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Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets New E3 Trailer

Posted by James Newton


Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is out next month, but the publisher doesn't want you to forget about it in the upcoming E3 rush, so it's put out a new trailer to keep it fresh in your mind.

Mickey, Donald and friends reach Nintendo 3DS in late July, and you can get a taste for their upcoming adventure in the video below.

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Megumi said:

I haven't looked at it yet (listening to Uprising's soundtrack, lol), but saw the other trailer....what's up with Sora's voice? (unless this is that trailer, and you guys are just late at posting it, lol)



mandemote said:

I just watched this on youtube this looks epic and the song is stuck in my head



NintyMan said:

This must be the same trailer from before, but in English. It looks great, though, and I'm looking forward to playing it soon. Hopefully I still remember a little of the plotline...



GARF13LD said:

Most anticipated game of the year for me, unless Paper Mario or Fire Emblem get confirmed EU release dates for this year.



AVahne said:

Really hoping that framerate has been fixed for the finished version. Don't want to be giving my friend an unpolished game for her birthday even if it IS Kingdom Hearts.



Edlicious said:

looks extra good, dont get why Sora and Riku look like their kingdom hearts 1 versions again? They look 12 instead of 15 like they did in 2.



grimbldoo said:

This is just the opening to the game itself (part of it is), all they did was make a good quality version available to the public (the recorded one had a blue tint).

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