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These Are the UK's Biggest Selling Virtual Console Games

Posted by James Newton

Mario makes a clean sweep

Nintendo UK has just revealed all-time sales charts for Wii's Virtual Console, and it contains a sum total of zero surprises.

On NES, legendary platformer Super Mario Bros. 3 sits atop the chart, just above Super Mario Bros. and, strangely, Pac-Man.

SNES players favour Super Mario World over all others, with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in second. Donkey Kong Country sits pretty in third.

In the Nintendo 64 charts, top of the bill is — surprise, surprise — Super Mario 64. Second is Mario Kart 64, perhaps surprising considering Super Mario Kart only reached 8th in the SNES charts, though MK64 was released in 2007 while its SNES predecessor landed in April 2010. Third place in the UK N64 charts went to Paper Mario, rounding out plumbing podium domination on N64.

The UK Virtual Console charts — compiled from purchases made by Club Nintendo members — are worth a read if you want to see Mario, Sonic and friends reigning supreme.


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chiptoon said:

I really want more home console VC on 3DS. I love these games, but I prefer them on a handheld



NintyMan said:

Who doesn't think Mario dominates the Virtual Console, whether in Britain or elsewhere? They are all good games, and good games deserve good sales.



Edlicious said:

A N64 VC on the 3DS would be a dream come true. They could put the C buttons on the touch screen or something nifty.



IsawYoshi said:

"Nintendo UK has just revealed all-time sales charts for Wii's Virtual Console, and it contains a sum total of zero surprises."

So what about this?

"On NES, legendary platformer Super Mario Bros. 3 sits atop the chart, just above Super Mario Bros. and, STRANGELY, Pac-Man."



Weskerb said:

@Goron Ha

Followed by:

"Second is Mario Kart 64, perhaps SUPRISINGLY considering Super Mario Kart only reached 8th in the SNES charts."

/just winding you up James



CanisWolfred said:

Good to See Monster World among the top Genesis game. Guess that explains how we got MW4. Also glad to see Sin & Punishment at #7. Way to go, UK.



dizzy_boy said:

considering that nintendo, sega, hudson, and d4/snk hold the majority of titles on the VC, it`s not really supprising that sales are biased towards these companies, especially when the only 3rd party to come close of having as many games on the VC is capcom.
nintendo really could have had so many more classics on the VC if they had offered some sort of incentive to get 3rd party publishers and devs to get their games re-rated and put up for sale on the VC.
when you think how many games each console on the VC has originally had released, there could easily be weeks with 4-5 games to purchase for a long time to come, and that`s not including games by defunct publishers or games with external licensing agreements.
the other thing i would love to see is a side by side comparison of sales figures for the overall top 20 selling games on WW and VC. i think that would be an interesting read.
and another thing to add, considering nintendo are tight lipped about WW sales and happy to release charts for the VC just goes to prove how poorly the whole wii shop is managed, especially when it comes to WW.



Pj1 said:

@6ch6ris6 Buy another one!

hang on, Teenage turtles is number 14. Not bad for a game that got deleted! Also Sonic isn't on that list, not good.

However I am pleased to see it. Thanks N.L



Capt_N said:

@6ch6ris6 Ouch, dude! I know what you mean. I've sold so much stuff back to Funcoland, (later re-named) GameStop. Worst of all, I actually, when the GCN came out, convinced my sib, & myself to sell our SNes, & games to there. I could kick myself a dozen time over. I learned never sell systems, unless I absolutely have to for cash. Pretty much the same for games, too.



Nintenbro said:

@6ch6ris6, did you have a lot of VC & WiiWare titles downloaded onto it? That's why I'm never selling my Wii, because I have some really good WiiWare titles and some very nostalgic VC titles that I downloaded. There's still a lot of VC titles I would love to download sometime in the future. I would only sell my Wii if it's possible to transfer all my games onto the WiiU. Plus, they would still have to be linked to my account somehow. In case I needed to download them again, for some reason. I might even still keep my Wii, anyways. I have the Limited Red 25th Anniversary Edition Wii console, and I love it too much.



MAB said:

Yeah same with me I have already posted in the forum retro thread about selling my Megadrive/32X/CD and a thousand games. Wii VC has given me a quarter of em back plus some I didn't even knew existed so I will be hanging on to the Wii because I would have about 200 games spread over all the systems on VC.




Really enjoyed playing those old N64, SNES, NES favourites on my Wii as well as DLoading 2or3 I missed out on back in the day.



PixelatedPixie said:

I'm kind of surprised to see Paper Mario on the list. It's personally one of my favourite N64 games and it does have Mario in the title, so perhaps it's not that surprising, but I might have expected Ocarina of Time to best in the VC charts.



madgear said:

Sad that all the games that have been removed from the service all ranked highly (TMNT, R-Type etc). Curse you complex copyright ownerships.



StuffyStuff said:

The figure that stood out the most was Paper Mario being higher than OoT. Also, Mega Man 3 wasn't in the top 20, but 1 and 2 were. I was happy to see Mario Bros on the list, as that's one of my favorite arcade games ever.



Alucard83 said:

Haha, i never understand people why they are selling their console. You have more loss then keeping it! ANd btw a WII these days is only 125 euro! Don't be cheap and go get one! It's not that expensive. voila nuff said



TKOWL said:

It's because people are morons and feel obligated to buy Pac-Man on every single system known to man for some reason.



Nintenbro said:

Meh, Pac-Man. Megaman is awesome, though. For me, Megaman is as definitive as any Super Mario Bros. title.



Alucard83 said:

no sale numbers? never happened! From the top people can lie and deceive as well to make people to buy those games. nuff said! don't tell me about corruption! Just like overhyped games that are totally not worth the hype!

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