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E3 2012: Paper Mario Sticker Star Out This Holiday Season

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Flat and 3D at once

Paper Mario Sticker Star, after a long period of silence, has been confirmed for a Holiday release on 3DS. As the title suggests, there'll be plenty of sticker collecting involved, which will then be used as items and attacks.

It's also confirmed that it'll be available as both physical and digital downloads, which is as we expect. This one will be shown off in more detail in tomorrow's 3DS showcase.

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Punny said:

As a fan of the Paper Mario series, I will no-doubt purchase Sticker Star, even if I don't really like the subtitle. I can't wait to read the game's dialogue. It should be a hoot.



1takauchiha said:

So getting it. No way am I downloading it though, that's just stupid. Imagine if Super Mario 3D Land was digital? Then I couldn't give my sister one of the save slots in exchange for one of hers on another game. Saves money that way-
They have Luigi's Mansion too?!



rjejr said:

This looked more interesting than anything on WiiU except Pikmin 3.
Paper Mario, NSMB2 and Luigi's Mansion, all 3 of them before Christmas? Why should I buy a WiiU this year again?



NintyMan said:

I'm looking forward to seeing a 3D trailer of this game again. I'm still impressed by the 3D effect in last year's trailer, and more footage is always welcome.



hYdeks said:

Looks awesome and can't wait to get!

....whats with the stickers though? different



Steamboat_Willie said:

This, Luigi's Mansion and Rayman Legends are the only games that I look forward to out of all of e3. Everything else was a big fat meh.



DerpSandwich said:

I really hope this video isn't representative of how the game will look the majority of the time. I've been waiting for a real Paper Mario game for eight years now; please, PLEASE don't change up the formula again. I mean, where are the partners???



Lyssified said:

I need to get used to the subtitle - but I LOVE Paper Mario so I'm still excited about this!!!! DDD



yobucky said:

If this is more TTYD than SPM then it's a win, seriously can't wait for this one.



mamp said:

I'm worried about the sticker mechanic, I just hope it works.



Emaan said:

Very excited for Paper Mario to finally be on a handheld, sweetness!



Henmii said:

I guess this will be great fun! The title (and story) are awfull, though! The American Nintendo site claims that the story is as follows: There is a sticker festival, and Bowser spreads 6 special stickers around the Mushroom kingdom to collect. What, is that all? No real evil around this time?! We will wait and see!

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