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This Rhythm Thief Concert is Seriously Groovy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Feel the beat

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure is a title perfectly suited to 3DS, with its numerous bite-size rhythm levels and quirky humour, and is definitive proof that SEGA can still give us fun games. One of its best features is the funky and toe-tapping soundtrack, so we were pretty pleased when we discovered this footage of a music event for the game in Japan.

With a live band and dancers working through some of the best tracks from the game, this is quite a show. If you're in Europe and love the music then you should think about checking this game out, while those of you in North America can look forward to its release on 10th July. Grab a comfortable seat and some refreshments for this one.

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Not-Another-Ad said:

A brilliant game,with a brilliant soundtrack,and this concert does it justice.
Sequel now please Sega.
And and Elite Beat Agents sequel aswell Nintendo.



Marioman64 said:

i can't wait for this to come out. dont see why it takes 3 extra months to get from europe to here, but oh well. at least nintendo fixed the release date in the eshop from february 28 to july 10th, that was confusing me



CommanderAudio said:

From what I've seen, the only way you can imagine it's sucess in Japan is think about how big Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Taylor Swift are in the USA, then mutliply that by 999999999999. Now you know how big Hatsune Miku is in Japan



zenarium said:

I played the demo and the gameplay is terrible..

Not a very bad game... but lack of gameplay is a problem.



Torchwood said:

I want a Rhythm Heaven concert. NOW. I don't care if the songs don't have lyrics, I must have one.



SaKo said:

What if... the game was actually an advertisement for this concert?!?! Haha, JK.

That was awesome, just like the game itself!



Millenia said:

That is too amazing. Watching part of that concert is enough to make me want to buy it!



Marioman64 said:

@zenarium reminds me of skyward sword. the game's fantastic except for its gameplay. if the sword would do what i want and i could charge a skyward strike without having to hold it not perfectly straight up because perfectly straight up doesnt work and blahbbbbbb...
regardless if this game is anything like EBA and they did the 3ds tilting parts WITHOUT 3D (because you cant tilt and use 3D at the same time, it doesnt work), then it'll be fine



Shirma_Akayaku said:

SEGA needs to make another Space Channel 5 game with famous faces. Such as Hatsune Miku, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and many many more. Or at least unlockable costumes that resemble these famous faces.

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