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E3 2012: LEGO City Undercover Infiltrates Wii U, 3DS

Posted by Mike Mason

Building blocks

LEGO City Undercover is essentially Grand Theft Auto LEGO. Consider it bought.

Rather than causing trouble, you'll be stopping crime as a blocky cop. It looks to play up the parody factor quite high: we spied The Matrix, some very OTT takes on kung fu action films and the ability to build up a very familiar green pipe.

Once known as LEGO City Stories, the TT Fusion-developed game will be published by Nintendo. There's also a version coming to Nintendo 3DS. We'll probably learn how that plays tomorrow.

What do you want to build in LEGO City Undercover?

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Shizcake said:

Can we get that trailer/gameplay video? Shut up and take my money. If the 3DS version isn't going to be almost identical to the Wii U, this looks like a buying point for the Wii U for me



rjejr said:

Lego Batman DC and LotR look so good and they show this? Really?



CanisWolfred said:

Screw Wii U, I'm getting the 3DS version. And yes, this was the best game they showed after Pikmin, IMO.



WiiLovePeace said:

This game was my favourite thing about the conference sadly. It's like GTA meets Prince of Persia meets LEGO. Not only a massive open world but the ability to climb walls & be the cop hunting the bad guys? Hells yes! But is this one game enough to make me want to get the Wii-U? Hmmmm...



Phle said:

This actually made me really interested, and I'm not usually a Lego fan. Looking forward to see more of this game (^_^)



hYdeks said:

looks awesome! The Nintendo conference sucked cause they focused alil too much on the casual, but the hardcore did see looked great! Maybe people hyped things up alil too much, or maybe, nintendo isn't ready just yet to reveal.



sc100 said:

This looks really fun. I'm almost positive I'll get it. Now it's a matter of choosing which version: playing it on a bigger screen with HD visuals or playing it in cool 3D.



Obvious78 said:

This day was a very very very dissapointing day for me. only 2 hardscore games. I am glad I still have my PS3. Nintendo needs to show me more if they want to keep me.




Lego is on a potential stormer with Batman 2, LOTR and now this. Will need review for thiosone I think



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Obvious78: "Only 2 hardcore games?" So what, you only count ZombiU and Arkham City, I suppose? Sure, let's totally forget Mario, Pikmin, more Mario (the platformers are still good for hardcore gamers, y'know), more Mario (RPG's also), and Luigi. Heck, even LEGO is good if you're open-minded (I'm a fan of the series).



rjejr said:

Thanks, didn't realise it was an exclsuive, that makes sense. I still personally would rather have the other 2 though. This looks like Wii MySims Agents which was just so totally and utterly boring.



GazPlant said:

This looks so good, I like how it appears to be like the original Lego Island



mamp said:

This looked funny and fun and I know the Lego series games have a good reputation so I want it.



DraculaX said:

I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to help pedestrians and better the community in a video game... sarcasm aside this game actually does have me interested. Any free roam game on a handheld is usually an instant buy for me.



SyFyTy said:

I would love to see the drug dealing mini game in lego style as in GTA CTW.. 'Hey kid, wanna get stacked? I got a brick of stuff that will mess ya up..' 0k that does not translate well. And what about the Lego Prostitues? Hey Buddy, I know this chick who's really stacked, built like a brick..sheet-house) wanna get yer studs scrambled? just watch out fer STD's (STuDs).. LOL



Samholy said:

played star wars lego years ago. it was fun, but didnt go further than a rental.
i mean...its lego hahaha im 30 years old.
still this one looked like fun, and a sandbox game on 3DS is more than welcome, even if its lego branded.
still have hard time finding better than Infamous in term of sandbox/open city games.

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