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June's Club Nintendo Rewards are Here

Posted by James Newton

A little bit of everything

Saving those Club Nintendo Coins for a special occasion? Well, it's a new month, and that means new rewards. Here's what North American Club Nintendo members can choose from now.

3DS Virtual Console

Donkey Kong (Game Boy) — 100 Coins.


Brain Age Express: Sudoku (this reward is only available through the 3DS eShop) — 150 Coins.

Wii Virtual Console

Kirby Super Star (Super NES) — 150 Coins.


Maboshi's Arcade — 150 Coins.

In related news, some Club Nintendo Coin values will change on 1st July.

Any of these games tempting you to break open your virtual piggy bank?


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User Comments (62)



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I'll probably get Kirby Super Star.

@James Are you going to mention the coin value changes they've listed on Club Nintendo? People should probably know before they get devalued.



Nintenbro said:

I just spent 150 coins on Kirby Super Star. I hope it's as good as people claim it is. I still have 370 more coins I'll be saving for any other worthwhile VC rewards offered in the future.



Aerona said:

Cool, I have been wanting to play Donkey Kong, and if I didn't have Super Star Ultra that would be a good choice.



MikeDanger said:

got 170...thinking about Donkey Kong, or saving up to get the 3DS case. Any tips. I will probably save my coins till I have the case though.



MasterGraveheart said:

@G4L: Kirby Super Star is probably the best Kirby game I've played, but I haven't played all the way through Epic Yarn or Return to Dream Land. I'll be getting it when I wake up.



KaiserGX said:

@James some Club Nintendo games in NA are getting coin valued changes for eample after a certain date Colors 3D will only give you 10 coins instead of 20.



Nintenbro said:

I'd really like to know how to access that list of the devalued Club Nintendo games.

Thanks @MasterGraveheart. I downloaded Kirby's Adventure awhile ago. I've only reached the 5th level, so far. I'll probably dive into Super Star, whenever I've finished Adventure.



CrispyGoomba said:

Looks like I'm buying Donkey Kong and Kirby Super Star this month! Glad I didn't fall into buying Urban Champion...phew. (Just for the sake of 3D classics collection)



LordJumpMad said:

I might get Kirby Super Star, just to replay MetaKnight's Revenge
Its the best part of the whole game.



iBazly said:

w00t! Just got Donkey Kong! I have the cartridge, so I didn't want to buy it, and I was hoping all week that this would be the game they put up! And it was! AND it's cheap enough that I was still able to order the Mario 3DS Pouch!



Tethers said:

@ Miss_Rarity & "Thinking about Maboshi's Arcade... any enjoyed that one?"

It's one of my favourite WiiWare games, go and get it! (But it would be better for the developers to buy it^^.)



Moonhillwat said:

I want Kirby Superstar, but I'm wondering if I should hold out for the Kirby anniversary collection?



Nintenbro said:

@Tethers, "But it would be better for the developers to buy it ^^."

Ummm... So would purchasing any game available on the WiiShop. I think that would defeat the purpose of offering downloadable Club Nintendo rewards @Tethers, now wouldn't it? Also, maybe @Miss_Rarity isn't able to afford any Wii points, at the moment.



Firejonie said:

Already got Donkey Kong way back when it was released on the eShop. Might get Brain Training and Kirby.



photofool83 said:

I already have Donkey Kong and Maboshi's Arcade. Both are excellent titles. But I am crazy excited about Kirby. I've been wanting that game for a while. Thanks Nintendo!!



Emaan said:

I'm possibly getting Donkey Kong for my 3DS. I already have Kirby Super Star Ultra on my DS, but I might get the original. It depends on whats included in the Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection for Wii, so I'm going to wait until after E3. Is Nintendo even going to be covering the Kirby Anniversary at E3?



Pokefanmum82 said:

getting donkey kong and kirby....i loved that game...kind of wish it was on the eshop though as now I'm going to have to buy a classic controller for my Wii, just to play it.



warioswoods said:

Wow, those are some of the top games on each platform. Donkey Kong is one of the finest GB games ever made, Kirby Superstar is amazing, and I've always been a huge fan of Maboshi's Arcade. If you don't have all three of these, you'd best get to downloading right now.



StephenYap3 said:

I'm getting DK and Kirby. I also have Super Star Ultra, but I prefer the SNES by a landslide.



WingedSnagret said:

Finally! Some games I actually WANT to spend my coins on! I'm definitely going to get Kirby Super Star and Donkey Kong.



gojiguy said:

Well, another month where I can't really get anything. Own DK, considering getting either SuperStar Ultra or the Kirby Wii collection, and not interested in the Wiiware or DSiware offerings.



DarkEdi said:

I have Maboshi´s Arcade and it is a good game. I enjoy it, it is relaxing and you can play with 2 more people at the same time, save replays and exchange them with others. I give it 9/10 ah, and you can download the puzzles to your DS.



Azikira said:

Lmao, I almost bought Kirby Superstar last night! Glad I buckled down and waited to see what was new.



rjejr said:

Still getting Kirby even w/ the compilation announcement as it's basically free. And how do you announce a compilation 2 months ago but still haven't announced what games will be on it? Maybe next week? OK, maybe I'll wait, just to see the price.



DRL said:

@Blizzaga I was wondering the same thing. I'm sure Nintendo will announce a release date for it sometime during E3.



Tasuki said:

Awesome!!! Been saving up my coins the last few months since they didnt have any games that I wanted. I was just about to spend my coins on the Mario 3DS case but I decide to wait and see what games they were going to have this month. Glad I did going to be getting Donkey Kong and Kirby today.



rosemo said:

Probably picking up Donkey Kong as that is a game I missed in the past and is on my wishlist.



MeloMan said:

Good stuff but I've played everything I've wanted to play... not interested in Maboshi's Arcade or Sodoku.



Ryno said:

Would get Kirby but I am going to wait and see what is on the collection first



paburrows said:

Yeah Im also wondering if the Kirby game will be part of the Collection, I would bet that the Collection has the Gameboy game, NES, this one and the the nest 2 or 3 in the series.



LittleIrves said:

This is a fantastic collection of rewards. Getting all of these "free" games (Fluidity, Majora's Mask, Mario's Picross) allows me to feel okay about spending real money on other stuff I might not have taken the risk on otherwise. These monthly rewards are the best decision Nintendo's made in the past year.



super-nintendo said:

Downloaded DK (Game Boy). Miyamoto produced it, that's all iI needed to E3 IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



CerealKiller528 said:

The wierdest thing happened today. I was pissed because I was gonna have to buy a 3DSWare game just to get the 10 coins I needed to get Donkey Kong, but when I logged on Club Nintendo, it turned out I had 100 coins. 30 seconds later, I got Donkey Kong. Saved $10 and got a great game. F### Yea!



Chariblaze said:

Own Donkey Kong and Super Star Ultra. Tempted by the original Super Star and the others, but my coin reserves aren't vast and I'd rather it be counted for next year.



Supremeist said:

Wish I waited to get Donkey Kong but oh well, just a few bucks. It's a great game for those who don't have it



Nintenbro said:

@Chariblaze, the coins added to your account are only counted towards reaching gold or platinum status from June 30th to June 30th of the following year, so any coins you received before June 30th of this year will only count towards reaching this years status. Also, whatever total amount of coins you gain counts towards reaching gold or platinum status, so spending every coin you've gained makes no difference. Don't pass up a downloadable reward, if you really want it.



NImH said:

Donkey Kong GB is probably the best Game Boy game, period.
I play that game all the time... and I don't ever want to beat it... I just want it to go on forever.... and it seems like it does... cuz there are so many friggin levels... and they are all challenging and fun...



sinalefa said:

Great selection. Getting DK and probably Maboshi. And if I didn't have Kirby already, I would have gotten that too.



Nintenbro said:

@Gamesake, because maybe everybody doesn't have the funds available to afford the compilation. Also, who knows if you'll actually want to play every game that will be on the compilation. Where has it been guaranteed that Kirby Super Star will definitely be on the compilation disc? In just about every case, compilations and anthologys end up containing poorly emulated representations.



shredmeister said:

I hope there are more months like this. I'm debating on Kirby Superstar, but I may still want to get the DS title, instead. I DO have a lot of coins, though (over 1800).

I already have Donkey Kong, and it is the best version of any game with THAT title. Incase some of you don't know, there are 97 levels on this one. Anyone who doesn't have it and has 100 coins, GET IT!!

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