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Pinball Arcade: The Twilight Zone Hits Kickstarter Target

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Flipping for an extra Star Trek table

A few weeks ago we learned that Pinball Arcade is on the way to 3DS and Wii U, and also that developer FarSight Studios had launched a Kickstarter funding page to gain the license, at a cost of $55,000, to digitize the highly-regarded table for The Twilight Zone. The positive news is that the target has been hit, and the attached image shows the company's President, Jay Obernolte, signing the official agreement.

With the campaign going well, the developer is making a bid to double up on the fundraiser, aiming to hit a final total of $110,000 to digitize Star Trek: The Next Generation as well. While The Twilight Zone is the number one player-rated table in the Internet Pinball Database, Star Trek: The Next Generation comes in at a not-too-shabby third place. If the campaign hits $110,000 those who've backed it already, or do so from this point onwards, will receive the additional table as part of their reward.

There's clearly plenty of appetite to play these classic tables in a digital form, and hopefully the expected 3DS and Wii U releases aren't too far away.

Thanks to Suzanne M. Ferree for the tip.


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Spoony_Tech said:

The more pinball the better. Can't wait for all the pinball the 3ds and Wii U will get. Yes I'm excited for pinball!



BenAV said:

Zen Pinball 3D was awesome so I'm a bit more into pinball games now, but still not sure if I should back this or not.
I guess it is only $10... or $40 to get your name in the credits, so that's not much.



pastasauce said:

What? I didn't know this was going on. Twilight Zone and the South Park pinball table are my 2 favorites. Guess I'll be checking out this game now.



CBattles6 said:

The only thing that has kept me from donating is not knowing whether this game is indeed coming to the 3DS. And, past that, whether there will be DLC.



shinobi88 said:

Farsight is working to bring this game to 3DS. Give em a little time bc they got a little backed up due to complications from releasing the game digitally over every possible platform.

Pinball Arcade is different than Zen Pinball, though both are really fun pinball sims. I prefer PB Arcade because I find it more of a challenge playing more realistic tables with more realistic physics. You NEED to study those table rule sets because NOTHING is more satisfying than earning that Super Jackpot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a license fiend myself. Zen has some GREAT licenses coming out, like Avengers. But Pinball Arcade not to be outdone. Aside from Twilight Zone and Star Trek, you can expect to see tables based on properties like Universal Studios Monsters, Tales From the Crypt, South Park, Addams Family, Elvira, and fingers crossed, Indiana Jones and Terminator 2, in the not too distant future...



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Really looking forward to Pinball Arcade on the Wii U. I've played the wheels off Pinball Hall of Fame (Williams and Gottlieb) on the Wii.

I wish there were some way to bring back the old Pro Pinball tables by Cunning Developments (published by Empire Interactive): The Web, Timeshock!, Big Race USA, and Fantastic Journey. They were original games (not based on real-world tables) but they were realistic pinball, not "fantasy" pinball. My favorite was Timeshock! but I enjoyed them all.



shinobi88 said:

I forgot to mention possible Simpsons tables in the Pinball Arcade's future in my last post. D'oh!

I'm just putting this out there, but instead of waiting for the 3DS version to get your PB Arcade fix, you could always just play it on PS Vita. In the US, Target and Best Buy are currently doing a promotion where you get a $50 gift card if you buy any Vita. So you're essentially getting a memory card and a PSN card for free. Everything you need to get your pinball fix on the go.

You're not selling out Nintendo if you get a Vita. They're two COMPLETELY different experiences with COMPLETELY different games. You can't get an amazing game like Gravity Rush on 3DS, and you can't get an awesome game like Luigi's Mansion on Vita



shinobi88 said:

You can find the Top 10 tables of all-time at the link below. At the moment, Farsight has the rights to 7 of them, and is currently working on getting 2 of the other 3.

I really wasn't interested in Medieval Madness, because even though Medieval Times type stuff is a cool theme, I really only get geeked up about licensed tables. But I tried it out and it is freakin fun to play. So much stuff to do: fight dragons and trolls, rescue princesses, joust, fire cannon balls, destroy castles. The voice work is hilarious and it goes ballistic when you get multi-ball, which is the thing I love most about pinball, aka the chaos of it all.



MagicEmperor said:

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call The Twilight Zone.

Excellent! The Twilight Zone, along with The Addams Family, is my favorite pinball machine ever.



shinobi88 said:

It's amazing that opening sequence still holds up as the coolest TV show intro ever. Can't wait to see if the table holds up as the best ever too



chiefeagle02 said:

I'm finding myself in agreement with the Kickstarter comments, that it might've been wiser to set up a second campaign for Star Trek instead of trying to double this one. If you increase your contribution expecting to get a second table and it doesn't happen, it might upset those backers. While I congratulate FarSight in winning The Twilight Zone and I wish them the best, it's risky to do this. They're essentially asking for $35,000 in around four days, not an easy feat unless you have killer momentum.



shinobi88 said:

I agree that there should've been a separate Kickstarter for Star Trek, or just asked for $110,000 from the beginning. But this is Farsight's 1st foray into Kickstarter so they didn't know how to plan going in and I wonder if you can't close down a Kickstarter campaign until the time runs out...



Koos said:

I read this as Twilight Princess pinball... how disappointed I was.



geckofreak said:

If I had spare cash to buy a Vita I would just for this. After seeing how annoying it is to play Zen Pinball on the little 3D screen I am not holding high hopes for this assuming they are going to insist on doing it 3D rather than concentrating on the gameplay by using both screens in 2D (I'm guessing it would be too much for them to let you choose in game).
It will be unfortunate if they actually manage to replicate TZ well but the experience is ruined by the 3D gimmick. Zen Pinball was a very ordinary "pinball flavoured" game and with the poor physics and table design it wouldn't have made much difference if it had used both screens... If TZ is a fairly accurate simulation then maybe all the people that loved Zen will finally realise how a real machine plays and how the ball is supposed to move.

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