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Monster Hunter 4 Attacks Japan in Spring 2013

Posted by James Newton

Take cover

Capcom's Summer Jam event has revealed a Spring 2013 release window for the much anticipated Monster Hunter 4.

The 3DS-exclusive game includes brand new monsters as well as series mainstays Tigrex, Rathalos and Rathian, according to Andriasang. Capcom showed off a new trailer for the game but, as of the time of writing, it hasn't made it onto the web.

Of course this is no indication of a Western release. We await updates from Capcom in the West.


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Kohaku said:

Does Nintendo know that they sell the 3DS outside Japan also?
To much games stay in Japan. Come on Nintendo, we want those games also!



mamp said:

The only way I would want this, would be if it had online not trying to be picky but my middle of nowhere town offers no multiplayer options.



ReaperX30 said:

The Monster Hunter franchise was a reason to keep my PSP charged, now I hope they'll bring this one here (Canada) so I can experience it on my awesome 3DS.



CommanderAudio said:

Spring 2013? I'll be suprised if Capcom still has a fanbase (or if Capcom even exsists) by then....



Lunapplebloom said:

@PikminMonster You got a point there. Capcom has really been screwing with there customers lately. I still hope this comes here eventually though. I have yet to try this series proper, and this may be my first try at it.



emiru69 said:

I understand that this type of games are not going to break records in Europe or America but companies they really should take advantage of the eShop. I think they will risk less and they only thing they have to do is translate the text.



Portista said:

Is there any way to watch the new trailer? I'M ADDICTED TO MONSTER HUNTER! 8.



Tsuchinoko said:

I'm fairly certain this will be released outside of Japan, so please be patient. Just please look forward to more news, and don't be so negative please!



Xilef said:

Pretty much al of the games in the main series released outside of Japan right? We will most likely se this game getting a released here. More worried about Tri G...

Also, can you imagine the sales for this game and the 3DS? Tri G sold over 1 m copies and really helped the 3DS:s sales. Imagine what a brand new game will do.



pixelman said:

Here you go James:

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This looks pretty sweet. Lots of jumping around and climbing... and it even looks like it MIGHT be open world. LOCALIZE PLZ.



komicturtle said:

Cannot wait. I'm going to assume they may skip on Tri3G localization and head straight for this one.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Nibelilt Why do people care about Monster Hunter 3G? You can play 3 Tri on the Wii and it really doesn't really add anything new.

And what it does add is in Monster Hunter 4 as far as we know.



BenAV said:

@SkywardLink98 From what I hear from a friend who's been playing 3G, it has like triple the content of Tri.
That sounds like a significant improvement to me, and the only thing lacking is online multiplayer, which they could always add to a western release like they have with other games in the past.
Still not expecting it to get released here though.
I'd really like it to be, but I'll still be content as long as we get Monster Hunter 4.



1takauchiha said:

@Kohaku You do realize that is entirely up to Capcom whether it gets localized or not, right? It isn't Nintendo's fault a company doesn't feel like localizing a game quickly or at all.



DashDG said:

Scr*w you Capcom!!! No MHG, NO MEGAMAN; NO AA.... Do do really want to sell games????



TeeJay said:

Of course they don't want our business. Why else would they not bring amazing games like this to the west?

I'll be waiting, but I won't dare get my hopes up. I did for Monster Hunter Tri G and here I am still waiting for it.



Graph said:

Meh, I got MHTri3 on Wii and was utterly disapointed in it. I'll pass.



X-145 said:

I never liked the Monster Hunter (Tri) games, but I love the fact that the 3DS is getting this type of game (because of the features it possesses) and it will be exclusive to said system. I wonder how Sony will rip off nintendo now...



SchamMan89 said:

The possibility of this being an open world makes it tempting, but I'll probably pass, ultimately.
I bought Monster Hunter Tri hoping for a PSO-like experience, which was probably a mistake. While the game certainly has cool aspects, the small levels and brutal difficulty turned me off.



LittleKing said:

This will probably come here. Judging by the trailer, it looks like 4 will be mixing things up quite a bit. The areas look a lot larger, the battles seem more dynamic, and in general, the game looks like it'll be even better than Tri. At the same time, while the ability to bronco-bust wyverns and fight while leaping from crumbling pillars seems great, I'm hoping the core fighting mechanics are retained, and not destroyed in an attempt to appeal to all the whiners who find the game too hard.

90% of new players pick the GS, and complain about how slow they walk, how they have to anticipate the monster's moves and lead their target to land a blow, and that the hunter actually has to DRINK potions. Nothing like watching a newb try to down a potion while Rathalos prepares a fireball only to get his butt set on fire, and take the kitty-cart back to base. In MH, it takes time to sharpen your sword or to heal. You can't press a button and BOOM, max health; you need an opening. Problem is, people aren't used to using their head to watch their opponent, and see how it reacts before rushing in head-first. Too many BOOM HEADSHOT moments in their games.

Personally, most player's would be better off with the Sword and Shield. It can combo easily, doesn't hinder mobility, has great elemental and status potential, you can roll out of a combo at any time to dodge attacks and, best of all, you can use items like potions without sheathing your weapon. If you play cautiously and target weak spots consistently, monsters go down fast and painlessly. That's why when you start up MHT it equips you with an SnS.

People also complain about how long it takes to kill monsters. "Diablos took me 45 minutes!" they exclaim. And then you watch them play and see them whacking the head and legs with their Long Sword, which take, on average, half the damage of the stomach. If people hit the right parts, hunts would take half as long, if not less at times. These aren't G Rank quests they're complaining about; these are the same village/low rank quests I can do in ten-twelve minutes solo.



darkgamer001 said:

Why do some guys keep blaming Nintendo for the non-localization of Monster Hunter?
Nintendo - publish their own games and produce the hardware for developers (in this case, the 3DS)
Monster Hunter - a Capcom game, and thus any decision on the franchise rests entirely in the hands of Capcom, NOT NINTENDO.

Surely, this isn't too hard too understand, right?



EvilLucario said:


...Ahem. Sorry.



Volmun said:

@darkgamer001 yep exactly - i rely hope Capcom do give this a internationality released thow as it'd make up for Tri G not coming out internationality 8/ Capcom need to be cerfal as fans aren't to pleased with them atm (i still personly like them but no alota ppl who have ternd ther back on them)



Kirk said:

Not particularly impressed with the low-res blurry level textures and the garish colors in the levels in general. The game itself looks like it might be ok fun but I didn't really enjoy Monster Hunter on Wii so I'd have to play it before making my mind up.



misswliu81 said:

capcom continues to milk streetfighter and resident evil to death- yet wouldn't localise games like this one in the west?

capcom needs to get their priorities right, especially with the monster hunter games.



SaSoBe said:

I'm watching Godzilla while reading about this. Now I want Godzilla to be in this game.



Leon_Pryde said:

I'm actually debating learning Japanese in order to get japan exclusive games like this.



CanisWolfred said:

And I don't really understand why everyone's still disappointed they didn't get a filler game that's really just a port of a game everyone who wants it already has, minus online (i.e. the most appealing feature of the game). Of course we'll get this, because it would actually make sense to release it here, unlike Portable 3rd or Tri G.



KAI7321 said:

Latest PS MH didn't get localised for NA or EU markets for the PSP / Vita, so probably no chance of this localisation happening for the 3DS either - Capcom already released their statement about MH overseas saying it wasn't profitable after the poor sales from MH Tri on the Wii.



sinalefa said:

I hope they localize for the people who want it, but I would probably pass. Specially if it lacks online.

I got 100 hours off the Wii game and I never was able to beat the single player. I found the later monsters like Diablos way too overpowered and fast, as the game was designed for several players at once. One of the things I hated the most is how your character makes a dumb pose after drinking a potion, allowing for cheap hits that can take half your life bar later on.



LittleKing said:


If by single player you mean the village quests offline, the monster's for those quests have been dumbed down considerably in power. They have a ton less HP. Beating the village quests is not very hard once you know where to hit monsters, the best combos, and little tricks; my first Royal Ludroth took me around 25 minutes, but playing Tri again from the start a while back only took me 8 iirc.

Easiest way to beat Diablos, for example, is to Sonic Bomb him as soon as he burrows, giving you several seconds of free hits, and go for his belly (twice the damage of the legs/head!). Also, he gets stuck if his charge attack hits a wall as long as you don't break his horns. So, most of the time he's actually pretty harmless, either stuck in a wall or thrashing in the earth.

Flexing after drinking a potion is ridiculous though. Capcom should ditch the stupid flex and just make the drinking animation longer, and allow players to roll out of it (they'd still lose their potion as a penalty, though). Also, why do we have to stay still when a monster roars? I understand covering one's ears, but why not walk or crawl away so you don't get tail-whipped a second later?

I think a lot of the more annoying things in MH could be rectified while still keeping the core gameplay pretty much the same.



Megumi said:

I don't mind the roar stuns...I love blocking them with a sword and shield. xD
As for the whole "flexing" thing, If you hate it so much, isn't that what Speed Eating is for? (dunno if it includes potions, but it should)



XCWarrior said:

How after all of these comments does Capcom think there is no market here in the West? Bring it out you fools!



Megumi said:

There's only 55 comments, they wanna see something like...500k or something, lol.



Edlicious said:

roar stuns were the worst -___-
especially when you might end up fighting two bosses at once



meltendo said:

I'll bet a new 3DS will be released with the game... a 3DS with dual analog sticks/nubs.



KAI7321 said:


Unfortunately true The internet is really a vocal minority in the end of the day in any facet of media, be it Music / Film / TV / Videogames... unless we get together for a Mass Effect 3 ending type petition - However I don't think these things are effective against the Japanese side of companies, they don't recognise it as a legit show of hands, mentality-wise anyhow.



LittleKing said:


It's not that I hate the time that drinking a potion takes, its just that the reason WHY it takes so long is ludicrous. That's why I recommended lengthening the drinking time but scrapping the flex. Also, Speed Eating does indeed shorten drinking time; but only Speed Eating +2, which costs 15 skill points. No good set will ever have it; you'd be sacrificing good skills like S+1, AUL/CE+3, HGE, S/EAU, etc. It's like saying, "Just drop down from purple sharpness and remove ten percent of your Attack Power to eat a tiny bit faster." xD I almost never get hit while healing, so it actually doesn't bother me TOO much tbh, but it bothers a lot of people.

Also, roars are great opportunities to get in free hits... if you can block. Don't use SnS/Lance/Gunlance/Great Sword or have a HBG with a shield? Prepare to get pwned. I use all weapons (except Hammer) but mostly use Long Swords and LBGs (get my best kill times with them) and the inability to block makes roars a pain; especially when the roar ends and the monster can attack before your stun lock ends, giving it free hits. Not everyone can perfectly MOI roars (few can, and some can't be MOI'd without Evade+).

For instance, in Portable 3rd, if you are anywhere near Rathalos' head when you see him raise his head to roar, you're dead. He'll roar, stun you, then immediately go into a backhop -> fireball that will take out a huge chunk of your health (esp. if you're weak to fire) and inflict Fire Blight before the stun ends. Even if you roll the second you see him start up, you have to roll just the right way and be in just the right spot. This is especially made problematic by the fact that his head is his weak spot. Also, dual monsters are a pain with roars. One stuns, the other attacks. Maybe I've just had bad luck, but the only things that have killed me so far have been roar -> attack combos or my felynes/cha-cha hitting me and flinching me before I roll, delaying my evasion.

Which brings up a question burning in my brain... are Felynes or Cha-Cha in MH4? They may blow me up more than the monster, but I hope so. Too cute. :3

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