The 3DS Virtual Console already has a good amount of great Nintendo games, but there's plenty more where that came from, as the Australia's ratings board has rated yet another classic Game Boy game which should be making its way to the service soon

Mole Mania is an often forgotten Shigeru Miyamoto game, in which you play as Muddy the Mole, who is trying to save his kidnapped children and wife from the evil farmer Jinbe.

It's mostly a puzzle game, in which the goal in every single room is to get a big black steel ball to a block blocking access to the next room. Naturally, the fact you're a mole also plays a big part, as you can dig underground to move past certain obstacles, as well as create holes.

The game's pretty good, so we're glad to see it's coming to the eShop. Who's planning on downloading it upon release?