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E3 2012: Nintendo Land is More Expansive Than You Thought

Posted by Mike Mason

Not another Wii Play

Nintendo Land is intended as a Wii U equivalent of Wii Sports, but so far it looks more like a new Wii Play. Not so, says Nintendo. Each of the attractions will be deeper than the games found in Wii Play, with multiple stages, modes and adjusting difficulty levels.

Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi took to the stage at last night's developer discussion to chat about the theme park title that unites several of Nintendo's franchises in one appealing package. He was keen to emphasise that the 12 attractions will be full featured, with some playable alone or a group.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest is a simplistic take on the adventures of Link in a world where everybody is made of cloth. If you use Wii U GamePad you're an archer, while wielding a Wii Remote Plus hands you a sword. Though up to four players can get in on the action at once — three on Wii Remotes, one on the GamePad — it can also be played alone. The challenge level will change depending on how many people are in the game; enemies might give you a slightly easier time of it if you're solo, for example. Battle Quest includes several levels and bosses to defeat, too.

Adjusting the attractions according to the number of players is a theme that will run throughout Nintendo Land. Map sizes and layouts might switch about to change the experience whether you're on your own or with friends, for example. Players with the GamePad can see different information, viewpoints, advantages and objectives, with a view to creating completely new co-operative and competitive opportunities that bring novice and advanced players together at skill levels they are each comfortable with.

Wii Sports Resort-style challenges also make a return, with coins awarded for each accomplishment. The shiny golden discs can be exchanged to unlock new bonuses around the park. Miis visit from all over the world and you can find out where they're from, how much is in their wallet and other things.

Does any of this make Nintendo Land more appealing to you?


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Weskerb said:

Nah, they're just watering down all the amazing franchises they created in the past to make a quick buck off of casuals.



Cipher said:

@Polaris Nintendo is, Nintendo are... it's interchangeable, really. I can never remember which I used last.



photofool83 said:

I had an idea for a game like this a few years ago. I wrote about it in all of my Club Nintendo feedbacks. This must mean they heard me and for that I will be buying this game. Yay!!



Late said:

This game looked boring on E3 stage but now that the conference is over I noticed that it isn't as bad as it looked at first. Gamexplain has nice videos of playing these minigames and they seem to be pretty good for minigames. Not worth full game price but would be awesome to have included with Wii U. Trailers of these minigames are horrible with the over-reacting family.



Kagamine said:

@Polaris Well if we are speaking American english you are correct, but maybe the same rule doesn't apply to European English.

Anyway The only way i will get this is if it comes with a wiimote plus, or a package with the system.



XCWarrior said:

Online? No? Then no. It's Wii Play with NIntendo-themed Wii Play, even if it's "deeper" with multiple stages.

Nintendo, you could have stolen the market. Instead, you fell flat on your face just like Microsoft and Sony did the day before.



BenAV said:

It looks perfect for a game to come packaged with (or even maybe pre-installed on) the system.
It's starting to look a bit more interesting, especially if there's a lot of decent single-player modes.
Still don't think I'm willing to actually buy it separately though.



James said:

We refer to companies as singular nouns, not plural nouns, so it's Nintendo is, Nintendo was, Nintendo says



rjejr said:

This really needs to have online connectivity like Miiverse. I hated that Wii Sports Resort didn't have online. And this needs to be like PS3 Home Midway where you can walk around between attractions.
This CAN be good, but will it?



Chris720 said:

This is the type of thing that should be integrated into the system rather than a separate game, making it integrated into the system would make much more sense.



Weskerb said:

Why can't we have Pokemon land? Or Mushroom Kingdom land? You know fully realised. Sure it might take a lot of time and hard work. But the Wii U's tech is more or less the same as other consoles which have been out for 5 years, plus Nintendo made tonnes of cash from the Wii and DS. I truely don't understand what they are afraid of! I guess all they care about now are balance sheets and cost effiency. Bring back Sega! Bring back Shenmue!!!



Jono97 said:

I agree with @Demonic This type of game should be pre-installed with the Wii U. This game shows off most of the Wii U's features. Just like the Wii and Wii sports.



rjejr said:

"...Miis visit from all over the world..."
So there is online? Just not multiplayer? They should have spent much more time explaining the entire concept and less on Luigi Ghosts. Really, they should have, that's not an opinion it's a fact. Also, they should announce additional areas/levels whatever they are calling them will be added over time (again see PS3 Home Midway 1, 2, and 3). There are alot more Nintendo properties than 12.
I don't hate NinntedoLand, I just don't understand how it's a launch title system seller and not included in the box. Heck, I guess I really don't understand it at all. But they should throw in the entirety of Link's Crossbow Training as an unlockable bonus.
It's not to late Nintendo - PUT IT IN THE BOX!



StephenYap3 said:

Now I want Nintendo Land (they really have to change the title to maybe "Mii-usement Park" or something).



Whopper744 said:

Yeah, this game looks fun to me. Looking forward to it. Love how they put themes of Nintendo franchises into this one. Me and my dad came up with a big idea of a real Nintendo theme park a few years back. It could be done if they would be willing in our opinion.
Anyway, this game will be one I'll get if it comes with it or not....though I would definitly prefer it to come with it, or even installed in it from the get go.



StarDust4Ever said:

Will Nintendo Land be bundled with Wii-U like Wii Sorts was for Wii, or are they sold separately?



LittleIrves said:

I'm thinking this gets included w/ the console in America, sold separately in Japan, just like Wii Sports. Eguchi hinted strongly at this during the roundtable.
If that's the case, I'm willing to go all-in at launch. Really wish they would sell the black console right away, though.
One thing I'm concerned by is that Wii Sports was universally appealing because everyone is familiar with golf, tennis, bowling, etc. NintendoLand seems tailor made for only long-time Nintendo fans. Which seems to limit their audience a bit. Unless they're using the title as almost like an introduction to all their major franchises; a playable advertisement for future (and past [VC] titles). If so, and if it works out, that's kind of brilliant. But the immediate reaction is awfully hostile. Unfairly so, I think.



Spoony_Tech said:

I think Nintendo's only mistake was comparing this to Wii sports. Once they did that everyone just assumed tech demo but with more content and Nintendo characters. I think the game looks like a whole lot of fun for a very long time unlike Wii sport where once you hit that limit you never wanted to see it again. I think most of the complainers are kidding themselves if they think they wont get this. Sure I hope it will be with the system but even not ill definitely buy this game. Nintendo is about fun and for the most part they haven't failed me yet!



CanisWolfred said:

Am I sold? Not really. It sounds like it's not gonna be a pack-in if it's that in-depth, and I can't say this is the type of game I'm looking for for the Wii U. I'm sure it'll be worth it for the kiddies and the Non-gamers, but for me, I'd rather have some full games from these representitive franchises.



darkgamer001 said:

This sounds like something that can appeal to both casual and established gamers, with the added bonus that it might convince the casuals to try out the so-called 'hardcore' franchises.
My only gripe with this is that it took waaay to much stage time at yesterday's press conference.



grimbldoo said:

@Wesker #2
That and it's fun to play with family (do you think your mother, maybe your dad would, understand how to play COD?)

@James #15
And it lets us know if you're talking about Nintendo the company, or all the people of Nintendo.

@Wesker #18
The Wii U is at least 2x stronger than the current gen.



BJQ1972 said:

I think this might be full of hidden depth - the F-Zero mini game, for example, looked to be in addition to the 12 attractions that they mentioned.



goldgin said:

Should be in-box to give some playtime while waiting for some exclusive games.



NintyMan said:

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but bundling in this game with the Wii U would be a good idea. And it would be a good game to come bundled in too. It easily has more depth than Wii Sports and has a more robust presentation.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I was already looking forward to it, so this just makes it all the better.

BTW, the article mentioned the game adjusting to the number of players. How does that work? Can I play Zelda Quest alone, or does it require additional human players? And if I can play alone, will I be by myself or will there be some computer players to help out? Also, does the game add AI players to make the game even if, for example, there were only 2 people playing Animal Crossing Sweet Day, one chaser and one runner? The chaser would have a big advantage if it didn't after all.

Why is it whenever Nintendo announces anything, it brings more questions than answers?!



CanisWolfred said:

@TrueWiiMaster It doesn't mention all the ways, but it does specifically mention that you can play alone if you want, the challenges will be adjusted, and the AI will go easier on you if you are playing with less players or alone.



Kaio-Ken said:

Nintendo Land is literally all of our beloved Nintendo franchises turned into "casual" mini games. It's a total disgrace. This is NOT what we wanted. I'm literally furious that Nintendo thinks this is how it should be appealing to it's core fans. Can't they just set aside this "casual" nonsense for even one damn game?

They should have spent their resources making full retail versions of each of these games; Wii U Zelda, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, etc. This is total garbage.



Mollutje said:

I think they should really bundle software with the system. this would be an obvious choice, but they seem to imply very strongly that it's not going to be bundles, which is a little odd since they're referring to it as a wii sports (resort) equivalent. It does have a strange appeal to me..



siavm said:

Nintenodo land is a nintendo game I hate. Nobody is going to make me like this game. That game really just times 10 the failure of this E3.



Torchwood said:

Phew. For a second I thought the article's title said more expensive than you think.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Fine, just have these franchises: Metroid, Pokemon, and Star Fox. These would also work (but are less likely to happen): Fire Emblem, Ice Climbers, Earthbound, and Kirby. Also, have my Chase Mii and Battle Mii (I don't care if you change the names, I just want them).



tardis10 said:

Something tells me that this will be like the PSVita's Welcome park - an out-of-the-box app with painfully small replay value.
I hope Ninty proves me wrong.



Bassman_Q said:

This sounds like something that should be integrated into the main console, as a built-in piece of software. Or at least, packaged in game. And, as others have mentioned, they should've had it with different "lands" for each franchise. Then, it would be pretty spectacular.

But, all hope is not lost for that to become a reality! I'm calling future DLC add-ons to expand each franchise area. Even if it's a paid-for system, it'll be an awesome thing to have DLC. You heard it first here.



Hokori said:

IDK if this is a pak in game or not, because pilot wings resort also screamed pak in but we all know that didn't happen



aaronsullivan said:

I really like the idea of this being on the flash memory. DLC as well. And then when a new FULL game in the franchise is upcoming, there could be a demo or maybe just some added content to the area of NintendoLand. Doesn't seem impossible.



thatoneguy4419 said:

this game looks pretty cool! especially the Zelda Battle quest game. But one question, do you absolutely NEED a wii remote plus? or can you just play without it, on solo? Because, I've never actually owned a wii so I don't have a remote Also, could you just use a regular wii remote for multiplayer on any of the other games? Thanks



MeloMan said:

Included with the system? Yes. Otherwise, I "doubt" I will take a plunge. The first Wii U purchase I'm making will likely be NSMBU.

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