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Harmony of a Hunter Follow-Up Album Shoots for Perfect Run

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Available later this year

Earlier in the year we told you about Harmony of a Hunter, a fan-produced double-album of music from the Metroid series. We also had an interview with director Darren Kerwin and assistant director Torbjørn 'Falcool' Brandrud, who said the project was devised to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the franchise, even if Nintendo didn't.

The Shinesparkers team has been hard at work on a follow-up album, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, which includes music that missed the cut on the original album as well as some new tracks. Darren Kerwin has said the following about the project, you can follow the latest on the album's Facebook page, and you can check out the latest preview video below.

Shinesparkers are delighted to be releasing a second preview for our expansion Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run! Due to the popularity of our original project Harmony of a Hunter, which was created in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Metroid franchise, we decided to create a follow up to feature tracks that didn’t make it the first time around. 101% Run offers talent from the first album combined with some fresh new faces, bringing something new to the overall experience. The album still promises the diverse range of talent and genres you heard on Harmony of a Hunter, and we hope that it will be just as good as the original. Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run will be a two disc digital release, available free for download later this year, allowing us to express our passion and love for the Metroid series once again.

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Morpheel said:

Great! I love the original album.
And they include more music from Metroid II this time around it seems, yay!



HeroOfTime32 said:

This is EPIC! I love the music from the Metroid series, so I'm definitely glad to see this



MitchVogel said:

Excuse me while I go collect what debris is left of my mind. I love Metroid!!

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