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E3 2012: Animal Crossing Wii U Gets More Friendly with Miiverse

Posted by James Newton

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It's no surprise that Katsuya Eguchi, the creator of Animal Crossing and hardware producer on Wii U, is already thinking about how to combine the two. Speaking at last night's developer roundtable, Eguchi mused on how Wii U's Miiverse social network could enhance Animal Crossing's community.

Eguchi said in the past people have had a hard time finding friends to share Animal Crossing with, and we'd agree: unless you know them in real life or frequent online messageboards and social networks, your Animal Crossing: Wild World probably feels more wilderness than Wild World. Now thanks to Miiverse, you should have a much easier time making friends and expanding your online community.

Eguchi said Miiverse is "a reliable and easy system to find friends online and become friends with them" thanks to each game having its own messageboard accessed during gameplay. A built-in friend request would certainly make adding new friends much easier, letting you share your Animal Crossing Wii U town with others around the world.

As the series' creator, of course Eguchi understands the fact you need to know who you're dealing with before you let them tread among your carefully planned town:

You want to be able to trust somebody before you become friends with them.

Sounds like AC's walled garden online will survive, but at least you'll be able to find more people to invite.

Nintendo Land has an Animal Crossing minigame called Sweet Day where four players try to gather (or 'steal') sweets while running away from Booker and Copper. You also get to dress your Mii as Tangy, which is good enough for the Animal Crossing nuts in the Nintendo Life office.


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KaiserGX said:

This is from an interview.

"I hate it when people go on message boards to complain about games they've never played." Message board system in MiiVerse will show you what games people have played. So you know how legit their complaints are."



6ch6ris6 said:

hope animal crossing on 3DS will use miiverse too. even if miiverse is comming out a year later or so



StephenYap3 said:

I agree. I couldn't find anybody where I live in, just because I wanted Nookington's, which is one of the many reasons I hated Animal Crossing: Wild World. I have yet to get City Folk, as a Nintendo Selects title (should've kept Player's Choice).



rjejr said:

I thought the NL AC minigame looked much better than the ghost 1. Well at least the white-bread family video was better. And you don't often see 2 sticks controlling 2 characters. I've never played an AC game in my life but judging by the size of it's fanbase vs. the Luigi's ghost fanbase sticking that AC minigame into the presentation should have been a no-brainer.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

@Miss_Rarity You should only be able to post on a message board you have the game for on the Miiverse. Then we will only have legit thoughts on games, but they're could also be a first impressions board too!



BenAV said:

The potential for Animal Crossing on the Wii U is huge, I hope they take full advantage of it.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Any mention of Animal Crossing is enough to get me hyped. I've been hoping for a better online setup since the somewhat disappointing online of City Folk. I thought the auction house was a missed opportunity, for example. But I digress. Now stop telling me about the Animal Crossing that's probably years away and start telling me about the Animal Crossing that could come out this year, Nintendo!



bezerker99 said:

I can't believe there was no mention of Animal Crossing for the 3DS yet they show us this cookie cutter game (excuse me, 'attraction') from Nintendo Land.



Mowzle said:

Yeah! Like a lot of other folk - WHEN are we gonna get news about Animal Crossing 3DS. Why isn't it here yet?Do you think maybe it's been delayed because there are plans afoot to make it compatible with a Wii U Animal Crossing - so 3DS and Wii U owners could interact? Is that technically possible? That would be pretty amazing!



Fabian said:

I would buy this game even if it wasn´t part of a collection xD Just because it looks so much fun and so lovely designd



bbbrat said:

We want our Animal Crossing, you have a loyal fan base for the game, now feed
a new AC game for wii and 3DS.



Drawdler said:

Sigh... I haven't played Wild World for a year because of the 3DS version! Come on Nintendo!

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