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E3 2012: Wii Fit U Will Burn the Fat

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Is your body ready?

Wii Fit was a phenomenal success on Wii, and Nintendo is aiming to bring keen exercise-enthusiasts to Wii U. Wii Fit U will make use of the GamePad on occasion, and the good-old Wii Balance Board will get more living room time.

There's some new exercises, of course, and the GamePad will also be used to carry on with the game when the TV is being used for other things, a big part of the Wii U concept.

You know Reggie's ready, are you?

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I'm a gamer from the sNES era and I can honestly say Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are my most played games ever! Insta-buy this. I don't know if u can update Wii data onto wIiU



goldgin said:

I have to hide this story from my wife, the WiiU should be MINE, MY PRECIOUS!



Sean_Aaron said:

Wii Fit Plus gets used as part of my weekday fitness efforts at least three days a week, so I'm definitely going to be checking out any sequels. Glad to see a new Balance Board won't be required.

In fact I'm quite pleased with the restraint Nintendo is showing on new controller requirements. Basically it looks like all I need is what will be in the Wii-U box and everything I already own can be retained so I only need to buy software for it.



arrmixer said:

I actually like the wii fit. I even play/workout with the active series when I just want to get a sweat w/o doing some serious exercise...

@ryanthehedgehog P90X > gym workout IMO



shingi_70 said:


Eh don't get the social aspect of p90x.

Anywho its best for me

In the morning use wii fit or nike kinect to warmup before running.
Go to the gyn later atnight.



ThreadShadow said:

When Iwata pulled out the pedometer I thought it was going to be the "Vitality Sensor". I wonder if that will come back.

Anyway, this looks great, but please Nintendo, consider allowing the WiiU to support two Balance Boards so people can work out together at the same time!



arrmixer said:

I agree with you about p90x... I just like it because I can get a good workout at home.. honestly I'm tired of going to the gym.... love I can work out and not leave the house...

With the Wii u and can workout w/o the TV which is a plus as well..



Hokori said:

IDK I may end up getting this: I like the idea of a Download fitness app on my WiiU, I just hope you can use your 3DS as a pedometer instead of having to buy the other one

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