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E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Screenshot Comparison

Posted by James Newton

Then and now

Last year's reveal of New Super Mario Bros. Mii underwhelmed some last year, but this year's screenshots of New Super Mario Bros. U look a lot better. We've put together a gallery comparing screenshots from last year's technical demonstration to this year's game.

The overriding impression we get is that the backgrounds have been most visibly improved, but character models also appear a little sharper and less 'jaggy' than last year. We're not going to say it's the most beautiful Wii U game we've seen so far — our gallery of gorgeous Wii U screenshots should emphasise that — but it looks like it still has some sharp and shiny visuals to share.

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BenAV said:

I'm actually reasonably excited for New Super Mario Bros. U, and I didn't think I would be.
It's looking good.



ShadJV said:

We don't need to put Miis in EVERYTHING. I wouldn't be surprised if they axed the Miis from this.

I'm looking forward to this... but disappointed that this is the first HD Mario game we're getting, it's still not impressing me. Oh well, at least Pikmin 3 will be beautiful.



Fabian said:

Looks promising and much better the 3DS Game (That has way to much coins)



6ch6ris6 said:

the first two lvls look better in the old version.

the last two lvls look better in the new version

overall this game is not about graphics



DreamOn said:

The platforming in NSMB2 looks more intriguing to me more like classic Mario maybe.



C7_ said:

In the Iwata Asks video about NSMBU it was said that Miyamoto was disappointed that there weren't more characters and that's where the Miis came from. Pretty sure he said that they're staying in, I'd need to rewatch it though.



komicturtle said:

I'm not surprised they look mostly the same.

I don't understand what people were expecting out of the new games from a graphical standpoint. NSMBU isn't going for SUPER HD TURBO GRAFIX MAXIMUM. It's supposed to be simple. It's the simple look it's going for. It just looks much more crisper and cleaner- that's it. I do love how the backgrounds are much more beautiful and detailed. That Boo level is phenomenal and gorgeous.


No one is forcing you to play as Miis. Sheesh.



DerpSandwich said:

All those screens and you don't even include the Starry Night one? That was the best!

Altogether though, I'm not too impressed. When I imagine how graphically underwhelming and quick to produce the NSMB games are, it upsets me that they're charging us full retail price. If this was released at $20 I might consider it, but otherwise this is just not worth the money to me. (I mean, did you SEE how small the NSMBW file is???)

I guess a lot of it is simply the style they want. They've proven with the Galaxy games that a colorful, "cartoony" game can look excellent, but I guess they want the smoother graphics with these titles.



Yosher said:

Just so long as Nintendo won't push the Miis any further, I'm okay with them being in. Overall they're starting to get annoying for overshadowing the Mario cast sometimes; just look at Mario Tennis Open where the Miis are way too good with the right equipment. Ugh.

Either way, doesn't really look HD worthy, but I don't really care about that anyway. Mario platformers are always great fun to play!



Raylax said:

Whoever came up with those image captions needs congratulating. And then locking in a dark cupboard.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

Looking very nicely!! LOL @ Balloon Yoshi XD Still, don't like the fact that they put Mii's in the game..



hendie001 said:

looks great why did they not focus a little more on this at e3 instead of stupid singing games



CerealKiller062 said:

What I thought Mario Bros. Mii would be a minigame for Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros. U would be a completley different game, not a beta and a release.



Emaan said:

Looks so much better than it did last year. I actually am interested in this game now. Both New Super Mario Bros. games for 3DS and Wii U for this year have colored me impressed.



aaronsullivan said:

Anybody see that quote that the the map is continuous like Super Mario World? I'm happy about that and it looks nicely improved overall. HD will make a bigger difference than many may imagine. NSMBW is much nicer in HD, for instance. I do believe that people give the NSMBW a lot less credit than it deserves, anyway. There's plenty of interesting stages and creativity in it, if you play the whole thing through.

BTW, it's not bad enough that people judge games by screenshots and graphics "power" but now I see in this thread someone judging a game by FILE SIZE.

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