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Kirby's 20th Anniversary Special Collection Doesn't Suck

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Even if Kirby has to

A little under two months ago we brought you the happy news that Nintendo is planning a 20th Anniversary Kirby compilation for Wii, ensuring that fans of the pink one will have a chance to celebrate the landmark with a collection of classic games and other goodies. Courtesy of Andriasang we now know what will be included in the Japanese release, which we hope will be the same when the compilation reaches other territories.

Kirby's 20th Anniversary Special Collection in Japan will include six games from the franchise, ranging from Game Boy to Nintendo 64: Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. There'll be new content in the form of 'More Challenge Stage', where you chase scores in specific stages with a particular ability: these include 'Sword Challenge' and 'Fighter Death Match'. The disc will also have a Kirby calendar that shows the history not just of the game series, but Kirby's appearances in cartoons and so on. In terms of goodies that aren't on the game disc, there'll be the now-standard booklet with artwork and a soundtrack.

It sounds like some effort is being put into this collection beyond simply placing the original games on a disc and sending it out into the world. Assuming that these details stay true in a worldwide release, are you interested in picking this up?


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NintyMan said:

Finally, some information at last!

I own most of those games, but I haven't played Kirby's Dream Land 2. Good thing there's a soundtrack and a history booklet. If this has the same content in North America, I'll definitely get it.



BenAV said:

Sounds cool.
If it's going to go for about the same price as the Mario one did then I'll probably have to pick it up just to add it to my Wii game collection.



Whopper744 said:

Interested, but really? Kirby got a better one then Mario's 25th?!! Zelda didn't even get a disc (though there where other things here and there).



RevolverLink said:

The expected line-up, but that's hardly a bad thing.

I already have Adventure and Super Star on VC, but I'll probably double dip as long as Nintendo doesn't do something silly and set this at $50 or something.



fchinaski said:

Since I don't have a Wii, I'll probably add this one to my wishlist when I buy a Wii U (I'm very glad they opted for backwards compatibility). Never played a Kirby game before, so it seems like a nice introduction...



Late said:

Pretty good collection of Kirby games. I have half of them so I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it or not.



Silvervisiona said:

So it's like a Kirby Super Super Star Deluxe, which now has a collection within a collection of games. Have played all but never properly owned the ones besides the those on the eShop.



Not-Another-Ad said:

The lack of Air Ride makes me want to cry,but other than that,it sounds like a good package,and better than Mario 25th one.



evildevil97 said:

Much better than the horrible Mario one. Too bad I have all of them on VC. (Except DL2, but I'll get it when it comes.) To those who havent gotten the collection on VC, this looks like a good way to do it. Seems to have all the VC main games except Superstar.



warioswoods said:

I'd say that the Mario collection was actually better, because it brought back the 16-bit remade All Stars versions for the first time on a modern system.

All of these Kirby games are already available in the same form, so I don't have much incentive to pick up this package instead of the 1 or 2 I'm still missing on the VC.



rjejr said:

Just got Kirby Super Star from Club Nintendo and since we don't have any of the others this looks like the way to go. I'ld much rather have the disc than DL.



Incognito_D said:

I've never owned a Kirby game in my life, so this seems like it could be the ideal starting point!



odd69 said:

How about Kirby swag? i yawn at all this content that i already have. Sure artbooks are great and the calendar is okay, but they should throw in a kirby plush or a keychain or just something nicer than a cheap piece of paper. No, this isnt and doesnt do 20 years justice and im a die hard kirby fan. I can name plenty of just plain old collectors editions that have tons more stuff.Im passing on this one,as much as i really dont want to.



ThePirateCaptain said:

They really need to upgrade the graphics to 16 bit or something for the earlier games because playing a black and white Gameboy game on my tv is so appealing.



Shotgunryugan said:

To be honest,this collection does nothing for me,i already own most of those Kirby games,the only ones i am missing are the portable Kirby games.

But for the people that have never played Kirby,then i hope you give it a chance,because Kirby is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises(despite the fact that it's really easy).



Yosher said:

Finally a Nintendo Collector's Edition from Nintendo that DOESN'T suck.

..well not the bad way anyway.



TrueWiiMaster said:

This is looking pretty good. Depending on the price (any idea what it's going to sell for? I'd think $20-30 would be about right) I'll probably get this. It almost makes me wish I hadn't bought some Kirby VC games though...



Ryno said:

I have never played a KIrby game before so I would definitely pick this up.



DarkEdi said:

All games are cheaper and available in VC services. In some months they are free with the CN coins. This collection needs more games to be a must-have. I pass.



coolvw93 said:

im definately picking this one up. too bad they couldnt have done kirby's tilt and tumble on here. i would like to see that one on the 3ds VC.



Rapadash6 said:

I have all these games on Virtual Console (except for KDL2 > ), but an artbook and soundtrack make me think I should go for it, especially if it's as decently priced as the Super Mario All-Stars bundle released for Mario's anniversary.



benjamines said:

Kirby 64 is my favorite game of all time, so this is exciting! I was hoping for Air Ride, but I'll survive. Can't wait!



ATDI said:

I thought that Dream Land is remade in a part of Super Star...?



FonistofCruxis said:

I'd rather get Nightmare in dreamland and KSSU instead of Kirby's adventure and KSS but since it will probably be about £20, it should be worth it for 4 games.



WaveBoy said:

Haven't played Dreamland 2, 3 or Kirby 64....Tempting, tempting. Unless the emulations are a bit wonky.



NESguy94 said:

Wow, that is undoubtedly one of the best collections I have ever seen on one disk.



SMW said:

So much Kirby! I'm gonna explode from the cuteness overload. I love it!



Light-Of-Hope said:

Aw man, if that game announced earlier, I wouldn't buy 4 Kirby games from VC! But my answer is yes I would buy that for few of the reasons. I never played Game Boy series of Kirby games, so I want both AND I want a bonus content! =D



Ernest_The_Crab said:


Except, we got a free Zelda game, a release of Skyward Sword with sound track, a rerelease of Link's Awakening, a dedicated orchestra and its own level in Super Mario 3D Land. Link has already gotten a very good anniversary considering all aspects.

Mario on the other hand...let's just call it karma for leaving his brother in his shadow.



Kirk said:

Has anyone else noticed how most recent Kirby games including this compilation have had more effort and attention put into polishing them than most of the recent side scrolling Mario games have, including the Mario compilation it would seem?

Iwata made Kirby with Hal and it's pretty obvious this is his little baby and now that he's the head of Nintendo it's clear he's determined to make Kirby as big a star as Mario, maybe even to the detriment of Mario a little bit. I mean every recent Kirby game (Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Return to Dreamland) has been an order of magnitude more visually impressive and polished looking than any of the recent side scrolling Mario games for example (NSMBWii).

Makes ya wonder if Miyamoto realizes he needs to up his game or soon Kirby may be Nintendo's main mascot*.

*Although to be fair, no matter how hard Iwata tries to make Kirby amazing I just don't think the underlying gameplay and game design was ever quite as brilliant as it was in the Mario games, so Miyamoto's probably not too worried. He does need to polish the visuals and art of the side scrolling Mario games a little bit more imo though.



Henmii said:

I may pick it up, since I have dreamland 2 and 3 and Kirby 64 only as downloads. And I don't have dreamland 1 in any form! Hopefully the soundtrack is bigger then the one from Mario anniversary collection!



Token_Girl said:

I've already got Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dreamland, and Kirby Super Star on the VC, so it'll be cheaper to just get the rest of the games I want that way too at this point. I like Kirby, but I skipped the Mario collection for the same reason, and no regrets (well, maybe a little bit of regret, since I played the All Stars version more as a kid than the NES versions).



Dodger said:

I might pick it up for $20. Not for $50 though.

And yes, the new Kirby games look better then any NSMB game. However, Kirby often does have some weird gameplay things. SuperStar is fun but it has some rooms that are just cheap. Mario hasn't looked pretty since Galaxy 2 though and I wish they had done something with the Wii U that looked really pretty.



lanabanana said:

They should have a special limited-edition Kirby Wii U like the Mario Wii. I would totally LOVE a pink Wii U ! XD



Wolfenstein83 said:

Nice collection, too bad I already downloaded most of those games on VC.
Now if they could have included Epic Yarn and Kirby: Return to would have been overpriced but I would be more interested.
Still an awesome package though, especially if anyone has missed out on these games, they are truly amazing.
I love the little pink puff.



PoorVGameNerd said:

My only experience with Kirby is the Smash Bros. series. I hear they're extremely easy games, but as a Nintendo fan, I'll have to get around to playing them some day.



AltDotNerd said:

Despite Kirby having less prestige than Mario and LoZ, the franchise has a better anniversary event. Imagine what Nintendo will do for Pokemon's 20th anniversary!



Knux said:

Instant buy! Here is hoping that Dream Land 1 and 2 have some Super Game Boy features!



arrmixer said:

I love collecting these special editions... I will definitely pick this up if it comes at a reduced price.... too bad we are not getting the dragon quest collection



Bobhobob said:

yeahyoo! Now, release date please?
But, wish there wuz Kirby Air Ride.
Rereads article
Spits out imaginary coffee all over laptop



Gridatttack said:

Will definitively pick this up if it comes to america. I learned my lesson by not buying metroid prime trilogy, so I wont miss this one. Also, it includes the crystal shards, a kirby game I haven't been able to play because some "reasons"



Emaan said:

I already have 2 of these games, was hoping for Kirby Air Ride to be on there, but oh well. If this is a decent price I might pick it up.



Dodger said:

They are missing a golden opportunity to let us play Amazing Mirror the way it was meant to be played. You can't play multiplayer with the 3DS and when are you going to get 4 GBA systems and copies of Amazing Mirror together?



TheN64Dude said:

Why couldn't they do this with Mario instead of rehashing a SNES title.......which I OWN!!!



RevolverLink said:

@bro2dragons - Because as much as we all love it, Metroid was deservedly overshadowed by The Legend of Zelda last year. And it's also something around Nintendo's 9th best-selling series; even Kirby's done a full lap on Samus in career sales at this point.

I will agree that Metroid turning 25 warranted at least a Tweet from Nintendo, though, and it seems almost out of character for the Big N to not publicly pat themselves on the back for reaching that kind of milestone.



TheRegginator said:

If it isn't priced well I'll just buy the Kirby games that I want from the VC. Hopefully it's $20.



Punny said:

I wasn't expecting to see the Game Boy Kirby games in this collection, let alone six great games. Even though I already own Dream Land, Adventure, and Super Star (the DS remake), plus a copy of Dream Land 2 that barely works, I'll get this collection. I'm glad I didn't get the Club Nintendo Kirby Super Star!



LittleIrves said:

@Kirk Ya know, I've wondered that same thing recently. Since Iwata came from HAL, and now he's heading up NCL, seems like there's an awful lot of Kirby love on Nintendo systems.... which isn't a bad thing. Just makes you wonder.



DrDaisy said:

I hope there are button options. I'm perfectly capable of playing games on a Classic Controller using primarily the A and B buttons but I find it uncomfortable and much prefer using Y and B.



Wowfunhappy said:

Awww... I really wanted to get this, as I love Kirby, but I already own almost all of these games... Don't know what I was expecting really.



Dauntless said:

Its a hard buy for me because I'm only missing the game boy games. Would it Kill Nintendo to throw in the gamecube game to fill up the remaining 90% of the disc?



TromaDogg said:

I'll buy it. I've got all the games asides from Kirby Super Star (which I've got the DS remake of anyway) but it looks like a nice collection that's at least had a tiny amount of effort put into it in terms of extras.

Unlike the Super Mario All Stars release which was a near shameful way to celebrate their main mascot's 25th anniversary.



jbrodack said:

Could have been better with some extra games but still a good offering. Plus there is the bonus minigame. Hope it's $30 or less.



Beau_Skunk said:

Two days I just got "Super Star" from Club Nintendo, because I was SURE it wouldn't be on the disc because it was a "compilation" itself! I just wasted 150 coins! (Seriously overpriced, if you ask me.) Why do you always do this to me Nintendo?! WHY?! (Now I don't have enough coins to get anymore free games, I swear I have no luck!)



Bassman_Q said:

Well, I already have half of the games listed on there (Nightmare in Dreamland on GBA, a remake of Kirby's Adventure on NES, Kirby Super Star and Kirby's Dreamland 3 on VC), so most likely I won't buy it.

Besides, I'm still saving up for Xenoblade Chronicles, a 3DS, a Wii U, and Pikmin 3.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I don't know about this. I've already got most of those games from the two Virtual Consoles and could buy Kirby 64 anytime, and those announced extras don't sound very exciting. I'm going to need some kind of improvements on the games themselves and a budget price to make this worth it to me.



StarDust4Ever said:

This is what the Mario All Stars collection should have been: with Super Mario World and Mario 64 included...




Well this is alot better then Mario's even thought I want a little bit more but I guess this is satisfing enough I haven't really played any Kirby games so this is definantly going on my list.

I'm still Wondering though when their gonna take my idea to have a Windwaker collection where they put TLOZ Windwaker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirt Tracks on 1 disc remade with new motion controls and in HD! IF YOU WANT THIS LIKE I DO SPEAD IT AROUND PEOPLE!!



Nintenbro said:

Meh... I had already downloaded Kirby's Adventure awhile ago, and then I technically downloaded Kirby Super Star for free this month. I'll just download Kirby's Dreamland 3 on my Wii, and download Kirby's Dreamland 1 & 2 on my 3DS. I'd rather play them the way they were supposed to be played and in the same format as well. Otherwise, these Kirby games wouldn't offer the same nostalgia or an authentic retro experience.



Meta_Kirby said:

@Kirk. You wonder why Kirby has better graphics than NSMB? Because it came out a couple years after that game. Dont forget, even Donkey Kong Country Returns had better graphics than that game. Im sure you realize that over time, games begin to develop better graphics. Games that first came on the 360 didnt even look that great if you compare it to Battlefield 3.

Not wanting to cross platforms here (this is a Nintendo site after all -_-) my main point is this; Games that come out later in a platforms life understandably have better graphics.

Also, Kirbys Return to Dreamland was originally meant for the Gamecube, so the only true additon to Kirbys Genre is Epic Yarn. As such, Mario, DK and Kirby each got one game for the Wii. And as i see it, Donkey Kong (and Samus) is the only one that dosent have a Special Collection.(I dont like Donkey Kong, but still, you gotta have a Collection for most of your mascots, correct?) So, get your facts straight.

And brilliant? No offense Miyamoto, but in the Mario games (at least the sidescrollers and some notable others) you jump on a couple turtles heads, and end up (mostly) defeating the same bad dude once more: Bowser.

In Kirby, you inhale bad guys, absorb their abilities (in some games, gaining more or less moves to use) then end up annihilating the (ever diffrent) bad guy, who now more often comes back in a stronger Soul Form. Now, before you guys claim im a Kirby Zealot, no, im not. I just wanted to get the facts straight. I dont think Kirby will ever take the head of Nintendo. And, as i said before, KRTD was meant to be on the GameCube, not the Wii.

See how many games Mario got on the Wii? Pfft, and you think Kirby got all the love...



Meta_Kirby said:

Sorry, what i meant to say is that Mario got MORE sidescrollers than both DK and Kirby, a slight error on my part ^_^'



BoozyCuzi said:

If u want to get it get it now it's a single release game so even if you don't play it you can resell it as a collectible for more money

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