Reef Calls In Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D this September

Use the hose

While the soggy British summer continues, 3DS owners in Europe will get the chance to experience some real heat in September as Reef announces Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D.

The first-person action game gives you all a fireman's tools — hose, axe, saw and more — to rescue survivors and extinguish fires. Reef promises the game's "Thinking Fire" artificial intelligence will put up a stern challenge throughout its story-driven campaign mode.

We'll find out if it's hot stuff or burnt out in September.


Hoses, Axes & Rotary Saws at the ready as FIREFIGHTER blazes onto the Nintendo 3DS™

London, June 29th: UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment today announced the European release of REAL HEROES: FIREFIGHTER 3D only for the Nintendo 3DS™.

In this first-person fire & rescue action game players will enter the soot-stained boots of an everyday hero as a newly graduated academy cadet getting their start in a big city fire station. Players must use the tools of the trade like the axe, hose and saw to battle raging blazes, tackle explosive environments and rescue survivors.


  • ‘Thinking Fire’ AI technology delivers a cunning enemy unlike anything gamers have faced before.
  • Utilize the myriad of control options on the Nintendo 3DS™ to bring Axes, Halligan bars, Hoses, Extinguishers, Rotary Saws and Hydraulic Spreaders to bare.
  • Players work with the team of Engine Company 13 advancing through a story driven campaign and making sure everyone gets out of each mission alive.
  • 3D game engine and cut-scenes deliver maximum immersion and excitement.

REAL HEROES: FIREFIGHTER 3D will be available across Europe, September ’12.