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3DS XL Will Get Its Own Circle Pad Pro

Posted by James Newton

All in good time

Annoyed the 3DS XL won't support the standard Circle Pad Pro? Don't worry, the machine will get its own peripheral later this year.

Satoru Iwata told shareholders that Nintendo will release an attachment for the larger machine later on in the year, but didn't share any more details like price, size or how hard it'd be hit with the ugly stick.

You won't need to replace all your 3DS accessories if you upgrade, though; the plastic stand from Kid Icarus: Uprising will work just fine and presumably not crumble under the weight.


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siavm said:

With this coming I might just get a xl. Having better 3d and better screen space for ds games may just do it for me. I just hope they fixed the screen scratching thing the 3ds has.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, seriously?! Ha ha ha, this is just too funny! I really want to see the size of this thing. I'm not upset about this in the slightest because I know this accessory is optional but I still think this is hilarious. I'll just stick with my original 3DS, thank you very much. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Nintendo is already working on the successor to the 3DS and that one should have two circle pads/analog sticks. Or at least I hope so.



cfgk24 said:

This is going to be a Pure Design Classic!

You've got to praise nntendo for sticking to their guns



19Robb92 said:

That's just hilarious x'D

This has to be the biggest ad-on for a handheld ever



Geonjaha said:

Not surprising at all - but I cant wait to see the commercial with someone desperately trying to make it look easy to use XD.



1wiierdguy said:

I'll wait to see it before judging. I don't imagine it will follow the boat form factor of the original.



GreenDream said:

Oh yeah!? Nothing will EVER top this! Untitled
Or try attaching that stack onto a Sega Nomad! Take that, James' childhood!



Mahe said:

Wow, Nintendo must really hate the people who want a second circle pad.



Chris720 said:

I want to see how ugly this will be... while someone tries playing it and try to make it look comfortable. This will definitely be ROFLMFAO worthy.



Lalivero said:

Is this thing going to be even possible to hold, let alone with a CPP(XL) of its own?

I was actually having 2nd thoughts about the actual system(since they were trying to keep it closer to the original model this time) and it would probably make the 3D look better and all...but I'm not someone with huge hands, so I don't know now if this thing will be possible to even grip.



Gridatttack said:

This still shows that there will never be a 3DS revision with 2 analog sticks.
Nintendo would not screw people like that. Plus, look at the past handhelds, they never got a hardware revision with extra buttons that would be used in all future games...



Big_Al1 said:

People ask, Nintendo answers. Now all the hate will be poured towards the system's aesthetics, but we all know the haters are dying to play CPP compatible games in a big screen. Not that I give a crap either way.



OorWullie said:

@GreenDream Haha,brilliant man,ye had me laughing for ages there.I had majority of that but I had the original Megadrive which was even wider,I'm sure there was a attachable part for the Mega CD so it didn't jut out.No way was it as high as that though.What are the 2 monstrosity above the 32x?All I can make out is Genesis cleaning system,surely it must be more than that for the size of it?Maybe a cooler to stop it from blowing up?



meltendo said:

NIntendo might be sticking to their guns for now...but what if Capcom decides to put Monster Hunter 4.5 or 5 on the Vita which is already set up for the perfect control combination? I'll bet Nintendo will change their tune as Japanese players switch over to the Vita for their Monster Hunting fix.



RevolverLink said:

I think Nintendo may be trying to create the least pocket-friendly portable system ever.

Geez, you could fit, like, 10 Game Boy Micros in the same space as a 3DS XL + Frankenstick.



WiiLovePeace said:

No shocker on the 3DS XL CPP, that was to be expected. I don't think it will be that big, but I'm used to the size of my DSi XL so... yeah.



Moshugan said:

Despite Miyamoto's words I think there will be a dual stick 3DS released if the demand gets to a certain level. But until it is profitable there's no chance.
Mark my words, the next generation of Nintendo handhelds will have dual sticks finally.



yobucky said:

Everyone forgets the CPP is not just the extra stick, to integrate it they will need to add the extra Z buttons as well as keeping the original left and right buttons accessible. So the whole system would have to be much thicker just so the three or four games that use an extra circle pad would work. IE: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So this will certainly be a rather hilarious add-on, but what else are they supposed to do?



Alienfish said:

I could see people complaining if the original model had dual circle pad control integtrated, but it didn't, and some people simply don't want to buy something bulky. Nintendo is obviously cutting costs right here so they can sell to more people, casual and hardcore. If they added another circle pad and two extra shoulder buttons it would likely cost and extra $20 for the console too. I don't think Nintendo wants to alienate the 3DS small version with the XL, but rather give people another option. Plus, I really like the handles and extra bulk of the pro add-on.



Doma said:

Beyond ridiculous. I think it's time Nintendo just stopped making hardware.



Lalivero said:

@Big_Al1 You don't give a crap, yet bring up that thought, hmm...

Anyways, because this is the cure for anyone wanting a bigger screen and less cramps(if they're big handed) to have a compatible CPP, hopefully it's the only 'extra' edition this time around.



GuitarAnthony said:

Oh, Nintendo. How deliciously Capcom of you pulling this. I'll just keep my old 3DS to play Resident Evil. Either that or they can put it on Club Nintendo. I got 1500 points burning a hole, as it were.



Kifa said:

@Doma Go away and touch your iPad... -_-' Unless troll, in that case - well played.

I still see absolutely no purpose for the Circle Pad to exist. All games are perfectly playable without it and I prefer touchscreen aiming over that based on any kind of analogue sticks. Never considered buing this accessory for my 3DS, won't consider it for XL if I ever get one. EOT for me. ;]



Undead_terror said:

nothing like a built in cpp eh nintendo,o well got no need for a xl right at the moment and dont have any need for a ccp for my normal 3ds,thank you ds fps!



warioswoods said:

It makes sense, more or less. They don't want to give the Monster Hunter crowd or the very few other CPP devotees an excuse not to upgrade to the larger unit, so once again they're quietly releasing an add-on to a few retailers for that niche crowd. But once again, its complete absence from promotional materials and from the Nintendo Direct announcement of the XL sends a clear signal that the CPP is a niche device, an obligatory gesture.



Big_Al1 said:

@Chriiis: I'm getting the 3DS XL on day one. Giant hands + giant screens + Colors!3D + New Art Academy = Win.

I don't care what it looks like, I care about the games it plays. In fact, I look forward to make it bigger with a battery add on. I'm sure Nyko will want a piece of that action.



rjejr said:

OK, now this is just silly. Nintendo spent time and resources in their company making both a larger 3DS AND a larger CPP AT THE SAME EXACT TIME and it never occurred to anybody to integrate them into 1 system?

While you're playing with this you can snack on a new treat from Hershey - the Reeses Bowl - it's a jar of peanut butter packaged with a bar of chocolate on the side for dipping.

I hope this doesn't mean Nintendo is going to sell the Wii U Gamepad separately from the system and put the Pro Controller in the Wii U box.



komicturtle said:

Are people still failing to realize that a 3DS with an additional circle pad would then require a ZL and ZR button? Meaning, it'll be MUCH more thicker than it should be which would result in more incessant whining.

They say "Nintendo don't get it" but I actually see it the other way around.



EvansLegends said:

One way or another, we GOT our second circle pad for the new 3DS which is what everyone wanted on it. I assume that it'd cost more to implement another pad directly onto the system, and I don't predict that everyone would require such a wide range of buttons and such on a simple handheld, so people who prefer a second circle pad can purchase it separately. This can ultimately keep the cost of the 3DS down (remember the 3DS price fiasco). The added bulk may not LOOK appealing, but then again, let's wait until someone actually tries it out.

And I never got why handheld game consoles NEED so many buttons. The kind of games that need that many buttons are more for serious gaming and should be found on a home console system. When I pick up a handheld, I'm typically looking for a way to pass time as I travel or something (it's more casual); I don't buckle down, and go into full-on competitive gaming mode. Look at iPhone users: all they have is a touch screen!



DarkKirby said:

I'd pay 20 extra dollars for the 3DS XL if it had the Circle Pad Pro built in, you know, rather then not buy one at all.



Phle said:

I kinda see why nintendo didn't build this into the new 3DS XL.

If they did, the new 3DS XL would be a remake, an upgrade, a console with more functions than the old one. But as it is now, the new 3DS XL is just a bigger 3DS, not something you have to buy because all the new games will require it, but something you can choose to buy, if you feel you need a bigger console with bigger screens.

That gives you choice to keep your old 3DS without the feeling that you have "the old model and not the newer one with all the cool features" and save your money for the Wii U.



Rect_Pola said:

Good lord, I hope they at least steal a little design sense from Nyko. Their attempt at making it more like a controller is the most unnatural thing I've ever held. Yes, worse than playing Kid Icarus.



warioswoods said:

Some people don't seem to understand the trade-offs inherent in portable device design.

Perhaps you're looking on the right side, below the face buttons, and thinking "why not add another slider in all that empty space?" If that's your logic, you are terribly wrong about the hardware. That space is where the battery sits, filling the right side. Look up teardowns of the original 3DS to get an idea.

They can't just glue a circle pad to the front; it would eat up the entire square region below it, just as the one on the left does (again, look at teardowns). To incorporate the CPP on the XL, they'd have had to do one or both of the following:

(1) much smaller battery, which would greatly impact the system given that these giant screens are surely power hungry
(2) thicker body, which would hurt the design of the system and would look clunky to most consumers

I'm not even talking about the shoulder buttons; those are the trade-offs for a new circle pad alone.



Tasuki said:

And now we know why they didnt add they second circle pad to the 3DSXL. Why add something when you can charge people for another add on. Seriously Nintendo didn't you see what happen with the Sega Genesis when they started coming out with all kinds of addons?



Arcamenel said:

People said they wanted a second circle pad, well Nintendo is giving it to them. LOL



Onett said:

Reading the comments makes me lol. Once everybody gets a chance to try it they will find that it really isn't that bad. Despite not being very travel friendly, this beast boasts bigger screens and a better battery life. Hell, if people carry around iPads on the go why can't I carry around my XL? It's going straight into my satchel.



Supereor said:

If Nintendo really starts thinking about a handheld with dual sticks, it could make a much wider and thicker system, so much so it can't be in the Nintendo DS family, and add the battery on the bottom, while the rest is pure gaming gear, like the PlayStation Vita.



Lalivero said:

@KodyWB-98 ...and to think this would just satisfy the ones who needed a bigger one for various reasons, without 'alienating' the current owners all that much. That 'in the near future' statement almost guarantees we'll have at least one more before the 3DS' life is over, anyone can bet on that.

The 'too many choices would confuse buyers' thing will more than likely end up happening anyway; of course they aren't going to reveal if they had even more plans to upgrade the current hardware, it would lower sales. There are already people who decided not to buy the launch model of 3DS because common sense would show you that there would be upgrades eventually.



mamp said:

I'm just saying 2 sticks would have made using the 3DS as a controller for the Wii U an easier option. a circle pad pro for the 3DS XL now I think I want one.



WaxxyOne said:

I like how everyone is assuming the thing will be huge because obviously Nintendo is going to just multiply all the dimensions and not put any thought into the layout or anything. Just like they did with the 3DS XL itself, amiright??? Oh, wait....

The 3DS XL is a larger system with more open space for them to put a second circle pad and extra triggers. While I still wish they just added the controls to the base device, I doubt the CPP XL will look anything like the current model, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it doesn't add to the size of the system in any way.



StarDust4Ever said:

Circle Pad Pro is as butt-ugly as ever

I will be getting a 3DS XL, but I will NOT be buying this asymmetric piece of donkey!



eleven59 said:

If they're going to the trouble to release a circle pad adapter for both models, why not just go ahead and doi it right the first time and make a 3ds with it built in?? Sheesh freaking dumb Nintendo...



amri_rizqi said:

hmm, nice enough to be hold, IMO since im asian so my hand isnt too big for this thing



mastersworddude said:

Seems like people don't bother to think why Nintendo did not put a second circle pad on the XL, it's simple really.

For some games it'd go underused and be pointless (theres not exactly many games where its 100% neccessary) and just sit there.
For others it'd be overused, developers marketing straight at the new XL crowd. Basically it'll become a new console, with cheap crappy ported controls to the non-XL customers.

This way it becomes niche enough to please those who really want it, whilst not fragmenting the system.



DaveGX said:

I'm only gonna say 1 thinf abouta CPP for 3DS XL; They need to remove that stupid back panel covering the game slot and charger port. The communication thing is fine, but is really no excuse to cover up the other 2, and it's not like it's going to stick out like a sore thumb while playing.since the ssytem has to be open/unfolded anyway. I honestly couldn't image what in the world they were thihnknig not doing this with the original, maybe makiing that cover a flip up like the cradle charger for the 3DS.



DaveGX said:

This actually makes me quite happy. I'll most likely consider getting a 3DS XL when we get release info for its own CPP. Though 1 thing they should consider changing is the back panel that holds the 3Ds in pl,ay, maybe just make it a flip-up like the charging cradle has so it's easier to swap games while your 3DS is snug inside.



DaveGX said:

EDIT: Sorry I have like 3 posts in 1...tried to delete the original 1 (if it's still showing for everyone), which is why my 2nd was reworded.



Hokori said:

That's good for people who want both controls
Also I haven't seen you for a long time Robo-goose how are you?



Henmii said:

They just should have given the 3DS XL a second circle-pad, not this!!



adm1111 said:

Nintendo is right about the circle pad pro. First it will not consume 3DS battery second not all games use it. Also It is portable and it shouldn't be thick. I used the circle pad pro for two game so far (Resident Evil Revelation and Metal gear 3). I have Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, RE Mercenaries, Sonic Generation, Star Fox 64. Samurai Warriors, Dead or alive, Tekken and Tales of the abyss and non I used circle pad pro. Also Nintendo e-shop and Ambassador Program without circle pad pro since they are NES, gameboy advance games. Having two screens consume a lot of battery specially touch screen interactive with the 3D screen. so Circle pad pro is good for battery consumption.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, I might be missing out on my MK7 wheel, but it's not that big a deal. The Circle Pad Pro just didn't do it for me, so I'll deter away from the XL's.



uechiblu3000 said:

Iwata should be asking "WTH were we thinking?!".

Why? Because he doesn't understand why the 3DS sales in the US & EU are lower than in JP. Wouldn't you want to make a system that appeals to various types of gamers?

Wouldn't you want it to be a system that allows for FPS games?

Wouldn't you want it to be a system that allows for 3rd person shooters, etc. with great camera controls?

I've said it before (via Nintendo-Demand) and i'll say it again, you have to develop systems with the developer in mind, if the system lacks controls (and there is no LOGICAL reason), you are closing the door to some genre's of games unless:

-A developer finds a way around it.

-A developer crosses their fingers in hopes that consumers purchase the Circle Pad Pro to enjoy even better controls.

It was a completely silly not to add the 2nd Circle Pad, which would have given gamers a DAMN GOOD reason to buy the 3DS XL. It would have also motivated developers to create games that are able to utilize it, while creating some type of control for the standard 3DS that does not (which could prove to be a challenge).

Nintendo... stop shooting yourselves in the foot! The 3DS XL already costs more, the least you could have done was add the 2nd Circle Pad. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to speak with the hardware development team, and ask them why would they add something would could have made the 3DS even better for developers and gamers (if it were built in).... AFTER THE FACT!

Some game companies swear off Nintendo, and wouldn't dare develop for the systems. I am a fan, and I try hard to stand by Nintendo, but at times you have to give the ones you love, a freaking wake up call.

Some people don't want a 2nd Circle Pad. Its not only about you (you selfish buggers), because at the end of the day, if there were a 2nd Circle Pad, you would of had the choice of USING IT or NOT. More options for the developer, mean more games for various gamers (again, its not only about Y-O-U).

Those arguing battery consumption, I don't think a 2nd circle pad would drain the battery any quicker than is drains now. Instead of creating the Circle Pad Pro (which = additional costs for manufacturing and distribution), there could have simply been a better battery.



uechiblu3000 said:

I will say this: If Nintendo makes the CPPXL in a smart way (not like the current one), that would be great and may boost says because it fits the system much better. I would love to see 3rd party peripheral developers create versions of the CPP..

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