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E3 2012: Rayman Legends Trailer Looks Glorious in HD

Posted by James Newton

Wii U's best looking title?

Ubisoft's got eight games on the way to Wii U, but few look as beautiful as Rayman Legends. Don't believe us? Here's a five minute gameplay video running in 720p.

Rayman Legends is exclusive to Wii U and supports five players: four using Wii Remotes and one using the Wii U GamePad to play as Murphy, a helpful little chap who can destroy enemies and open new paths for the other players.

Sadly we might have to wait quite a while for Rayman Legends: while Ubi's other titles have a holiday 2012 release window, Rayman's release is still "to be announced".

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BenAV said:

Looks pretty good, an improvement on Origins which I felt was good but not great.
Will probably buy this at some stage, for the right price.



Fabian said:

Verry pleased to see Ubisoft finally give Rayman the great games he deserves and not let him became the shadow of this stupid rabbits



DRL said:

I'm so excited for this game but I'm hoping that you aren't forced to use the touch-screen controls in single player. I'm afraid that if you constantly have to look down at a 2nd screen to manipulate the environment that it will really slow things down. One of the joys of Origins was being able to fly through the levels at full speed.



47drift said:

"Wii U's best looking title?"

It's almost as if you've forgotten that Pikmin 3 was shown off yesterday.



koelboel said:

Oh my god, the guitar hero/platform bit blew me away. The rest was pretty awesome at that. I need this.



warioswoods said:

Apparently I'm the only one who hates this animation and art style. It's just cheap vector graphics that are being rotated and transformed in various ways to produce movement out of very few unique frames. The backgrounds and layers then saturate you with hazy glows and gradients until it looks impressive enough to trick the untrained eye. But to me, it's just another iOS-style game with Flash style animation and vectors... only, a whole lot more of them.



rjejr said:

Rayman's release is still "to be announced"

Maybe it'll be ready at launch but they can't announce that b/c Nintendo won't tell us when the launch date is?

Oh well, they've announced 8 games, they can't all come out at once (and until I hear otherwise holiday = launch window). What is the official time frame for a "launch window" to close anyway? A week, a month, a season?

Oh yeah, great looking game, really looking forward to it.

One of the GOOD things about WiiU is the backwards compatibility w/ all the Wiimotes laying around peoples homes. They look almost exactly the same but PS2 DS2s don't work w/ PS3. I honestly don't know if the same is true for Xbox controllers on Xbox360 but I'm thinking no.



hillbill26 said:

Rayman has always been one of my favorite video game characters. "Origins" was one of the best games yet, and now that "Legends" is a Wii U exclusive, i can't wait for what Ubisoft has next for Rayman. I LOVE RAYMAN! CAN''T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!



Bassman_Q said:

Wow this looks pretty awesome. Almost reminds me of a mix of Donkey Kong Country what with the mini-games interspersed between levels and Shantae with the ability to switch between layers. Still need to pick up Origins when I have more money saved up, though...



sketchturner said:

@d-lister I agree with your concerns. Murray looks like a creative use for the GamePad, but I'm afraid that the fluidity of single player will suffer a lot as a result.
Additionally, the environments look less inspired in Legends than in Origins. But of course I think Origins is one of the 3 greatest games ever made, so it's gonna be pretty hard to top it.



Jave said:

Is it confirmed the game is fully exclusive to Wii U? I thought it was multi-plat.



Bankai said:

Yeah. Rayman looks good in HD. That's a first...

Oh no, it's not. It's HD on PS3

Wow innovation.



eaglesfly76 said:

Folks, Rayman Origins was truly an incredible game. I think it will be very difficult to follow the masterpiece that it was. I consider Origins to be one of the best platformers of all time, possibly better than anything Mario, and if Legends can come close to that, it will be an achievement. It looks good so far and I hope the single player option doesn't get left in the dust, but time will tell. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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