As those who follow the company know, Nintendo doesn't enthusiastically reveal the detailed technical specifications of its consoles and handhelds, beyond basics. One issue on that front that came out of E3 was the Wii U GamePad's battery life — a feature that dominated the early days of 3DS — and in his interview with Kotaku it seems that Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime wasn't keen on being drawn into rumours of three to five hours life in a single charge.

I have to say that, as a company, we are amazingly conservative when it comes to giving guidance on things like battery life. If you go back to the 3DS discussion on battery life, the numbers we gave before launch vs. the reality of launch were very different. So what I would tell you is that Nintendo is absolutely committed to making sure that the battery life for the Wii U will not get in the way of the gaming experience.

This was part of the same interview where Fils-Aime admitted that friend codes would return on Wii U, albeit in a less irritating form. He also addressed the issue of Miiverse moderation, explaining the levels of protection before looking at an example of a simple help request being submitted, suggesting that it's possible for some messages to be almost instantaneous with an immediate 'technical scan'.

The way to think about how we will ensure a positive consumer experience with MiiVerse… first, there are parental controls. As a parent you can choose for your child not to have any MiiVerse conversation. You can do it only with friends. You can do it with everyone.

The second level is going to be essentially a technology-driven scan to make sure that inappropriate words and inappropriate pictures don't make it onto MiiVerse. The third level is going to be the community that will police and flag items. The fourth level is for a human review at Nintendo.

Let's take that example. I need help with level so-and-so. The technical scan happens. There's no bad words. It happens.

So Miiverse may not be as delayed as we thought, though it may be an idea to keep a charger handy for that Wii U GamePad just in case.