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Japan Gets New Skyward Sword Link Figure in October

Posted by James Newton

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's interpretation of Link gets immortalised in resin later this year, when Japanese manufacturer Max Factory puts out its Master Sword Link figurine.

The ¥3,800 statue — that's about £30 or $47 — comes with Link, a Master Sword and Hylian Shield (of course), as well as an effects piece for his sword that gives the impression of a powerful slash. Link himself is poseable, with changeable expressions and even articulated toes, a first for a Figma.

There's also a Metroid: Other M Samus Aran statue in the works, but we've only seen her in her box so far.


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Undead_terror said:

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DreamOn said:

I like it, but the face! A bit more manly less anarexic anime hero with lipstick looking



firearrow505 said:

@11 Link always look like a anime hero with lipstick! that's why he don't try to make a move on Zelda. lol JK.......maybe. :3



DreamOn said:

Dream crossover toy would be Zelda four swords teenage mutant ninja turtle edition figures. I would pay any amount of S&H getting those to me.



Hokori said:

Cool if I play my cards right I could be able to get it from retail by the time it comes out



Mewtwo_Ex said:

@misswliu81 check Max Factory's website :
There is the Varia Suit action figure and the Zero Suit statuette.
It sounds like Link's pre-orders may start soon on some websites 8)



Link-Hero said:

I hope they are not limited editions because I would love to buy the Link and both Samus figures later on when I can get the money. They look awsome!

Oh, if any of you want to see what the Samus figures look like:




Retro_on_theGo said:

AWESOME!! I love figma figures, this is so cool. But dang, I still need to get a Konata Figma! >:[
Japan, why you destroy my wallet?

Also, wow. That Samus statue is hot. To the point where it's a bit creepy to show off. But still. Hot lol I'd rather get the power suit figure, since it's possible.



bboy2970 said:

I will definitely be grabbing this when its out. There is absolutely no question about it, it looks so sweet. Plus its very refreshing after almost all Zelda merchandise has been based around Twilight Princess the last 5 or 6 years. Should make a nice addiction to my Zelda shelf



FriedSquid said:

You don't know how much I would be playing with this, running around my house and trying to make Link attack my cat, all the while yelling "Hyaah! Hyaah!"



Highwinter said:

@Leon_Pryde They come with interchangeable faces that clip on and off. You can easily order these from any Japanese import site, but I wouldn't expect them to ever be brought over to the US.

Figma are very details figures, designed for collectors. They aren't cheap $10 things you'd be able to buy in Walmart.

I'm really excited to get Link, it's just too bad they went with the Other M design for Samus. I want nothing to do with that game.



Despair1087 said:

definitely getting this when it comes out. it's not even that expensive, I payed more for my professor layton revoltech

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