The 3DS Circle Pad Pro isn't widely loved, it's safe to say, with comments around the peripheral ranging from 'it's OK and works' to 'OMG WTF!!!'. Much of the attention when it released was around arguments that 3DS should have included two Circle Pads in its design, and also that it was aesthetically challenged. Our Circle Pad Pro review said that it was 'lop-sided and bulbous', taking away any visual symmetry in the quest for extra functionality.

Trusty gaming peripheral company Nyko has, as is often the case, stepped in to try and offer an improved option. Pictured is the Power Grip Pro, which not only provides an extra Circle Pad but also a protective case and battery that it claims will triple typical playtime. The image may be rendered, but it looks like it hasn't fallen quite as far from the ugly tree.

The Power Grip Pro is due for release in October. What do you think of the design, and are you tempted by the increased battery power and protective casing?