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E3 2012: Sports Connection Steps Up to the Plate

Posted by Mike Mason

Filling in for Wii Sports

Wii U's E3 2011 concept video hinted at a new version of Wii Sports. That hasn't been confirmed as a title actually in development so far, but luckily for sports fans Ubisoft is ready to pitch in with Sports Connection.

The compilation gives you the chance to win kart races from the comfort of your bathroom, live the exciting life of a golf caddy and beats Madden to the punch with play-drawing in American football on Wii U GamePad. Check out the trailer:

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Lan said:

Didn't Ubisoft churn out a ton of Wii games at launch? And didn't they they all suck?



47drift said:

Finally, an ad that advertises the ability to play from the toilet! The number one selling point of the Wii U!



Koos said:

yeah, it's interesting, because I think Nintendo wanted to give Ubisoft a chance, since Nintendo is publishing Wii Fit U which I'm sure will be awesome... that trumps Ubisoft's fitness game, so if Nintendo did a sports game too.... anyway, game looks nice, and Ubisoft is a great 3rd party developer for Ninty, no doubt.



warioswoods said:

A... caddy is the best idea they had for golf? What about the whole screen-on-the-floor thing Nintendo has been hinting at all along? That would be a huge step forward for swing detection, since the small screen has a sensor bar and could measure exactly how your swing is oriented as it sweeps across the ball.




Looks interesting. If Nintendo don't have their own sports compilation then I'll pick this up instead!



FiveDigitLP said:

I'm not sure if I'm going to get this game, but that was a hilarious video. "Who's your caddy?" "Skid to victory"...? Classic.



rjejr said:

Anybody else starting to think maybe Ubisoft should have made a home console?



rjejr said:

Wow that video was bad. I don't know what was worse, Golf Caddy or Skid to Victory. They should have had that dufus standing up like in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

1 thing I do know I want - Mario Kart U. I know the world probably has a enough "Kart" racing games as it is, plus LBPKarting (AKA MNR2) and another Sega coming out, but even from a distance those graphics looked good. I can only imagine what Mario Kart 7 would look like on my big screen tv. mama mia



LittleIrves said:

Man, those enthusiastic play-actors are wearing me down. Glad E3 is almost over...
This will almost assuredly be 80% less interesting than the eventual WiiU Sports. Not to bash a game I haven't played. Just got a feeling.




One of the glating ommissions of this conference was that sports game that they partially showcased at E3 2011 with the golf and baseball. What happened? Maybe the hardware development took a lot out of the company?



aaronsullivan said:

3DS disaster-launch happened. I'm sure personnel were pulled from Wii U projects to knock out Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus in time to save the 3DS. I mean, they even pulled from RETRO for Mario Kart 7.

Also, I think Wii Sports TU should come a bit later. This console is sending a slightly different signal out and I think Wii Sports AGAIN might get a negative reaction from people who picked up the Wii the first time. It needs to be something special and it should come after the Wii U has been established a bit and people are aware of it. I think otherwise it would feel like a gimmicky cash grab. Just my gut on that one, haven't thought through the logic yet.

One thing I'm enjoying about the game videos so far is that the Wii Remote is in so many of them. Pikmin 3 is apparently more fun with the Wii Remote. I like the direction the Motion Plus stuff was headed and I'm glad to see Nintendo is expecting you to have some of those laying around.

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