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Upcycle Nintendo Gear into Office Equipment

Posted by James Newton

Get down to business

If your GameCube's given up the ghost or there's more nails in your Nintendo 64's coffin than hairs on your head, you might be thinking of recycling it. Etsy store GreenCüb goes one better and upcycles dead consoles and controllers into office equipment.

Graeme Abraham turns GameCubes into desk organisers — cleverly the control ports pull out like a drawer — and controllers into pen tidies and USB ports. N64 control pad connectors get turned into USB flash drives too.

We're all in favour of keeping these gaming greats from going to landfill. After all, who wouldn't want to store their paperclips and pens in a GameCube?


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SonyFACE said:

I kinda want one of those Gamecubes... it wouldn't be so useful as fun though probably. XD



Cloud-San-VII said:

I'll just buy a second GameCube so I don't do anything to my original. Also, how much does this cost and do they do this for any other system?



Squiggle55 said:

missing a "who" in that last sentence James.

I'd like to have one of those on my desk for sure. And a N64 plug usb stick.



NESguy94 said:

I've seen a lot of dead consoles but I like to fix them more than turning them into something new. It's fun and profitable, plus when I get one that doesn't work, I'll keep all the working parts and shell for the next repair. This is really cool idea though, just don't destroy anything that is rare or a limited edition version.



shinesprite said:

What!! Flash-drives only come in 8 and 16GB . . .
. . . I was hoping for something more, like say 64GB

Oh well, maybe they could market them as 64Gb.

Very stylish nonetheless.



pikku said:

That is pretty awesome. I think I ight do that with my broken 'Cube :3



Mk_II said:

pure vandalism! Broken consoles and controllers should be fixed and not turned into desktop tat

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