss with a liberal sprinkling of mario 64 roll on mondays post for heroes of ruin



daznsaz said:

ordering HOR on wednesday,so far played skyward sword,finished driver 3ds now playing tales of abyss 3ds.cant wait to get into HOR played demo loved it.



Millenia said:

This is what I'm playing:
Taiko no Tatsujin DS
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Yume Nikki



Phle said:

@SuperSonic95 can't log on there either not sure why, if I press log in it just loads my profile and shows that I'm logged in, if I return to the forum, it just says "log in" like before.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Sonic, Sonic, and more Sonic. That was on the agenda this weekend. Oh, and a little Super Mario and Indiana Jones.

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