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Wonder Boy Double Dose Hits North America's VC Next Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Two long overdue games are finally coming

With the release of Super Hang-On on Wii Virtual Console this week, SEGA has announced on its blog that it will be releasing the other two games announced last year soon as well. Very soon, in fact — both of them will see the light of day next week. Yes, that means there will be two new Wii Virtual Console games in a single update for the first time in... well, a very long time.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is already available on Wii VC in its Master System incarnation, but if for some reason you want to experience the arcade original with better graphics and sound, then now is your chance. There's not much else to say about this one.

Of course, the big one is Monster World IV. This will be the first time the game is released anywhere other than Japan, and it's not like any other import title — it will actually be fully translated into English so you can understand every little thing about the game. Fans of the series often praise it as being one of the best Wonder Boy/Monster World games, so you're in for quite a treat. Of course, since it's an import title, prepare to pay 900 Points rather than the usual 800 for Mega Drive/Genesis games.

While this announcement is specifically for North America, in the comments a SEGA representative has stated that Europe should be receiving both of them next week as well, so let's hope it's true.


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User Comments (58)



Bass_X0 said:

People will still call it a pretty crap week because they can't play Wario Land on 3DS.



MAB said:

Very cool SEGA has resuscitated the VC and pulled it back into fine form. Nice job old mate.



Fuzzy said:

Monster World IV! I so can't wait for that to come out over here.

Price seems really good too, compared to the "work" they put into other import titles.



FantasiaWHT said:

I never could beat WB in ML. I've NEVER been able to do jumping elevator right before the end.



GeminiSaint said:

Oh, good! Wonder Boy 4 AND Kirby's Block Ball in a single week? Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? I'm dreaming, right?
Well, this is a good start. It should help compensate for the La-Mulana fiasco.



SteveW said:

Monster World IV? wow, with the way things have been going lately I really can't belive this until I see it!



Bass_X0 said:

You're right... it wouldn't be the first time that Sega has announced a game in advance only to be let down by Nintendo.



Whopper744 said:

Hm. Seems interesting. haven't played any of these.
Would like to try it out...and yes, I still am wishing for Wario land and Myths and Monsters over everything else, but at least we are getting something in the VC.



Lunapplebloom said:

I've been waiting a while for Monster World IV to see the light of day. I was beginning to worry that it wasn't coming. Thank you Sega for proving me wrong. (That is if it does come out this Thursday.)



mamp said:

Why won't Sega release Princess Crown I know it only came out in Japan but can't they just translate it and stick it on Wiiware or XBLA?



RevolverLink said:

I guess I'll really find my answer when the review is put up, but how does Monster World IV compare to Wonder Boy in Monster World? I thought the latter was a charming and moderately fun little game (although the final boss is a pain in the butt), but I'm not sure I liked it enough to warrant buying another, slightly better Monster World game.

Regardless, kudos to Sega for going through the trouble of translating this and bringing it over. Virtual Console LIVES!



ThreadShadow said:

If there's this much life left in Wii VC, is it too much to hope for Namco to release StarBlade and Solvalu in NA? What about the Turbo DUO version of Double Dragon II aswell as the NES version? Hey, why not Seiken Densetsu 3 too?



sc100 said:

I really hope VC Arcade takes off more and more. There are so many good games that could be released for it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I wouldn't complain about paying an import fee for a newly made translation. It's all the import fees for games still in Japanese I hated.

@Bass_X0: You're right, people will still complain about no Wario Land...and not unfairly. Japan's all the way up to Wario Land 3 already, Europe's had 1 for well over a month, and America hasn't had ANY 3DS VC games in weeks. I don't see as it's fair to say Nintendo's got a good week for 3DS fans just because the Wii got something good.



blackknight77 said:

Now if D4/SNK would release some of their monster NEO Geo games like they do in Japan the Wii VC would be on a roll again. I'm talking about Real Bout Fatal Fury, Metal Slug 3, World Hereos 2, Art of Fighting 3, King of Monters 2 etc. etc. etc.



DrDaisy said:

@ThreadShadow Unfortunately, unless Nintendo plans to keep the Virtual Console and have it compatible with both Wii and Wii-U, I don't think there are gonna be a whole lot more Virtual Console games, at least on Wii. Having watched some of a video review of Double Dragon II for Turbo CD and played some of Seiken Densetsu 3, I think they'd be great additions to VC if they can sell well.



Omega said:

After six months of nothing, it's nice to see some interesting VC games again. I'm especially interested in Mega Man X and Monster World IV. It's time to recharge the batteries and buy some more Wii points.



Capt_N said:

@Stuffgamer1 True, Nintendo should release at least one game, for each of it's platforms per week. & by each, I mean VC, as well as WW, 3DSW, & 3DSVC.

I might actually have to get myself a Wii points card. Wish I had been more diversified w/ gaming, when I was younger. Then I would know, for myself about these games, & whether they're good, or not. Still, I've always been diverse in my game tastes, just not as much so as, since 2000.

Sega deserves a rousing sound of audience clapping.

Wouldn't it be hilarious, if when the WU is released, VC titles are still coming to the Wii VC? Better yet, if they were playable on WU(shorthand for WiiU)...



Betagam7 said:

SEGA, can you please give us Wonderboy IV in 60hz please. You are going to the effort of translating the thing, how hard can it be not to botch the PAL release?



CanisWolfred said:

Heck, I'll buy Monster World IV on VC if it comes out before the XBLA collection does...then buy the collection later. Really wanna cover my bases with this one.



CrazyOtto said:

It's funny how Sega puts more effort into the VC than Nintendo themselves. First, Sonic & Knuckles with lock-on, then online VC games, now this! Nintendo's 3DS VC games can't even do multiplayer (at least not yet).



odd69 said:

Ive played IV and it is the best tuned Wonderboy game and my favorite. This article just made my day



Brando67854321 said:

@SuperSherbet personally that's why I like the wii vc more because it has multi-player!!! & p.s. I rather have virtual console games but sega & also that slogan they used in the 80's is sooooooooo dated no one ever uses that. Sega, I hate you sooo much right now



SparkOfSpirit said:

You forgot to mention that the Master System version has NO continues.

But yeah, this is a great week. Two great VC games and a great 3DS VC game. It doesn't quite make up for the weeks of nothing, but this is what all the updates should be like. Just like they were when the VC originally started.



JaredJ said:

Even though I own a repo cart of Monster World 4 I am still considering a VC purchase.



CanisWolfred said:

^Get it so more people will translate VC games, man! Or, dare I say it, maybe they'll make a Monster World V!



JaredJ said:

I will get it. I hope they eventually officially translate Do Re Mi Fantasy. I love that game.




Monster World IV is a game I've been looking forward to trying out for a while now. Although it's strange to me, they go from the main character you play as from being that little blonde haired kid to a girl who looks like she's a genie with a sword. Strange how I notice those things, can't wait to try it out. But to the people who think 3DS is getting anything for their VC this week, THINK AGAIN! I highly doubt they will be getting anything like that Kirby's Block Ball game because I saw mention of a SUDOKU game for the eShop slated for a 5/10/2012 release. Unless I notice otherwise, I am not believing anything until I see it mentioned in proof where I can read from an article somewhere that says it's coming to the eShop instead of being disappointed again.



Gamer83 said:

Looks like one last small push for the Wii VC before the console's run is wrapped up. Good job by Nintendo and their third party partners, but I hope when the Wii U rolls around they shut the service down for good unless they plan to support it consistently with one release per week like when the service originally started. If they don't plan to do that, I think I'd rather they shut it down and open up an 'HD Classics' section and put everything there. I'd buy Super Mario 64 again if they spruced up the graphics a bit for the new machine.



misswliu81 said:

first it was super streetfighter 2 on the megadrive/genesis, then hang-on, now this. sega's support for the V.C has been amazing so far during these last few months. i even sent them a message on twitter complimenting them for putting their games on the wii V.C service. and they replied with a 'thank you'. which was really considerate of them.

sega, amongst other third party companies haven't been consistent in putting out their good titles on the wii, but when it comes to the V.C, they delivered.

go sega!



RadioShadow said:

  • Play on the Wii with the Mega Drive controller
  • Play on the Xbox 360 with the Street Fighter IV Controller pad

I can't decide which version to get!



Kitsune_Rei said:

Aww, I was hoping from the pic it would be for DSiware. I don't' play Wii, but it looks more fun than some of the other old games they've redone.



phoenix1818 said:

Finally! Monster World IV! 18 years after its initial release, we finally get an import. And in English, nothing less. Better be worth the wait!



Capt_N said:

Ya know, Nintendo releasing, or at least, allowing others to put up on the VC, versions of games, modified to add features, in this particular case, online, tells me that Nintendo is not necessarily interested in delivering a 100% authentic emulation exp. On a more off-topic note: I would love Nintendo releasing all the Mario, & Zelda BSX games,

Hypothetically, if Nintendo is going to continue VC support post-WU launch, it'd be smarter if Nintendo just kept releasing VC titles, rather than wait til WU launches. Otherwise, ppl would say that Nintendo is just doing that, to draw attn to themselves, to a service that will stopped being supported eventually(edit1: like Wii's VC). Continuing support, up to WU launch is better, as it shows ppl Nintendo supporting their services up to the last tick of the clock(edit2: the end of a console's lifespan).



brooks83 said:

@Capt_N -

Super Street Fighter II online is 100% authentic emulation. When the game launches, you have the option of playing it exactly as it was when it released, or you can connect to Nintendo Wifi Network.



Edlicious said:

dont get why nintendo dosn't just release these VC games on the 3ds? its not like my wii has been touched in the last 6 months.



ker-plop said:

If they're willing to bring Japanese games over to North America after so long, then I really hope they consider bringing over "Terranigma."

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