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Bomb Monkey Blows Up Real Big Next Week

Posted by James Newton

North American date confirmed

Just as today European 3DS owners get to sample Mutant Mudds, next week North American eShop fans can try out Renegade Kid's next title, Bomb Monkey.

Renegade Kid's just told us the eShop puzzler will reach North America next week for $4.99.

We went hands-on with the game during E3, so make sure you read our Bomb Monkey first impressions.

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Haxonberik said:

Hope Its good, Im yet to buy Mutant Mudds, and Rolling Western, and Kid Icarus:3D, and Mighty Switch Force, and Mario Land 2. Im gonna have to decide which to download next.



Guhin13 said:

Figures, the one time they add something I WANT to download, I don't have the cash to do so. Too bad. I'll make sure to pick it up asap. Looks good though. I've been waiting for a good Puzzle game a la Meteos on the 3DS, so I'm hoping this will hold me over until someone comes up with a good retail title.



Popyman said:

I still don't understand the appeal of their games, they all look so bland. :/



Punny said:

I went ape for Mutant Mudds, so maybe I'll go bananas for Bomb Monkey!
(You wanted monkey puns, right?)

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