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Feature: Our Top Ten eShop Games

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A year of old and new

The Nintendo 3DS eShop recently turned one year old, a year that's seen updates, a new look and a broad range of games. In its early weeks it struggled with a lack of exclusive releases, but after a year we've seen a number of developers pitching in on the service with high quality titles. The 3DS Virtual Console has also brought us some extra titles from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear and even NES. All told, there's plenty to choose from.

To kick off a week of features celebrating this landmark, our team have voted for their top ten download titles on 3DS so far. The voting excluded any software that was also available on DSiWare, while freebies from the 3DS Ambassador Scheme were only eligible if they'd since been released for purchase on the eShop. Eight staff members joined in, with a total of 30 games earning at least one vote, an indication of the variety on the platform. Some titles suffered in the voting due to only being available in one region, as there were four contributors from both Europe and North America. With that said, let's get started.

Despite naming this the third title in the Super Mario Land Game Boy series, this one is all about Wario and his own set of abilities. Rather than sticking a Mario template on a Wario game and keeping it simple, Nintendo put plenty of thought into giving the new man — the enemy from the previous entry in the series — his own identity and style. The end result is one of the finest platformers on Game Boy, bolstered by a memorable soundtrack that stands up today.

Those who experience Donkey Kong on Game Boy for the first time may have a bad first impression, as it initially reproduces the basic levels from the original arcade. It's one big tease, however, as it quickly expands into a full-blown platform-puzzle title, where Mario busts out some rather neat moves such as handstand flips and jumps. All in the quest to rescue Pauline from the villainous Donkey Kong: recent rehab seems to have made the ape a much nicer mascot.

Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream is, as most already know, an NES game. The fact that it's never been a handheld title didn't discourage Nintendo from bringing the iconic boxing game to 3DS; we're rather pleased that it did. A basic concept of dodge and punch with remarkably simple controls, it's a title that progresses to maddeningly tough difficulty. If you want to go all the way and defeat Mr. Dream, you'll need to start training.

This Game Boy Color re-release of the first portable title from The Legend of Zelda franchise was the first splash of colour to grace the 3DS Virtual Console. A remarkably epic adventure considering the limitations of Game Boy, it's a title with a number of small, subtle touches that stick in the memory. Whether it's the quirky characters or the appearance of a Yoshi doll, it shows the best of what makes the franchise one of Nintendo's elite.

The 3DS eShop isn't just about games, as this painting/drawing application allows artists to produce beautiful art with their stylus pens. It doesn't teach you how to draw, but provides a substantial tool-set to cover almost any requirement, with options to draw from photos for those learning basics. Throw in local canvas sharing and an online gallery that allows you to browse submissions and enter your own, and what you have is a wonderful app worth considering.

Wario may have stolen his way into the top ten, but Mario is still showing him who's boss on Game Boy. This second title in the series has plenty of classic Mario platforming action, but also has some intriguing power ups and terrific level design. Awesome music is included as standard, and it's an adventure of decent length that, like Wario's entry, stands up well to modern standards.

Renegade Kid's accomplished retro-platformer missed out on European votes, so it's unknown whether this could have placed higher in the chart. Our European writers can only look on with jealously as this title gets rave-reviews in North America: gorgeous pixel-art accompanied by tight controls and clever leaps between background and foreground contribute to one of the very best titles on offer in the eShop. European release is said to be getting closer, so we'll see whether it can improve on its placing next year.

WayForward Technologies has developed a strong reputation on Nintendo handhelds, and Mighty Switch Force reinforced that impression. With bright, vivid visuals and challenging puzzles, based around the 'switch' component to affect blocks and the environment, this title offers a lot of fun while it lasts. Then WayForward recently provided improved visual effects and extra levels for free, which was rather nice.

Pullblox, or Pushmo in North America, appears to be Nintendo's highest profile first-party release on eShop, appearing in TV adverts and marketing. It deserves that status, combining a cutesy image with a huge amount of puzzle content, as you're tasked with using your peculiar hero to pull and manoeuvre blocks to reach the top of a tower and rescue a kiddy. It starts easy and gets exceptionally difficult, and if you want more you can create and share levels with QR codes.

The choice of VVVVVV as our number one should tell you one thing about our staff; we love a challenge. The concept and visuals of this title couldn't be simpler, and you run and flip gravity to negotiate a route through deadly environments in order to rescue stranded ship-mates. If you like to beat games without dying, don't download this, as it's perfectly normal to lose hundreds of lives when beating the campaign, though generous checkpoints ease the pain. When the main job is done there's hours of play to be had in the user created levels, one by a certain Notch, creator of PC-behemoth Minecraft.

So that's our top ten, though a number of quality titles missed out. What do you think of our list, and what are your top ten eShop games? If you want to declare your favourite, you can also vote on our Facebook poll.

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FluxOwl said:

I don't have enough eshop games to name my top 10 (unless you count the ambassador games), but here are my top 5:
5. Super Mario Land
4.Rayman GBC
3. Pushmo
2. Game and Watch Gallery 2
1. Sakura Samurai



BenAV said:

Nice list.
It's tough putting them in order, but this is my rough top ten that I've bought:

1. Mighty Switch Force
2. Pullblox
3. Zen Pinball 3D
5. Dillon's Rolling Western
6. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
7. Kirby's Block Ball
8. 3D Classics: TwinBee
9. SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle
10. Art of Balance TOUCH!



RR529 said:

Although I would have preferred that VC and 3DSWare each had their own seperate lists, this is a really solid list.

I'm glad (and a bit suprised) VVVVVV got the top spot, as it's my favorite as well. I also agree with Mutant Mudds' placement in comparison with the placement of the other neo retro platformers. It's a great game no doubt, but it lacks the creative gameplay hooks that set the other two apart.

I am slightly dissapointed Sakura Samurai didn't show up, but oh well.



Wowfunhappy said:

I agree with the later picks on this list, but earlier up... why so Virtual Console heavy? I like classic games, but I've been pretty disappointed with most of the VC releases thus far.

I think my top 10 would be:

10. 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure
9. Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
8. Ketzal's Corridors
7. Mutant Mudds
6. Game and Watch Gallery 2
5. Art of Balance
4. Colors! 3D
3. Mighty Switch Force
1. Pushmo



kyuubikid213 said:

My top would have to be...
1. Link's Awakening
2. Dillon's Rolling Western
3. Sakura Samurai
4. etcetera



Geonjaha said:

I agree to an extent. VVVVVV is also my favourite eShop download.

2) Links Awakening
3) Pushmo
4) 3D Classics: Kid Icarus
5) Dillons Rolling Western
6) 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure
7) Legend of Zelda
8) Super Mario Bros
9) Mega Man
10) Gargoyles Quest



chewytapeworm said:

Entirely agree with this list's top three. I do think 3d Classics Kid Icarus deserves an honorable mention, it's certainly in my top ten... Also in mine might be Game and Watch Gallery 2. I just CANNOT put the modern version of Chef down. It's as addictive as bubble wrap!



Yasume said:

1. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
2. Mighty Switch Force!
3. Punch-Out!!
4. Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
5. Avenging Spirit

Still need to play Pullblox.



Flowerlark said:

My top 5 would be:
1: Link's Awakening
2: Sakura Samurai
3: Colours! 3D
4: Bird Mania
5: Gargoyle's Quest



PixelatedPixie said:

VVVVVV is great, but better than Pullblox?

Mine would be

1 - Pullblox
2 - Mighty Switch Force
4 - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
5 - Donkey Kong ('94)
6 - Zen Pinball 3D
7 - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
8 - Gargoyle's Quest
9 - Art of Balance: Touch
10 - Kid Icarus: 3D Classics



grumblegrumble said:

Wait. You chose VVVVV as your number one e-shop game?! You've got to be kidding, right???! LOL. I mean, it's a good game and all, but Art of Balance: Touch, Sakura Samurai or Pushmo are WAY better, imho! Were you paid off to place that game first? lol. There are way better games! (I do agree with DK 94 as one of your best VC games, tho, and Punch Out. Personally, I think Zelda: Four Swords should have made the list!)



grumblegrumble said:

@Yasume I agree. Avenging Spirit was a great game!! Those of you voting for Wario Land, that was an Ambassador game and is not yet available in the shop for regular customers to buy (yet, or at ALL) and this is not the category of the specified top games mentioned in this piece. If we were going that route, I would want Minish Cap on the list!



Geonjaha said:

@grumblegrumble - Well more people prefer VVVVVV to Pullbox, and thats just a fact. Also the Wario Land that people are talking about is the first one (GB) thats on the list.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm with GrumbleGrumble
Personally I didn't like VVVVVV to be honest. At it's core it's got solid gameplay and memorable Commodre64-ish sounding soundtrack. But overall if felt too lifeless and 'PC' indie for me. I would of loved it if WayForward took the gameplay concept and whipped their own amazing visual style up and threw in some boss battles for good measure.

Pushmo on the other hand has that authentic nintendo Quality about it that i love, but even i couldn't beat that one!

And where's Kid Icarus: 3D Classics!? And how did Wario Land make it only in 10nth place on that list?
Look at what you've down now, Wariowoods is going to lose tons of sleep over this one.



RevolverLink said:

Even as a big Mario fan, I wasn't terribly impressed with Super Mario Land 2. It had some goofy and unique aspects that I liked about it, but at the end of the day it mostly felt like a basic Mario platformer to me, and I'd hesitate to put it in the same company as Link's Awakening and Donkey Kong.



warioswoods said:

Wow. To place SML2 above Donkey Kong (94), Link's Awakening, and Wario Land is truly baffling.

I would be charitable and accept that tastes differ, but nope. There is no possible rational logic that could lead towards such a conclusion. I could see maybe putting it above one of those 3 others--provided you're a Mario Land fanatic of the highest order--but putting it above what may be the three greatest titles on the system is just bizarre.



ThomasBW84 said:

@warioswoods Accepting that tastes differ isn't a charitable act, it's an unavoidable fact of life. When it comes to opinions about video games, saying that there's 'no possible rational logic' is a tad silly.

As was made very clear, eight different people voted and so there are different tastes. We didn't put games into an all-knowing machine and wait for it to calculate scientific fact, we collated opinions. There are games there that were nowhere near my top ten, though I don't plan to turn to my seven colleagues and say that they have a 'bizarre' set of priorities in games.

I don't mean to preach, but there's no need to be rude about a list based on multiple opinions.



paburrows said:

You know you guys are mean! Putting Warioland on there is like throwing salt on the wound! LOL



ThomasBW84 said:

Then we agree there was silliness, all is well then. As for hyperbole, well I guess all is forgiven forever and ever.

Still, having an opinion about opinion is the whole point, so we all win. I mean that sincerely, too



Captain_Hookey said:

i have to completely disagree with this. the fact that mutant mudds is even on here makes me so mad, i want to dump 5 puzzles into one pile, get the girls from under my basement, and tell them that they have one hour to put the puzzles all together, or i would put them in my refrigerator filled with man-eating cockroaches.



zane said:

1 Dillons rolling western
2 mighty switchforce
3 vvvvv
4 freakyforms (why no love) it's awesome. scribblenauts light!
5 kirbys adventure
6 kid icarus
7 pushmo
8 bird mania 3d
9 yoshis island (ambassdor)
10 links awakening



ThomasBW84 said:

It's always interesting to see various lists. I think pretty much every game mentioned earned at least some votes (30 games had at least one point), so it seems to be proof that the eShop has produced a decent and varied library. The likes of Freakyforms and all of the 3D Classics (apart from Urban Champion) got some love. Dillon's Rolling Western is an interesting one in that it got very little attention, but it may have just been 11/12th in a few people's lists.



WaveGhoul said:

Super Mario Land 2's mediocre kitchen sink 'monkey stupid' Bland stage design is what holds it back from topping Wario land, wonky controls aside because it absolutely shines in every other department. Yet even i can look past the zany SML2 nostalgia and realise how boring the game can be. SML2 is at it's best when you enter Wario's Castle, that was 10/10 portable Mario platforming. Why couldn't the rest of the game been like that and offer such a great challenge?

I still don't understand how it topped Link's Awakening. That should be a crime! Ah well, different strokes. Besides the last thing i need is Links Awakening taking the number 1 spot as it typically would on any other gaming site. Loved Link's Awakening(boy aren't i an original) but it's glaring flaw imo are the amount of hearts you get towards the end making you practically invincable and not even caring if you run right through enemies while taking a hit.

Link's Awakening > Wario Land >>>>>>>>> Super Mario Land 2



Kyloctopus said:

5 Pushmo
4 Mario Picross (Game Boy)
3 Link's Awakening (Gameboy Color)
2 Dragon Crystal (Game Gear)



WaveGhoul said:

What in the funk' was wrong with Mutant Mudds?
It's easily one of the better eShop titles, yet I'm still baffled by the complete lack of Bosses...



Captain_Hookey said:

@WaveBoy its completely boring. it's just a horrible side scroller. also, the graphics are 'fake-8-bit'. you can tell whether the graphics are good or bad, and i prefer real, authentic 8-bit graphics. all that new 8-bit junk just doesnt look like what it should look like.



KaiserGX said:

I know Waveboy loves me because I am from Subcon. Ain't that right Waveboy. ♥
I am what all you guys want. 8-bit and a boss.



WaveGhoul said:

@Captain_HookeyWell you're definitly right about the fake 8-bit graphics, won't argue with that. Mega Man 9 & 10 on the other hand are obviously legit stuff, but Renegade Kid clearly doesn't have the talent(maybe?) or time to invest in the real deal. Leave it to WayForward for that type of stuff. Mutant Mudds platforming isn't exactly original either, it's pretty simple stuff but for what it is and the amount of challenge it threw at you i really enjoyed it, plus the great Stereoscopic 3D effect added a layer of magic to the game as well.

But all in all, it completely lacks the magic, polish and originality of any retro classic. It's basically a modern fake 'almost flash-ified animation wise' retro treat for us retro oldies. But looking back at it now, i think i'd have to agree with what you said 'boring part aside'

Also what's your stance on Cave Story? Looks like more fake 8-bit looking junk to me. I've got zero desire to play it.
Hides with Tinker Bell behind Captain Hook's enormous Pan stashe'



WaveGhoul said:


Anything from Subcon gets a massive thumbs up for me.
Too bad you weren't a Mouser or a Fry guy, than i'd have to take you out for virtual dinner. lol



iphys said:

I can't believe Game Boy Tetris hasn't been mentioned. We were so unbelievably lucky to even get that game too.



KaiserGX said:

Omg it just clicked! Is that what your avatar was! The rocket from Tetris?! I thought it was a banana pencil or something... Why are we lucky? Didn't Nintendo develop and publish that one?



ouroborous said:

VVVVV made #1??? Geez, that game is so damn hard I probably wouldn't put it in the top 10 at all as I just gave up on it entirely.



iphys said:

@Miss_Birdo Yep, it's the rocket from Tetris. They didn't give us NES Tetris on Wii VC, and a lot of people thought there would be licensing issues to get GB Tetris.



PixelatedPixie said:

@ouroborous - I have to be honest, I don't think it was as difficult as everyone said. There were certainly sections like 'Doing things the hard way' which were a little cheap, but I didn't find overly hard.

Some of the user-created levels on the other hand were brutal, and not necessarily in a good way.



Emaan said:

I'm surprised Link's Awakening DX isn't higher on the list, and I thought Pushmo was going to be #1! Anyways, I love Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins, it deserves its spot.



Tsuchinoko said:

Yeah, I would have thought Link's Awakening would have been the highest-rated VC game available on the 3DS so far.

In Japan we don't have any of those e-shop games I think except for Pushblox. So no VVVVV, Mutant Mudds, Colours3D, or Mighty Switch Force. I think with the e-shop games on this list, Pushblox is the only one from a Japanese developer. We do have a lot that you guys don't have (yet), though I haven't played too many of them.



Tasuki said:

Kinda surprised that SML didnt make the list but other than that I pretty much agree with everything on the list although I never played VVVVV.



grumblegrumble said:

@WaveBoy lol! Yeah, Kid Icarus: 3D Classics is the best! I'm surprised. Of course, you can't please everyone. I'm sure about half of the comments on this one are not gonna be positive lol But it just goes to show we have some GREAT games available, doesn't it?



grumblegrumble said:

@Geonjaha Oh, that's a fact? lol. No, Pushmo/Pullblox is way more popular (in the e-shop). I can guarantee it! VVVVV may be more popular on PC's, but who owns one of those anymore??



grumblegrumble said:

My list:

Keep in mind, this is very very difficult!

1. SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle
2. Art of Balance TOUCH!
3. Pushmo
4. Colors 3D!
5. 3D Classics: Kid Icarus
6. Bird Mania 3D
7. Sakura Samurai
8. Pyramids
10. Zen Pinball 3D

@James Oh, gotcha! So I took my dsiware off of here, which also included the brand new Cat Frenzy, because its so addictive and annoying at the same time and for $2 I've gotten more thrill out of it than anything lol

SpeedThru and Art of Balance are my top faves! Excellent games!! Don't ya think?



ejamer said:

Sad not to see Zen Pinball getting love here, as it's my most-played 3DS game. However, it's hard to complain when the list is filled with great titles anyway - even if VVVVVV is terribly overrated.



BalrogtheMaster said:

I never understand why people get so upset about rankings. If its on the list, that means all of them are good



RR529 said:

@grumblegrumble, how did Pyramids make your list? I played the demo, and it felt like a free flash game to me.

my top 5 VC, then 3DSWare:

5. Gargoyle's Quest
4. Mega Man: DWR
3. Donkey Kong '94
2. Metroid II: RoS
1. LoZ: Link's Awakening DX

5. Kirby's Adventure 3D
4. Mighty Switch Force!
3. Sakura Samurai: AotS
2. Zen Pinball 3D



Aqueous said:

From my collection, following the rules,
1 - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
2 - Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
3 - Zen Pinball 3D
4 - Donkey Kong
5 - Pushmo
6 - Swapnote
7 - Metroid
8 - Metroid II: Return of Samus
9 - Dillon's Rolling Western
10 - Pokedex 3D



Odnetnin said:

VVVVVV wins, that much is clear. Why Mutant Mudds isn't counted a close second is a bit of a mystery to me, though. Going off of the other 3DSWare I own: Pushmo should be quite a bit farther back, as it's a fun little puzzle game, but nothing more. Sakura Samurai and Kid Icarus probably don't deserve spots if I think about it. And once Cave Story, NightSky, and Bomb Monkey show up, they will dominate the list next year.

The End.



CanisWolfred said:


It's supposed to represent the Commadore 64, not the NES. If you don't know what that is, look it up, you'll see what I mean. I guess you could say it was 4-bit graphics they were going for.

And @TheGuyWhoSaidVVVVVVLacksOriginality

Play it again, and for more than 5 minutes this time. Right from the start, you may notice that it's a platformer with no enemies (very rare for most platformers), is a set of rooms rather than actual scrolling (haven't seen that since the C64), and doesn't let you jump, instead you change gravity (One game has done either of this and none have combined the two). I'd say that alone makes it pretty unique, IMO.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@Tsuchinoko No VVVVVV in Japan? I swore I read somewhere that it came out in January in Japan.

But here are my top 3 VC games.

1: Game and Watch gallery 2 (If any of you deny this, I will blind you with the light of difficulty)
2: Link's Awakening DX
3: Yoshi's Island (GBA)

And I agree with this list 100%. Pushmo is way too overrated, and I found it awfully boring after the Nintendo world. The Level editor was what I came back to it for.



Nintenbro said:

@Miss_Birdo, I like your sense of humour. When my 3DS finally arrives, would you be willing to exchange 3DS friend codes? I swear I won't send any sexy time pics to your 3DS. Oops... Did I just text that out loud!?



Yrreiht said:

Eehh... i don't.. like VVVVVV... nor Mutant Mudds... but thats not my list so... i wont argue
Imo, the best is Link's awakening, followed by 3D classic Xevious and then Metroid II.



Captain_Hookey said:

@BalrogtheMaster actually, whether a game is good or not is all a matter of opinion. if you want my opinion, warioland and mutant mudds shouldnt even be on that list. and they should be replaced with sakura samurai and dillon's rolling western. pullblox should be #1.

... ... ... ...



Qeuix said:

My top 5 eshop games list.
1. Donkey Kong
2. Dillon's Rolling Western
3. Mario's Picross
4. Kirby's Dream Land
5. 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure



PixelatedPixie said:

I never purchased Dillon's Rolling Western because a) it was £9.00 and b) the combat looked repetitive. I've read NL's review but still wasn't convinved. Can anyone tell me if it's worth £9.00 and whether or not the rolling combat is repetitive?



Geonjaha said:

Pushmo is nice and was a breath of fresh air when we got it - but I feel that some people just wont admit that it gets boring over time. I loved Pushmo at first, but VVVVVV still has me coming back to it. Pushmo just gets a tad dull, and the new mechanic is one that isnt inventive enough to mean I'll ever buy a sequel.

Rolling Western has its share of issues, and gets repetitive later on, but it has some good graphics and 3D effect, and to me it was just as fun as Pushmo when I got it. it's a bit overpriced as it is, but it's still not as bad a game as some would have you believe. The controls are not great, but you get to deal with that it if you give it a chance (this is coming from a leftie >:3 - right handed people will probably not have any real control issues.)



MeWario said:

I've played nearly every E-shop game (sept the ones not yet released in the UK) and here is my top 6:

1. Donkey Kong (seriously it's amazing and no one's played it)
3. Game and Watch Gallery 2
4. Zelda Links Awakening
5. Mighty Switch Force
6. Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
I'm sure Mutant Mudds would make the list if I had it =(



Bass_X0 said:

I'd like to read comments from the staff who thought Super Mario Land 2 is a better game than Wario Land, Zelda and Donkey Kong (or how those three are worse than Super Mario Land 2). Wario Land gets a pass seeing as how its not out in America yet.

But its not really a top ten of the actual best games, but a compilation of the random preferences of eight different people. There's a difference.

Being popular is not the same thing as being the best.



Geonjaha said:

@Bass_X0 - Yet being the best is purely subjective when the games are all this good, and popularity of a game leads to it being known as one of the best. 8 People voted for what they thought the best was, but no one can ever tell you which is the best - all you'll ever learn is which are the most popular.



Tsuchinoko said:

@TheDreamingHawk Nope, no VVVVV in Japan, I just triple checked. haha

Actually, from what I can tell there are no western developed games on the Japanese e-shop. We have our own titles, but yeah, pretty much all the e-shop titles on this list are not out in Japan, except for Pullblox, which was Japanese-developed.



JayceJa said:

honestly dont see the massive hype on VVVVV; its a cute platformer with a great mechanic that gets boring before the game finishes.

For me, donkey kong takes the cake



MeWario said:

@RevolverLink Yes I agree completely! I personally think it's one of the worst Mario games ever and people only rate it because it's a mario game. It's quirky, has Wario as the bad guy but it's ultimately a very average game game play wise.



pkee said:

Good list, glad to see VVVVVV at the top. Downloading it, I was taking a chance but I got a sufficient amount of playtime out of it, well worth the purchase.



ThomasBW84 said:

Hello all. Great to read all the different opinions, with plenty about the old Wario/Mario placings! I've seen a few comments saying that this isn't a list of the best games, but a list based on the opinions of the team, to which I say... er, well yeah.

We did call this 'Our Top Ten Games', so bear in mind that we're not saying that these are definitively the top games on the service, and of course issues such as not all games being released in Europe AND North America affects results. It's cool to disagree with us and that's the whole point of sharing opinions, of course, but I thought I should repeat those points.



LittleIrves said:

Here's another vote for FreakyForms. Such a weird, beautiful oddity of a game.
And I agree that 3D Classics: Kid Icarus is a worthy addition. Great use of backgrounds and smoother-out controls.
It's funny to hear all this rage over a top ten list, though... I like vanilla, you like chocolate. They're both good. Chill.



Bass_X0 said:

It's funny to hear all this rage over a top ten list, though... I like vanilla, you like chocolate. They're both good.

But which should be put above the other in a top ten list?

I like Super Mario Land 2 too. But the games on the list for the Game Boy that were released later are the better games.



cosmicspeed said:

No issues with the list and I am glad that DK made it at number 9. I think Kirby's Block Ball should be there also but the GB was represented well. The only issue I have with buying the GB games is that I still own them! But hey, I guess $3 for a copy u can play on the go (and without restarting) is awesome.



Americasteam said:

I disagree guys. VVVVVV in my opinion should not be 1. I love the game but I think that there is some better games out there.

1. Pushmo/Pullblocks
2. The legend of zelda Link's awaking DX
3. Colors 3d
4. Sakura Samari: art of the sword
5. Mutant Mudds
6. Super Mario Bros. NES
7. Dillon's Rolling Western
8. Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins
9. Mighty Swich Force
10. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

Bonus 11. VVVVVV



alLabouTandroiD said:

When i read the headline i had high hopes that Sakura Samurai would make an appearance in this article. No no no, absolutely not just to show Nintendo to bring this game to Europe, where would you get that idea?
Okay, here's the top ten i can come up with atm.

10. Mega Man
9. Game & Watch Gallery 2
8. Gargoyle's Quest
7. Bionic Commando
6. 3D Classics: Kid Icarus
5. Zen Pinball 3D
4. Art of Balance TOUCH!
3. Pullblox
2. Mighty Switch Force

VVVVVV would have been on the fourth place yesterday but then i found the time to play the first user created. So much content, such a great game overall.
Titles 10 - 7 as well as Mario's Picross i already own on cartridge or on the Wii's VC so i didn't buy them in the eShop. If not i'm sure they'd have made it into my top ten as well.
And if i had to include a main Mario platformer it would be Super Mario Bros. SM2DL was a good platformer but didn't really feel like a Mario game to me.

Anyway, here's to hoping that Sakura Samurai, Bomb Monkey, Picross E, Mutant Mudds, Toki Tori and hopefully many other great games make me think about my recent top ten very soon.



grumblegrumble said:

@chewytapeworm Well, excuuuuuuu-use me! Ok, so it's VVVVVVVVVV?! lol

Yeah, that VVV game is a great game, but it does get boring after awhile, so I wouldn't nominate it #1. For the guy who said "Pushmo" is like a cheap little puzzler and nothing else, take a look at the graphics and game play mechanics, then get back to me. I once again have to say that Potzol's Puzzle and Art of Balance: Touch takes the cake! The rest just don't compare on the same level, imho. I did choose Pyramids in my list because it was one of the first 3D e-shop games and I actually did quite enjoy it. It's not #1, it's not #10, but I did throw it in there. If you actually look at the games that you have to choose from (e-shop 3D games ONLY, there aren't that many to choose from... yet.) If Dsiware, most VC games and ambassador games don't count, that leaves us with like 20 titles. lol

Differences of opinion are what makes the world go round! So I love to see everyone's lists!



Odnetnin said:

@grumblegrumble For the record, I called it "a fun little puzzle game," not "cheap" in any way, considering it's a relatively expensive 3DSWare title but a great value for the price. Assuming you realize that I own the game, as I stated in the post you're referring to, the graphics and game play mechanics are exactly why I call it that. Sure, it's an enjoyable experience that's absolutely oozing content, but the graphics and mechanics are very simple, in service of that experience. There's nothing memorable or lasting about the game, unlike VVVVVV and Mutant Mudds, which are built on atmosphere and deep game play.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Wow, VVVVVV is defiantly by far my favorite eShop game. My favorite 3DS game period actually. I didn't think it would be rated so high. Oh, which level was made by Notch? I got this game solely on his recommendation.

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