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E3 2012: Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube Confirmed for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

'Revolutionising your TV'

Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube will all feature on Wii U, picking up on the progress started on Wii. It's part of a philosophy to make media and social resources available and accessible on the new system.

Looking beyond these three, this suggests that custom apps may become an important part of the system, and it'll be interesting to see what else comes along in the coming months.

What do you think, will you be using these functions on your Wii U?

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RevolverLink said:

These three were all gimmes, but confirmation is still nice. Now they need to bring a YouTube app to the 3DS, or update the web browser to allow for video viewing.



dizzy_boy said:

hopefully youtube won`t be a painfully slow experience on the wii u, the current wii browser settings are abysmal and hopefully the wii u will be far better..



NintyMan said:

This was all likely a given for the Wii U, but hopefully Youtube will be a smoother experience than on the Wii.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

We Really do need Youtube, Twitter and facebook apps.......since the WII U is about being all socially........and please make all this posssible on da 3ds too!!!!



hYdeks said:

twitter and facebook come naturally basicly

Netflix continued onto Wii U is nice, I use it AWAYS!



Metal_Slugger said:

If it's a dedicated Youtube app that will be killer. I would like to see a pandora app. Obviously more the merry. A REAL web browser would be something I have yet to see in a gaming system.



ThatOtherGuy said:

Ok I guess this is sort of cool. On the original Wii they had internet in which you could get to youtube. I only can hope the quality of the video's are better....



rjejr said:

@Metal_Slugger I wonder if they could get enough volume out of those 2 speakers to use the Gamepad at least for background noise while it's in the stand? They really need to show some better usage for the stand, I'm still waiting for my digital photoframe and clock apps.



Metal_Slugger said:

@rjejr I don't know but that would certainly be useful. It would be neat if they offered up an internet radio app to use the gamepad like a portable radio that plays stations from around the country/ and world. They could really be on to something if they utilized what they have right.

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