It's that time again, the weekend is upon us. It's been a busy week here at Nintendo Life, so naturally we're planning to unwind for a couple of days with some quality gaming. This will be the last of these features for a few weeks, however, as we'll be busy bringing you all of the content you could ever want for that gaming bonanza in LA: E3. Fear not, after E3 we'll go back to sharing our gaming lives with you every two weeks, and of course we look forward to reading about your gaming plans as well.

Onto this week, some more members of the team share all, including two that are enjoying a perk of the job — though it's not all glamour, we hasten to remind you — and others that will sacrilegiously be playing on other gaming platforms as well as Nintendo. Disciplinary proceedings are underway.

James Newton

Mario Tennis Open — I'm hoping to face off against Mr Mason in some courtly shenanigans.

StreetPass Quest — I'm watching the Bupa Great Manchester Run this weekend, so I'm looking forward to lots of StreetPass action.

Mike Mason

Mario Tennis Open — Being a games journo I'll have the privilege of dusting off my racket and slipping on Donkey Kong sweatbands to test out Mario's latest sporting event.

VVVVVV — The music to this fantastic retro adventure has been jammed in my head since it was released in the UK last week.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword — I should probably finish this if I get a spare ten hours...

Joe Walker

Disney Epic Mickey — I've started the game on three separate occasions but it looks like this is going to be the session I see through to the end. The camera can be frustrating, but the game is fun to play and the amount of love that went into its development makes it hard to put down.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX — I downloaded this from the eShop ages ago and never really gave it a shot. I've got a wide open weekend for once and I haven't been giving my 3DS much love lately. Time to kick it old school, methinks.

Mario Kart 7 — I finally got around to unlocking all the characters, now for the long slog of all the kart pieces. I'll probably get bored and give up after a while, but I'm having fun now and that's all that matters, isn't it?

Ron DelVillano

Mario Tennis Open — I'll spend all day Saturday wondering why it wasn't released sooner, then I'll spend all day Sunday serving up aces.

Marcel Van Duyn

Pandora's Tower — I haven't had much time to finish this and The Last Story with all the games coming out lately, but as things are slowing down a bit now, I'm focusing on this one first. I'm still only in the third tower, but I like the game so far, even if it feels a bit less high profile than The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City — The PC version is out this Friday, so I'm going to play through it in co-op with three friends and see if it's as horrible as the reviews say. At least it's got lots of fan-service!

Christopher Ingram

Trine 2 — A beautiful 2D physics-based platformer that's inspired by the SNES classic, The Lost Vikings.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale — This wonderful little indie RPG has been continually sucking me back for more over and again lately. A cutesy Japanese dungeon crawler that lets you own and operate your very own item shop to sell all that wonderful loot. I can guarantee that at some point this weekend, a quick Recettear fix will turn into a multiple hour gaming session. I can't wait!

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones — This Ambassador title has been sitting on my 3DS for far too long now, and I've got full plans to dive in head first to start getting warmed-up for Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Philip J Reed

This weekend I'll be playing the Mega Man Revolution fangame Thomas was kind enough to link to recently, and I'll also be making a return trip through the brilliant Ufouria: The Saga, which is just limitlessly adorable and really does deserve to be revisited every year or so. Additionally I'll be doing my best to accumulate star ranks in Mighty Switch Force in anticipation of its upcoming new levels. Of course, I won't get them all — darn that final level...

So there you have it, what will you be playing this weekend?