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E3 2012: Paper Mario: Sticker Star Shots and Details

Posted by James Newton

Sticker round

After a long wait, Nintendo finally brought Paper Mario: Sticker Star out of the cupboard and slapped a holiday release date on the box.

Mario's thin adventure has a sticky addition with — predictably — stickers, which can be used both in and out of battle. Intelligent Systems — surely having a busy time with Game & Wario in development too — should have the game all wrapped up and ready to appear in your home by the time Christmas rolls around.

Mario's Super Sticker Collection

On the day of the annual Sticker Fest, Bowser decides to pull a prank and scatters six Royal Stickers across the land. To retrieve these mysterious, magical stickers, which are now stuck onto Bowser and his underlings, Mario sets off on an adventure with Kersti, a sticker fairy, visiting prairies, deserts, forests, snowy mountains and volcanoes around the world.


Stickers are blended into every aspect of game play. They become your arsenal of items and attacks in traditional Paper Mario action-battles and can even unfold the environment to reveal new areas and ways to progress through the game.

Collect stickers by peeling them off their environment, buying them in shops, or even making your own, and store them in your notebook for later use.

"Paper"-ize the world by flattening it out and then use your stickers to find secret areas and hidden items just about anywhere in the game.

The papercraft setting of the game is really emphasized in 3D, giving you the feeling of peering into and exploring a world comprised of shoebox dioramas.

A cast of colorful characters will keep players laughing at every turn.

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NintyMan said:

This still reminds me of the first Paper Mario, which is a good thing. It also seems like Bowser is the main villain again, and the stickers look really varied, even one being the frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3. I'm looking forward to this.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Less dialogue than Super Paper Mario plz.

More gameplay than Super Paper Mario plz.

Nothing at all like Super Paper Mario plz.



Ras said:

I'm actually a little worried about this now. I hope we have traditional partners. Kersti and the little crown dudes remind me more of Pixls. Don't screw this aspect up, IS.



ShadJV said:

My big question is, does this game have partners? I haven't seen many, and they were some of the best parts of the first two Paper Mario games.

Yes, I'd like this nothing like Super Paper Mario, I want the feel of the first two.



she_gamer said:

As much as people didn't like Super Paper Mario, I still enjoyed it more that the NSMB games. Although, I do hope this one is most like the first two as well.



BenAV said:

Looking pretty good.
Definitely planning to pick this one up straight away.



GARF13LD said:

Agreed on the whole less like SPM vibe, if it is anything like 1000 year door I am all in. I love Paper Mario, I want this game more than anything, alongside Kingdom Hearts and Fire Emblem.



Capt_N said:

Similar to Paper Mario, & Thousand-Year Door, & it's a purchase from me, or someone might get it for me, for Christmas. SPM was good, but I loved the other 2 aforementioned Paper Mario titles better.



ueI said:

I prefer the gameplay of the traditional Paper Marios, but Super Paper Mario's story was the best in the series!



DerpSandwich said:

Lack of partners is massively worrisome. Is a title that continues the tradition of PM and TYD too much to ask?



mamp said:

I'm worried about the stickers mechanic. Does that mean no more badges? What if you get a rare sticker or something does that mean u can't use it cause u lose it? Also will there be a limit to the space in your sticker album. it also looks like basic attacks use up stickers (or at least i think it looked that way) which kinda worries me.



FonistofCruxis said:

The story sounds pretty lame and the Paper Mario games normally have good stories but maybe it gets better later on as the first story details of SPM weren't that interesting but that has the best story in any Mario RPG.



SkywardLink98 said:

Personally I liked Super Paper Mario. It might not have been a great strategy RPG but it was a fairly good Action RPG.



Bass_X0 said:

Super Paper Mario had action? I'm afraid I didn't notice any while I was aimlessly wandering around a featureless space maze for a few hours desperately trying to find out how to make some progress since the game refused to tell me where to go or what to do.

A Mario game shouldn't ever be that dull.

And the ten minute unskippable intro just made me look for the first save point and turn the game off because I had had enough of it the first time I played it.

Super Paper Mario's bad moments outweighs whatever good moments it had. I've long since sold it.



Yellowkoopa said:

The title sounds a bit weird, but that won't make this game any less great and fun. I hope this game blends some elements from the previous Paper Mario games.



GamecubeMan said:

I really hope they dont over due the Sticker thing but by the looks of it I doubt it...................



Cevan said:

Not sure how I'm feeling about stickers. I dislike the idea of not even being able to do simple attacks like jumping without using a sticker. Also, I really hope the plot picks up, because right now, the plot sounds like any old Mario platformer. Paper Mario games have really great stories, and I hope this one follows in that line.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm so getting this game. Oh my god I just realized I'm probably going to have three consoles to buy for next year. My wallet is going to hate me. I'm saving up to get the Assassin's Creed III Bundle in October, have a 3ds and getting a WiiU with my birthday money. It's going to be crazy.



Bubbab5 said:

Hope it has DLC to continue the story after you beat it like they did with Batman arkym city



Scarhino89 said:

Paper Mario (N64) and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door were really too good!! I don't liked the spin-off Super Paper Mario!! But Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be mine!!



Dodger said:

"Super Paper Mario's bad moments outweighs whatever good moments it had" <-- This. It had some really funny moments. Some people dislike it for being different then the rest of the PM series but they do make it obvious the second you pick up the game cover that it is different then the rest of the PM series. I just didn't like what they made. The pixels and the other NPC characters were incredibly boring, I didn't like the art style, I didn't like the gameplay, I didn't like the music, I didn't really like anything about it. And yes, I did beat it.

On topic, I've wanted Sticker Star since it was announced. I do hope the plot gets a bit more serious though. PM64 had Bowser becoming invincible and you trying to defeat him before he discovered the true power of the star rod, PM:tTYD had some kind of dark moments, SPM had all dimensions getting destroyed and now Bowser has stuck some stickers onto people.



yobucky said:

Yes I agree with most people, it needs to be like TTYD, or the original, not like SPM. But judging from the gameplay it seems the battled system is back to being turned based which is a start, and the stickers seems to be replacing the badges and upgrades, so all it needs now is some awesome partners and I will pre-order it.

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