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E3 2012: E3 Starts Early With Nintendo Direct

Posted by Mike Mason

The party starts now

Nintendo is kicking off E3 a bit sooner than expected — it's just announced a surprise Nintendo Direct show for tomorrow, 3rd June. Even more excitingly, it's to talk about Wii U.

There'll still be plenty to tune into the main E3 press conference for, though, as this is all about the console. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will focus on the hardware concept of Wii U, while Wii U games are promised for the stage on Tuesday.

The official blurb makes it sound like a video not to be missed:

Watch the latest Nintendo Direct as Global President Satoru Iwata reveals new information about Wii U.

As you can see from the photo provided by Nintendo of America, Team Nintendo is raring to go. The latest Nintendo Direct will begin at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm UK. Watch Nintendo Direct Live at Nintendo Life.


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ennan said:

Looking forward to it. The Wii U looks like a return to form for Nintendo. Can't wait to get hold of one.



OdnetninAges said:

If I got a dollar for every time I saw the comment "my body is ready", I would be the richest man in the world.



NintyMan said:

I just found out about this in the forums, so I'm definitely tuning in at 6 PM tomorrow. It looks the three of them are just getting started, so it begins...



Emaan said:

I love that picture, the three of them look like they're on a mission!
Miyamoto, triforce of courage. Iwata, triforce of wisdom. Reggie, triforce of power!



Urbanhispanic said:

alright! I'm so pumped for this. It's time for Nintendo to flex its muscles and blow out the competition!



6ch6ris6 said:

no idea what this means: 11PM BST / 3PM PST / 6PM EST

what time is that? when can i see it in mid-european time?



SMW said:

You know its going to be an awesome showing when they can't fit it all into their press conference.



RR529 said:

So, that's 5pm Central time then (US). Is it going to be streamed on the US Nintendo site as well? If not I'll just go to the UK site.



Adam said:

This is strange. You would think their biggest showing would be the new console, and much else will be tied to it. I'd think anything about the console will have to be repeated at the conference for those who don't watch this.

Not complaining though. Early news is awesome. But curious.



ajcismo said:

Anyone one else think Reggie carried Mr. Miyamoto's and Mr. Iwata's luggage after that picture was taken?



lanabanana said:

Lol, that's a nice pic! Shigeru Miyamoto is one of my favorite asians!!! He's AWESOME !!!



irken004 said:

Obviously, the press conferences have too much info to say within just the 1-2 hour presentations. I always felt they should at least be 2 hours long to get out most of the info.



SMW said:

True rebels. Notice the 'No Stopping' sign behind the Regginator. Also is that a hummer they arrived in or am I just delusional?



Odnetnin said:

Glad that even though I won't be seeing the actual conference live, I can still watch the other two events as they happen.

Also, just noticed "LIVE WITH CORBIE" in the top right corner. Lol.



bubby444 said:

i am so ready for e3 and wii u. I'm already saving money for the wii u . I just hope the wii u is not vary expensive.



Henmii said:

Well, Nintendo did promise some news BEFORE E3! And now they will be doing just that! Guess I'll watch it, even if it only covers the hardware!



bubby444 said:

i hope they say something about the price and/or release date. But im not getting my hopes up.



WingedSnagret said:

Great, now I'm not going to get any sleep tonight! I'm pumped up enough as it is, now they throw in this juicy early tidbit? I just can't wait like this anymore!



luminalace said:

Excited for this but I wonder what they will announce or show considering e3 is so close! Maybe they are just building up the hype!



grumblebuzzz said:

I would much, much rather hear about 3DS stuff with this Nintendo Direct conference. Ah well. Hopefully E3 has plenty of 3DS news.



GCNSean said:

I am loving this media blitz that Nintendo has set up... Tomorrow will rock!
and Whoooaaaa Bundy also!



Late said:

I would've watched this happily but I don't think I'm awake at 1am. Have to take a look at NL tomorrow to see everything that happened and watch the video afterwards.



FluttershyGuy said:

I hope they don't make too many announcements with this Nintendo Direct, and instead save some of the excitement for E3!

Master Yoda: Ready, my body is!



Sockymon said:

I hope there are still some surprises, because so far Wii U just feels like Wii v1.5 rather than a fully formed successor.



James said:

Oh goodie, I get stay up until 11pm on a Sunday!

"New information about Wii U"? Hope you guys are as excited as I am.



tat2 said:

@James At their site it says that it'll beginning at 11pm GMT, isn't that 12am in the UK because of the daylight saving time?



CommanderAudio said:

11. PM. God dang it. I'll be certaintly asleep by then.
@nintendolife Please promise me you'll cover EVERYTHING, or at least post a link to the Nintendo Direct video tomorrow. OK?



SMW said:

@James You bet I am! I am so addicted to the Wii U and it hasn't even been fully revealed yet! I must learn everything there is to know about the Wii U.

Also I'll be staying up for the roundtable on Tuesday which they will be uploading at 1:30 am my time!



lord_hades said:

nooooooooooooooo its on at 11pm in the uk i want to see wiiu hardware and its features nintendo life cover everything. but stiilthis is good we get to see the wiiu hardware features today and its games on tuesday



Mason said:

@tat2 I believe that's a mistake on Nintendo's part; it's listed as 11pm GMT / 12am CET, when we're actually in BST and CEST at the moment.



3DS said:

At least this year I wont have to rush home from Work Experience! Tuesday can't come fast enough!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

The plot thickens!
I hope it's not too long though, because I don't want to be interrupted by pesky dinner.



hYdeks said:

ehh...6pm, why can't they do the nintendo direct thing earlier? I'm usually gone at that time...grr!!! ><



BJQ1972 said:

Japan don't do daylight savings time, so I guess that the times quoted should be adjusted for an hour for those countries that do, so in the UK the broadcast will start at 2300GMT or 0000BST.



KodaSmooss said:

I see 3 advantages in doing so:

  • It will allow to discuss more of the games during the E3 conference
  • Everyone will talk about it afterwards meaning it will be harder for Sony & Microsoft to "win" the E3
  • Third-party developers will be able to show their games with Wii U features and everybody will get it

Hell yeah! Can't wait!



shake_zula said:

They shouldn't be allowed to do this, I've already scheduled my whole week around the pre-arranged Nintendo shows and I'm supposed to be out with a friend tonight. Now I have to try and change that at the last minute.



nfzeta007 said:

@guy_om I really wasn't thinking about it but your second point is so true, after all it has been said that some companies may be showing it off earlier than Nintendo at E3, so maybe this is just to open the flood gates for them by having a small discussion on the hardware first.

No no no, this is like the New Trinity in Guild Wars 2



Sonicman said:

Great, more time to show more crappy Mario sequels at E3 -_-. Nintendo needs to give us a new Mother, it's been around 25 years, that game was better than Kid Icarus, and Ness has been featured in every single Super Smash Bros., it's the perfect setup for announcing a new Earthbound! I'd be pleased with the announcement of a brand new franchise, however.



firearrow505 said:

@84 You do know that Mother ended in a trilogy right? and and Itoi said no Mother 4. and Mario games are doing just fine they are not crappy he's the one that knows how to do a 3D/2D platformer right and fun.



James said:

@shake_zula I will be posting news updates and possibly live texting too. We'll be tweeting important bits too so you won't be in the cold completely!



Monsti said:

@guy_om: I think you're 100% right. They'll show lots of games and Ubisoft sure wants to present some rabbits you can scan with the controller in their conference ^^

very excite!!!



jangonov said:

Aw! Im working when it happens! WAIT! I work in a video game store and Im the manager! I now make the executive decision that it will be live streamed on every available TV. All 9 of them!



Alienfish said:

This is how I see it:Nintendo is clearly doing this for two obvious reasons: they want to clear up any doubt as to what WiiU actually is and to get a head start and draw attention to their early morning press conference this tuesday. Ok that was three, but basically if they didn't do this then people would view the full presentation with the same misconceptions that they left with last year or they wouldn't even pay attention to the show.

Another thing: Nintendo is going to show us the console and probably tell us exactly what it can do. Why release this information early? Probably because they are sitting on a boatload of games that they will want to focus on during the actual show. We all know it all comes down to the games and so does Nintendo.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

I'm very excited about this and won't go to bed until i've heard every word they have to say



TimboBaggins said:

I thought your countdown timer was wrong until I realized that the 3:00pm time is for pdt and not central time. Damn. Instead of 15 minutes I have another 2 hours......sigh.



hYdeks said:

I'ld be shocked if they gave the price and launch date for Wii U. Long shot, but technically, this Nintendo Direct ISN'T E3



FluttershyGuy said:

About the misconception that Nintendo is going too far with the Mario side-scrollers, I'd like to point out what IGN did in an article the other day. To this day, there have only been 9 original Mario side-scrollers since 1985. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Japan's SMB 2), Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan's SMB USA), Super Mario Land, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, New Super Mario Bros., and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. 10 if you want to count Super Mario World "2": Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario Land 3 starts the Wario Land series.

There was a gap of, like, 14 years between SML2 and NSMB. Two generations without Mario side-scrollers (even absent from handheld, except for Super Mario Advance remakes). So, I'd say Nintendo is finally making up for that unforgivable absence of classic Mario, and it's about time!

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